Why College Is So Expensive In America

College in America: it’s four years of all nighters, keg stands, ethnically diverse welcome brochures, Pinterest perfect dorm rooms and crushing student debt. I have $69,812, $47,000, $90,000, $35,000, $350,000, $60,000 worth of student loans. My minimum student loan payment is $1,000 a month. It should take me about 10 years to pay that back, […]

The Rise Of Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A. It’s a fast-food chain with chicken sandwiches said to be so good, even McDonald’s wants to steal them. And it has a reputation so controversial, entire cities have banned the restaurant from their airports. Critics say Chick-fil-A has a history of supporting and donating millions of dollars to anti LGBTQ organizations, which has drawn […]

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