Talking Dems – Marianne Williamson on Abortion, Bigotry and Flipping the Senate | The Daily Show

Talking Dems – Marianne Williamson on Abortion, Bigotry and Flipping the Senate | The Daily Show

(audience laughing)
– Yes, ma’am, what’s your question? – You spoke a lot
about spirituality in your guiding,
applying spirituality. How would you use spirituality
to guide the conversation on women’s choice, abortion, I think that’s really important. I think both sides, and
there’s a lot of legitimacy in spirituality, but also,
how would you put that in the public sphere? – Yeah, well.
(audience applauding) Thank you. The spirituality is
the path of the heart. That’s all that spirituality is. When it comes to
abortion, I do believe that it’s a moral issue. But it is to me an issue
of private morality and I trust the
moral decision making and the biological choices
of the American woman. I do not believe the U.S
Government has any right to be making moral
decisions for an individual. (audience cheering) – You have in the back, yes. – So, gun control
and this conversation
with mass shootings. I guess, with the media
not acknowledging, I think, the other factor
of white supremacy. How do you feel about
maybe bringing up that conversation,
and how it could tie into officers that are white, killing unarmed
black individuals, where you have white
shooters that are leaving, maybe, obviously not dying,
and maybe self afflicted– – Right, so, if I understand
what you’re saying, just so we’re on the same page. No, no, I think I understand,
but what you’re saying is, how, as a president would
you begin the conversation in and around white supremacy, its role in America’s
mass shootings, but also in police departments where I think we’ve
seen on many occasions, I mean, they showed in,
I think it’s Philadelphia where many police were found
with extremely racist accounts and we’ve seen police
are more likely– – Just a conversation of saying white supremacy
is mental illness as opposed to when an
unarmed black person dies, that officer is not
mentally ill, right? So, these conversations
are being gapped and not acknowledged
in the beginning. – The FBI said
several years ago, that they felt that
the largest threat of domestic terrorism in the United States
was white supremacy. And I remember there being
political forces on the right that squelched that conversation and didn’t want to go there. My comment at the debate
about the dark psychic forces, collectivized hatred,
I did talk about this in both of the debates, I
have been talking about it. When you put racism,
bigotry, antisemitism, homophobia, Islamophobia,
xenophobia together in one energy field,
particularly, see, we thought several years ago we had
reached a point in this country, not that any intelligent
observer thought we didn’t have bigots, racists, et cetera. But we thought we had reached
a point in this country where there were lines
past which we would not go on both left and right
that neither republicans nor democrats, any serious,
a megaphone would be given to such people as those. Those levies have fallen. First of all, they’ve fallen
because of social media and they’ve fallen
because we have a person, namely the president
of the United States who’s not above
harnessing those powers for his own political purpose. This has been
historically, and is today, one of the most dangerous
things that can exist in any society. The power of collectivized hate. Now, what is happening
with such shootings as this and it has been happening
among intelligent observers, is people are realizing
we have a serious problem on our hands. And that is why I’ve talked
and I also mentioned it, like I said, maybe the
way I mentioned it was a little silly, but I said, when you have
collectivized hatred, you must answer it with
collectivized love. When I heard Jared Kushner say, that he had said to
his father-in-law about three years
ago, there are a lot of angry people out there
and we can harness all that and make you president,
I thought to myself, I see a lot of wonderful,
loving, dignified, decent people out there. We could harness all that
and change the world. So, this is a
multi-dimensional issue. On one hand I hope that
we will have laws now, there will be
resistance to this, but we need to give our
intelligence agencies, including law enforcement,
including FBI, far more power to go in there on
these websites. We have to. They have known
that they’re there, just like we give them power
when it comes to people, we have police agencies who know that if once you start talking
about pedophilia, right, we give resources, we need
to give more resources, but to people who are doing
the sex with children thing, they know what to do, they
know how to shut it down. Not enough of this
has been shut down. Then, we have the gun issues
that you’ve been speaking about quite eloquently, and I agree
with you on all that you said. First of all, we have to realize
we have a serious problem on our hands. Secondly we have to give
all the external powers, the power that they
need, to go shut it down in cyber security and
we also have to deal with the gun issues I believe, just like you were saying in
Dayton, the police were there and how many people
died before– – Nine people dead, yes. – And we have to realize
that is up to each and everyone of us. We must now become as
serious behind our love as some people are
serious behind their hate. There are far more lovers
than there are haters, but haters in America
today hate with conviction. Conviction is a
force multiplier. We must love with conviction. But the love that is a
convicted love is not just a personal love,
it’s not just a love for people like
you, not just a love for your own children, it’s also an equal
love for children on the other side of town, it’s love for the children on
the other side of the world, we have to realize in all the
ways that I’m talking about, whether it has to do with
traumatized children, whether it has to
do with reckless and irresponsible and
even criminal acts of militarism, we must
be willing to apply love, rather than an
amoral and leading to immoral, economic principles
ordering our society. The United States of
America, we generation of Americans have to decide
what kind of country do we want. Because we need an entirely
new operating system in this country. If you’re gonna make
money, the bottom line, money untethered to any
moral or ethical principle, do not go being surprised when all this societal
dysfunction arises. Anybody with any
intelligent understanding of history knows
that’s what happens when love does not prevail. (audience applauding) – We’ve got time for one more
from this side of the room. We’ll take it from
the second row, your hand was up first,
sorry, yeah, yeah. Last question. – Hi, so, a lot of the policies
that you have in mind sound really great to a
lot of progressives, but it’s so
politically polarized in this country right
now that it’s not as easy as just saying what
we’re gonna do, you also have to convince
the other half of the aisle to agree with you. So, how do you plan
to bridge the gap after so much tension and
discourse has happened in the past? – I have two things
to say to that. First of all, no matter
who wins the presidency, of course we hope
it’s a democrat, if Mitch McConnell’s
still head of the senate, that person is going to
find themselves obstructing a lot of places. Second of all, if the
consciousness of America is at a place where they
would elect me president, then I think the consciousness of America might give it a
whole different senate as well. So, I mean, think about it. Think of the kind of changes
that would be happening for that to happen. So, if I’m president, so,
it’s all about what you have, but more than that
even, my partnership is with the American people. None of what we’re talking
about is going to happen unless we, the American
people, see each and every one of us
as an immune cell. Donald Trump is an
opportunistic infection that could not have
gotten hold of us, had there not been an enweakened
societal immune system. Too many of us through
our chronic disengagement from politics to
our acquiescence to an economic system
that played more to the advocacy for
corporate profits than to advocacy for the people, we all, I believe have
to take responsibility for what’s happened. And if we just think
the same old, same old, a better version of same
old, same old is going to defeat that, I obviously
do now agree with that. And if we are open, as
Abraham Lincoln said, we must disenthrall ourselves. As the case is new,
we must act anew. We are Americans, we were born
out of a rambunctious spirit. We said to tyranny,
in 1776, “Hell no. “We’re not doing that anymore, “we’re doing
something different’. We repudiated aristocratic
elitist nonsense in 1776 and it’s time to do it again. (audience applauding) – Marianne Williamson, everybody.
– Thank you. (edgy music)

