2020 Democrats Are Their Own Worst Enemies

We have a lot of people running for presidenton the democratic side of the aisle right now, and in fact, if a things play out theway they're supposed to be, we're actually getting more in the coming days, even moreDemocrats running for president, which, hey, yeah, bring them all on. Let's give us lots of […]

Progressivism: Debunked in 2 Minutes

progressivism is defined as a general political philosophy advocating or favoring gradual social political and economic reform through government action in simpler terms the government is a necessary and potentially efficient institution that just needs more accountable and competent representatives in order to make it work for the people hopeful idea but a hundred percent […]

Corporate Democrats Try to Embrace Elizabeth Warren, She Goes in Opposite Direction

>> Centrist Democrats, notably third waveDemocrats, have certainly warmed up to the idea of Elizabeth Warren as a presidentialnominee. Now, this follows some scathing op-eds thatwere written about her previously. But it appears that they increasingly seeher as an alternative to Bernie Sanders, someone who refers to himself as a Democratic Socialist. Elizabeth Warren, on […]

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