Let’s Factcheck The Election

We’re Full Fact and we’re going to factcheck the election. Politicians love to lob statistics around, they always add a bit of authority to a speech, don’t they? but you don’t need me to tell you that on occasion they have been known to distort, abuse or exaggerate. Full Fact is an organisation which specialises […]

Election Strategies | 22 Minutes

Our party must come out of this election with another majority. Our party must come out of this election with a minority. Our party must come out of this election still a party. The polls are in, and Justin’s numbers are looking good. Kinda like Justin. Andrew’s numbers are unremarkable. Kind of like Andrew. Who’s […]

Elections Canada Blowout Sale! | 22 Minutes

You might be be glad the election is over, but at Elections Canada, we’re still cleaning up. Our polling booths have closed, our yellow “Vote” signs are coming down, and all we’re left with is… Tiny pencils. Tons and tons of tiny pencils. That’s why we’re having our quadrennial Elections Canada Tiny Pencil Blowout! They’re […]

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