Election Season

This is it! I’m gonna vote na. Oh my gosh! How would indelible ink look on me kaya? Feeling ko bagay! Ayos po ang pila, ate dasug po Isa pa ‘to di mahanap yung pangalan niya! Di ka ba marunong magbasa? Miss ang tagal mo naman. Ang tagal! Kuya bawal po singit, bawal! Uy Mae! […]

Episode 106: The Distinction Between Governance and Government (with Edward P. Stringham)

Aaron Ross Powell: Welcome to Free Thoughts from Libertarianism.org and the Cato Institute. I’m Aaron Powell. Trevor Burrus: And I’m Trevor Burrus. Aaron Ross Powell: And today we’re joined by Edward Peter Stringham. He’s a Davis Professor of Economic Organizations and Innovation at Trinity College and the author of the new book Private Governance: Creating […]

The American Presidential Election of 1800

Mr.. beat presents presidential elections in American history The fourth presidential election in American history was held from Friday October 31st to Wednesday December 3rd, 1800 It was a significant election. In fact some called the, “revolution of 1800” Due to the political realignment it created It was essentially a rematch between incumbent president John […]

Elizabeth Warren Sells Populism to Professionals

Elizabeth Warren Sells Populism to Professionals. Benjamin Wallace-Wells: �Warren�s campaign rests on the theory that the past decade has transformed the way class is felt in America, so that instead of the uneducated against the educated, or the heartland against the coasts, it is now also possible to run a widely inclusive, populist campaign against […]

What can worldviews tell us about populist voters?

– Most thought and most decision-making is not conscious. We’re not the rational, logical beings that we think we are. Social psychology is a really useful lens through which to understand why populist authoritarian parties are becoming more popular. The mainstream debate on populist authoritarians is run mostly by political scientists and what political scientists […]

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