Bush is a Communist

let me know this but i wanna make you aware george was the comics these nationalize more companies private companies think you’ve got troubles as far as i know certainly in greater in uh… wealth does companies are in the words if you go shoppin centralized all right now america might have more nationalized private […]

Obama Sick Of The Political System?

today so story about how president while must have a and uh… he’s frustrated and he about our political scientist off thank god okay because but his while we got a month in the first place right because he said he’s gonna change politics in washington does little play the way it’s being played so […]

Rudy Giuliani Finally Gets Subpoenaed By House Democrats

Well, it finally happened in Democrats in the house of representatives from three different house panels. A committee, excuse me, have subpoenaed Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s personal attorney, they’re seeking text messages. They are seeking emails. They are seeking any other electronic form of communication. Giuliani may have had that involves any conversation about the […]

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