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100 thoughts on “Talking Dems – Marianne Williamson on Abortion, Bigotry and Flipping the Senate | The Daily Show

  1. Not a US citizen here, but I think she'd be an amazing White House press secretary. Not sure if she is up for the role of president. She makes sense when it comes to spiritual/psychological issues but I haven't been as impressed with her concrete policies when compared to people like Warren or Yang. I really hope you guys make the right decision on who is becoming your next president. Trump is fucking stressing me out.

  2. Marianne Williamson, a great job getting your case through. Really well spoken on some parts but fails to address the other political parties that will be contenders in the race this election season. Do NOT fail to speak about the people you're running against. Let your enemies be your push forward as they will become friends or allies in the near future.

  3. Wow!!! She's bohemian as fuq, but I LOVE her sensibility. Maybe not President…but a dynamic UN secretary, maybe? <3 <3 <3

  4. Media not acknowledging white supremacy? What planet is this woman on? What media is not calling everyone a racist? Didn't AOC call nancy a racist??? Wtf, the level of marxist is sky high.

  5. I want to put out into the Universe that Marianne Williamson is one heck of an intellect! MeAgain NutMeg from the View laughed at Marianne Williamson. Looks who's laughing now. From this video, Marianne Williamson's stellar articulation in spiritual philosophy makes sense. Unfortunately, spirituality is not your usual mainstream political rhetoric. Enduring the current horrendous presidential administration run by the Orange Goon Mango Menace, "we" need more love to get rid of all this negative hate. "We" Democrats need to communicate the forward thinking into dollars and jobs. Money elected the Orange Goon, "we" need to make that "money" elect a Democrat into the 2020 Oval Office.

