‘Is Francesca a COMMUNIST?’ Newsbroke Q&A

Hey everyone! This week we are not doing a regular episode, instead we’re gonna answer your questions! Because we asked you to ask us anything. So I’m joined by my producers and writers and we’re gonna answer your burning questions, like “How come Francesca doesn’t have her own late night show?” and “Is Francesca a […]

UC_008 The Two Party Scam

All over the world, on election day citizens are faced with a binary choice between the lesser of two disappointments, and the only winners are the Two Major Parties, and the Donors and Lobbyists from whose hind teat they suckle. But here in Australia, we’re on the verge of ending this Team Red/Team Blue nonsense […]

The Next Dimension of The Political Compass

Belief is complicated and our current models of political theory don’t always accurately represent people’s political beliefs That’s because belief isn’t one dimensional—heck it’s not even two-dimensional That’s why political compasses like this look nice but ultimately aren’t accurate representations of people’s political beliefs. If you’re not familiar the political compass is a pitifully simplistic […]

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