Koch Company Pushes Anti-Immigrant Videos

>>Koch Foundation is well known for using its money to influence elections. But it also has other ways of swaying individuals to vote for candidates that go along with their political ideology. So Charles Koch has actually expanded his political influence through using consumer data that the Koch Foundation has collected to push very targeted […]

Trump’s VICIOUS New Immigration Plan

>>The Trump administration is actually making it harder for legal immigrants to get a permanent legal status. I’m sorry, yes legal immigrants to get permanent legal status in the US if they rely on food stamps or subsidized housing. The move will have the greatest impact on immigrants who are living in the country legally. […]

ICE STOPPED by activist

this story is nauseating oh my goodness so for those of you haven't heard this story is is is absolutely painful absolutely painful and extremely upsetting so you've been warned you have this individual who's an activist right in this case aka an idiot who goes by the name of brine McCormack now Bryan Bryan […]

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