The End of Polish Democracy – Pilsudski and the Sanacja Regime | BETWEEN 2 WARS | 1935 Part 2 of 4

Hitler will call it “a so-called state lacking every national, historical, historical, cultural and moral foundation.” Molotov will call it “the monstrous bastard of the Peace of Versailles”. Keynes will call it “an economic impossibility whose only industry is Jew-baiting”. Others will call it “a farce” or “pathological” or “a historical failure”. The country these […]

Democratic Order of Planets | Futurama

The Death Zone, the Zone of No Return, and the Forbidden Zone; all the Zones have names like that in the Galaxy of Terror. For the universe itself is one of endless peril, overflowing with brain slugs, space whales, gargoyles, regular whales, moon worms, hoverfish, bone vampires, and Al Gore. If civilization is ever to […]

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