The 18th century writer, David Hume, is one of the world’s great philosophical voices because he hit upon a key fact about human nature- that we are more influenced by our feelings than by reason. This is, at one level, possibly a great insult to our self image, but Hume thought that if we could […]

Caught Watching Porn In Parliament

seven seventy nine cents and brought to you buying that rights dot netflix dot com slash the right thing for your free from http as an indonesian lawmaker who just witness position his name is ari fiend so ok killing anti-women uh… he quit his position that because of the fact that he was caught […]

What Is Sharia Law?

Sharia Law – we’ve been hearing about this all over the place lately. It’s a tentpole of the Taliban, and it’s what ISIS wants for Iraq and Syria. It’s also used in the legal systems of the United Arab Emirates. But obviously those are very different groups and situations. So, what is Sharia law? Well, […]

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