Populism and Antisemitism

The main belief of the populists, whether they belong to the left or to the right, is that there is an opposition between the so-called people and the so-called elite. The people, they say, know what is good for them. The elite always betray the people. By elites I mean the politicians, but not only, […]

Why Trump Won

I was elected to the Parliament of Canada seven times—three times as Prime Minister. I did not expect Donald Trump to be elected President of the United States. But unlike most observers, I did think it was at least possible. Why? Because I sensed, as Mr. Trump surely did, that the political landscape had shifted. […]

Reform – Populism APUSH Music Video

I’m hurting, Congress, I’m broke right now I need the silver, silver I need it now When I’m without you Can’t pay my debts We will be fighting Fighting, for what is ours a graduated income tax Direct election of senators And regulation of railroads O Congress Cause I don’t like this injustice The government […]

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