Signing the Tribal Law and Order Act

President Obama: I’m coming up. (laughter) (applause) Lisa Marie Iyotte: Good afternoon. I am Ta Wacinya Waste Win. I am known as Lisa Marie Iyotte. I am from the Sicangu Lakota Ospaya – The Rosebud Sioux Tribe. My Mother is Rose Ann Packard from St. Francis, South Dakota, where I grew up. My Father is […]

Addressing the Turkish Parliament

MR. PRESIDENT: Mr. Speaker, Madam Deputy Speaker, distinguished members, I am honored to speak in this chamber, and I am committed to renewing the alliance between our nations and the friendship between our people. This is my first trip overseas as President of the United States. I have been to the G-20 Summit in London, […]

President Obama Speaks on the Economy

The President: Good afternoon, everybody. Audience: Good afternoon. The President: Well, I want to start by thanking a few folks who’ve joined us today. We’ve got the mayor of Osawatomie, Phil Dudley is here. (applause) We have your superintendent Gary French in the house. (applause) And we have the principal of Osawatomie High, Doug Chisam. […]

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