  6. Some of her ideas are outlier borderline New Age Wacko – but she also talks a lot of sense, eloquently. What a perfect antidote to the 'opportunistic infection' that is Trump!

  7. The democrats and the left have done everything to divide people on the basis of color , religion, sexual orientation, etc … etc… they want everyone to turn on each other this is their plan – Divide and rule !

  8. White Supremacy is not a racist mindset it's a racist system. Don't equate it with mass shooters and the kkk. Equate it with the lack availablity to education to brown and tan people. Not just education that's not just one example.

  9. She is floundering all over the place…. Like… Address white supremacy don't generalize it to all hate and evil…. I need a president who isn't afraid to look at white supremacy in the face and call it by name. Systems that benefit and classify white as the norm.

  10. Spiritiality is just a silly word. There is no such thing as a spirit. I do not like how she said that people are too secular. That is a huge red flag.

  11. Cried again (happens most times she speaks). She is so dangerous to the “status quo” she needs 24/7 protection. I see her surrounded by Loving Light, keep her safe. 😎

  12. I'm hearten to know that there are intelligent, compassionate and spiritually enlightened sisters who are directing their energy to heal our Planet, but we need a candidate who also have these qualities but has the wisdom and life experience in the political arena and that is Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders/ Warren would make great team, and could you imagine their Cabinet/ Administration. We're going to need alot of Clorox as Senator Gillibrand mentioned to clean up this mess.

  13. FDR considered one of
    the best presidents this nation has had, would not have been president today.
    He had a disability that made him use a wheelchair and at the time, many people
    did not know (or were aware of this). That is because of less TV: less media,
    sensationalism, propaganda to make us judge, be critical or smear others.
    Respect was important.

    Marianne Williamson
    would be president today in a heartbeat. There would be no competition if the
    world we lived today was not as visual and focused more on substance,
    character, integrity, preparation, knowledge and oral skills. The media has succeeded
    into corrupting our minds and thoughts.

    A vote for Marianne Williamson is a vote for
    honesty and consciousness. It is a vote from the heart because we believe this
    country belongs to us.

  14. Though I don’t agree with hate speech or these websites that practice unethical behavior, it’s a slippery slope between expression and moderation. Because by that standard anytime the government doesn’t like something, it can just shut it down. This could go for good causes as well. Hey we don’t like African-Americans or gays or religious people doing etc. It’s easy to silence people in the name of good, only later to turn it around and use it for bad. The proof is in all of history, If you give a government the opportunity they are definitely going to use it at some point. Big brother all over again

  15. She is the only one speaking about the needs of our children. She needs to be President. The strength of any society is measure based on how well it treats its children.

  16. I'm not certain America is ready for Marianne as president– but only when it comes the New Age-speak she uses to express herself. Mostly because that's a way of speak that I struggle with. But despite that, I agree with her on just about everything she says. I think there would be a lot of resistance from Americans who are boorish in nature and would see her as being "airy-fairy". Many Americans, I think, would need to get used to Marianne before they would elect her. However, I really do think she needs to be involved in our politics; I would say in an advisory capacity.

    Americans do need to get back in touch with using their hearts, but it's going to take time. Our political, economic, social, etc systems need badly to be overhauled and quick before we destroy ourselves. We've been led by the head for so long that we don't use our gut feelings when it comes to the presidential candidate choices we're "given". We're given candidates that are hardly any different from each other. Candidates, to me, have always come off as fake and just saying what the people want to hear, then taking those promises back after being elected. They pretend to be our friends, but they're not. That's because they serve the elite rather than the people. There's this illusion that the ruling class need the assent of the people… but they are always going to get what they want, despite who gets elected. That BS needs to change.

    I'm happy thus far that I'm seeing candidates like Marianne and Andrew Yang entering the fold and bringing up issues that our gov won't admit to that need so badly to be addressed. I think when Americans see that they actually have real people to vote for then they will be more likely to vote out the old, stuffy career politicians who've steering America their way for so long.

