Remarks at a UN Holocaust Memorial Ceremony

ALISON SMALE UNDER SECRETARY-GENERAL FOR GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS: I now would like to introduce our next speaker, His Excellency Mr. Jonathan Cohen, chargé d’affaires United States Mission to the United Nations. Your Excellency. (applause) AMBASSADOR COHEN: Secretary General, Excellencies, distinguished guests, I am deeply honored to represent the United States at this commemoration for victims of […]

UNGASS and the U.S. Position on International Drug Policy

KARA MCDONALD: If properly administered, drugs provide much-needed relief from pain and suffering. Their misuse can also, of course, cause irreparable harm to individuals– as, tragically, communities across America know all too well — and the trafficking of drugs can fuel horrendous violence and societal breakdown. Striking the balance between the availability of drugs for […]

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