Mining TV Gold – The New News

(Music) Hello and welcome to America’s favorite government news show, The New News. I’m your host, Chelsey, but if was hosting a PBS painting show, I’d be Bobbie Ross. First up, a friend just offered to give me a TV with a broken volume, and I couldn’t turn it down. 2020 was just named “Allen […]

Student Government President Speech

Hello, my name is Marisa Henderson, if some of you don’t know me already. I am your current student body president for the fall of 2012 and the spring of 2013. I would first like to begin by welcoming all our returning students, faculty, and staff. But more importantly, I would like to welcome our […]

HPSC0124 – Science in Government

I’m Melanie Smallman, and I’m talking about the second year module Science in Government, which is HPSC0124. Science in Government is a module that, surprisingly, looks at how science is dealt with in government. So students might have already done courses on science policy, how science is managed, and how its funded. This specifically looks […]

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