Election 2019: Bill Shorten | Q&A

(APPLAUSE) Good evening. Good evening. Welcome to Q&A, live from the Robert Blackwood Hall at Monash University in Melbourne. I’m Tony Jones. Facing your questions tonight, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten. Please welcome our special guest. (APPLAUSE) Thank you very much. Now, Q&A is live in eastern Australia on ABC TV, iview and NewsRadio. And just […]

How trade wars hurt gadget makers

Honestly, if I knew everything that was involved in making hardware, I wouldn’t have started the company. When you start looking at the lists, it’s daunting. Did you ever really think about tariffs up until recently? Was this a thing that you tracked closely? No. Not at all. It’s been a bit of a wake-up […]

When Governments Cut Spending

What history, and both recent history and the most distant past history tells us is that bringing your spending under control through budget cuts and stringency bears big dividends in the short term and the medium term. Obvious case is Canada. Canada’s public finances in the 1990s were in a truly terrible mess. They took […]

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