History of the Republican Party (1854-2016)

To understand the context of Republican voters settling on Donald Trump, let’s take a look at the history of the GOP. The Grand Old Party was formed by antislavery forces in the 1850’s. Back then, the Republican party was actually the progressive party in American politics. The first Republican President was Abraham Lincoln, who was […]

The Republican Party Is On Its Deathbed

According to new surveys by the Pew Research Group, uh, we might actually be just a generation or so away from some really good government here in the United States, and here is why the two youngest generations right now, you’ve got the millennials and what they’re calling generation Z. They happen to lean to […]

Fox News Shill Tells DISGUSTING Lies About Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar

>>They are using Islamist tactics to invert reality. What they’re seeking, they have a grotesque Holocaust envy.>>That’s Qanta Ahmed on Laura Ingraham Show going after representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Talib. Now, of course, Laura Ingraham never shies away from having defamatory conversations about progressive members of Congress and this is no exception. Let’s hear […]

Cenk Accused Of Being A Republican – Why?

the sometimes are getting scurry front-runners careful well forever on the throne and today i’m not even chemist that that step towards ways appeared uh… bembenek confirmed seventy two thirty not even really cool dead in that the in any shenanigans they had on the filibuster vote no was one those seven seven two twenty […]

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