WMU welcomes K-9s to police force

Our law enforcement philosophy here in Western is a community policing engagement education and enforcement. Which we want students to be comfortable you know around our officers, approaching our officers asking questions. Not just about things that are going on, just so they’re comfortable with the officers and that the K-9 unit is going to […]


Boaty-Mc-Gun-Face… Fire! Say hello to my little friend…! This video has been sponsored by World of Warships: Legends, for the Xbox one and PS4 Last time World of Warships sponsored us, we built an awesome railgun inspired by the US navy’s version capable of hitting Mach 7. This time we’re building something even cooler, a […]

Vibraphone Movement Test – Marble Machine X #64

Welcome to Wintergatan Wednesdays! Today, I’m making some tests with the vibraphone plate. We’re going to test: Fall height, vibraphone angle, pivot position, funnel position, vibraphone surface… I’m thinking about maybe dampening the surface, counterweight system like we have here, or a spring-loaded system. And, the goals that I’m looking for is consistency of the […]

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