Government Shutdown Song

What happens when a bunch of dudes with fancy ties and fancy shoes decides the government’s gonna shut down? 800,000 unemployed, and everybody gets annoyed when congress makes the choice to act like clowns. Do we have to obey laws? Do we have to go to school? Aw, shucks. This shit really sucks ’cause The […]

Republican Civil War

Now this GOP infighting, is this the worst you’ve ever seen it? Oh, no… That’s… Well, maybe it is. There’s infighting within the Republican Party. It’s just all about the infighting. This was caused by Ted Cruz and his acolytes in the House of Representatives. They let us down this dead-end street. I think it’s […]

How The Tea Party Is Splitting The GOP

Since Donald Trump announced presidential candidacy in June of 2015, his unprecedented rise has shocked most of the political world. Despite members of the Republican establishment predicting the collapse of his campaign, he has thus far polled ahead of any other candidate. This support points to a split within the Republican Party, and a lack […]

Is Republican Party Divided or Not?

I’ve been talking for a long long time about what I see is the three wings at the divided republican party there’s the low-tax business side a good but they’re mostly about limiting regulations on businesses et cetera there’s the Tea Party an article libertarian small-government side and then there is the evangelical religious based […]

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