Political row over history education deepens 역사 교과서를 둘러싼 정쟁 이어져

Korea′s rival parties continue to row over plans for a single, state-authorized history textbook. While the ruling party says the young generation needs an unbiased history education,… opposition blocs vow to challenge the government′s decision. Park Ji-won has the latest on clashing views of how history should be recorded. The ruling Saenuri Party reiterated Wednesday […]

How Is Government “Special?”

The phenomenon of crowding out is one of the key things to understanding accounts of public spending. Ultimately, there’s only a certain amount of investment capital around. To the extent that the government is using that money, whether for investment or for current spending, it’s not available to other people. So, if the government sells […]

Is America Really A Democracy?

Political season it as its height right now and we’re all glad to be Americans because we live in a democracy. Well, wait, is this really a democracy? America is not a democracy. See I was talking with this guy. Uh, my name is Ben Swan. He does a lot of journalism about our political […]

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