Wisconsin Protests – Where Is Obama?

the now it’s all about the politics of what’s happening in wisconsin where does the national party stand on this and how the president where a sikh why they have you with a milwaukee t_v_ station off thursday present of almost in a previous collective bargaining rights them somewhere for from another wisconsin where you’re […]

Wisconsin Protests – No Compromise!

while the show and jake you really a church span we started out with the battle wisconsin alitalia white is so important but this is just about uh… the workers in wisconsin anymore is not just about that’s it anymore is not about uh… to spending cuts in wisconsin is not about the public unions […]

Cenk Proud Of Wisconsin Protesters

there’s also a constructed by bill toomey online meetings made easy interpret fried but sending dot com like on friday and antenna problem contact of some of the republican on this or the hills let make we pointed out so now casick in ohio sandwich match mexico you know a collective bargaining rights don’t know […]

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