You and Your Government: A guide to government in Canada

You and your government. A guide to government in Canada. LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT: There are three levels of government: Municipal, provincial and federal. The municipal government is responsible for things like city parks, garbage collection and fire prevention. The provincial government is responsible for things like education, health care, energy production and licensing drivers. The […]

Meg Kinnard and Jamie Lovegrove Talk Politics

Welcome to This Week In South Carolina. I’m Gavin Jackson. Campaign season is heating up especially in South Carolina where Democratic candidates continue to visit the first in the south primary state but that’s not all. Last week, former governor, Mark Sanford announced he would run against the president Donald Trump in the Republican primary. […]

Republican Civil War

Now this GOP infighting, is this the worst you’ve ever seen it? Oh, no… That’s… Well, maybe it is. There’s infighting within the Republican Party. It’s just all about the infighting. This was caused by Ted Cruz and his acolytes in the House of Representatives. They let us down this dead-end street. I think it’s […]

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