Dayanidhi Maran Appealing Speech in The Parliament on Sri Lankan Tamils Issue.

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Parliament’s Duty on Brexit

It’s a pleasure to be back here in Parliament. This is the first speech I’ve actually given in Parliament since I left office and I’ll never forget the very first time I was in Parliament and I went to the Central Lobby of the House of Commons and the moment I stepped in I was […]

Queen Elizabeth II speech to parliament 2010

My Lords and members of the House of Commons. My government’s legislative programme will be based upon the principles of freedom, fairness and responsibility. The first priority is to reduce the deficit and restore economic growth. Action will be taken to accelerate the reduction of the structural budget deficit. A new office for budget responsibility […]

How Donald Trump Answers A Question

But isn’t it un-American and wrong to discriminate against people based on their religion? But, Jimmy, the problem Uh, I mean, look, I’m for it… But, look… We have people coming into our country that are looking to do tremendous harm. You look at the two- Look at Paris. Look at what happened in Paris. […]

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