Do You Know Gun Laws In America?

– (FBE) Today, we’re going to be discussing a very serious and sensitive topic. Gun violence in the United States. This is something FBE has covered in the past, but we felt the need to bring the conversation back as more and more of these events occur. We will not be naming any of the […]

The Cast of Society Reacts to Fan Tweets

– "Kinda surprised no one istalking about Sam and Grizz." – "Sazz, Gram? "I love this ship fromall my heart, for real." – Hey, I'm Kathryn Newton. – Alex. – Hi, I'm Gideon. – Jacques. – I'm Natasha. – And we're gonna read some fan reactions. (upbeat music) – Moving on. (laughing) "Netflix's 'The Society,' […]

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