Are the Police Racist?

What’s up guys? This is Will Witt with PragerU. Today, we’re on Venice Beach talking to people about the police and if they’re racist. Let’s do it. What are you guys thoughts on the police? In what sense? The first words that come to mind. – Pigs. – I was gonna say pigs. I don’t […]


Hey! Hello you! How are you doing? good? Yeah, well I wanted to make another video about emancipation but I had to change a bit my subject because really something horrible happens here in Belgium did you see the results of the Europeans elections? Yeah, well in Belgium it was also the federal election and […]

Orbán, my dad and me

I’m going on a road trip with my dad. To see if we can overcome our political differences. I’m nervous too. We come from different ends of the political spectrum. We can joke about it. But talking politics often ends up like this. I feel like you hate me. I feel it … maybe I’m […]

Guillaume Liegey on Populism

So it may seem surprising but I think political parties can play a major role in addressing voters’ discontent. I think that today most voters feel they are excluded from politics and political parties can address that. But if they wanna do so they have to be more present in the field. If you can– […]

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