Azure Stream Analytics in Azure Government

[MUSIC]>>Hi, this is Steve Michelotti of the Azure Government Engineering team. I’m joined today by Jean-Sébastien, Principal Program Manager on the Stream Analytics team, and we’re here to talk about Stream Analytics in Azure Government. So welcome.>>Thanks.>>So why don’t we start out by telling us a little bit, what is Stream Analytics?>>Sure, Steve. So let […]

Victoria Police – CIRT

Hey guys, Bec here from Explore Careers Today we are joined by Laura Fuller from Victoria police and she’s part of the Critical Incident Response Team Let’s jump in and have a chat Thanks for having me in your CIRT van Lauren No problem I must say I’ve never been in one before Why did […]

DIYでサニトラのゴツいマフラーを外してみた!爆音になったかな? I Ripped Out the Massive Exhaust on My Sunny Pickup

I can’t hear the engine! It’s too quiet! Today’s father son DIY project will be straight piping our Nissan Sunny Truck! Look at the size of that muffler!! a tiny little sunny truck like this… with a HUGE exhaust under it!!! Let’s hear it now!! start it up! Good morning Kid! good morning You’ve seen […]

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