  17. I am ready to join her cult if she has one… (just kidding, she sounds great as a potential candidate and Hope for her all the best)

  18. Way to go…Dems have some really strong candidates this time. Warren, Buttigieg, Bernie and now Marianne they all are great candidates. I hope they do not cave to populists and nominate Joe Biden, Trump is going to gobble him up. I can't even believe how Biden is leading the polls.

  19. It takes a village to raise a child, and it has to be done with love. I agree with her. Unfortunately now the parents sue anyone that corrects their children.

  20. She strikes me as someone who'd make a good diplomat or ambassador to help deal with peace abroad.

    But she doesn't have the experience with politics to instill faith in me as an administrative candidate. I don't want another Trump who doesn't know whats going on during briefings. Even if its an opposite Trump.

  21. What an amazing, articulate and well-read woman. This is the type of person that should be leading a country. If America won't have you, South Africa will welcome you with open arms 🙂

    More, please! Thanks in advance, Trevor

  22. The case Roe vs Wade truly made sense in 1973 when there was no support available to help those women who got raped by either strangers or family members. This explained why majority of Americans at the time passionately and enthusiastically supported Roe vs Wade. However, things had changed gradually since science and technology stepped in to help. On August 24, 2009, approved by FDA, the emergency contraceptive pill (as known as the morning-after pill, which is NOT an abortion pill) was sold over the counter without prescriptions. Things then changed significantly when Democratic Governor of New York State – Andrew Cuomo lighted the One World Trade Center's Spire pink in early 2019 to celebrate his radical expansion of abortion with Hillary Clinton, AOC, IIhan Omar and Jerry Nadler by ardently supporting the late term abortion law, which allows full term babies to be legally separated from their mothers' wombs and brutally murdered alive. Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Cuomo's act in fact has seriously fueled the tension and turmoil of the abortion issues since then, which consequently led to one of the strictest abortion laws in many states like Alabama. Different from late term pregnancy, "late-term” abortions are generally understood to take place during or after the 21st to 24th week of gestation, which is late in the second trimester. Many people are severely condemned or even put in jail for inhumanely and cruelly killing/hurting animals, and even killing baby animals is not the norm of our society, so the question is why it's ok to legally brutally kill helpless full term human babies ALIVE! People nowadays most often talked how bad it was to separate illegal immigrant children from their parents at the border, but not many even mentioned the brutal separation of thousands of full term babies daily from their mother wombs through abortions in America. After pulling those tiny babies alive out of their mothers' wombs, they twisted the babies' heads off, they stabbed the helpless babies through their stomachs, and they snipped the spinal cords of the innocent tiny babies until no sign of movement of the babies was clearly observed! The saddest part is that many of those babies used their tiny hands to hold the fingers of those who separated them from their mothers' wombs; it seemed those helpless babies were begging for their lives. We all deserve to live, so do those tiny babies who don’t have a voice for themselves. What about pregnancies that are the result of incest or rape? Nowadays, our modern society with the help of science and technology, offers myriad ways to effectively help prevent pregnancy from happening in the first place, especially for those women who get raped or who have unprotected sex or whose partners' condoms break. The morning-after pill (or Plan B) can be taken within 72 hours (three days) of having unprotected sex, but it's most effective if taken within 12 hours. The pill can prevent up to 95% even within 24 hours. This explained why Roe vs Wade has gradually lost all the support of the majority of Americans. You don't have to have the baby if you're not ready. The pill will effectively prevent pregnancy from happening in the first place if you don't want the unwanted pregnancy from beginning. Don't wait until it's too late. Eventually, it's not about religion, it's not about politics, human rights or even women's rights. It's all about morality and responsibility. Things happen unexpectedly, but there's always a way out. There's no valid excuse for murder, especially murder of the helpless full term babies alive.

  23. Women want the right to murder someone else and when people stand against them then they attack their religion, their sex, their race, well I have a bad news for you: we are not gonna stop and let you kill innocent children,

  24. "Abortion is a private morality"! Why do Democrats and liberTurds ask the American public to pay for their "private morality" as health care? Does this make any sense? Also, since when abortions become "a private morality", while "more than 58.5 million unborn babies have been lost to abortion in the US since 1973", according to public records? Literally, abortions have wiped out the entire New York population THREE TIMES or in other words, about 20% of the US population since 1973 after Roe vs Wade ruling. No public mass killings are defined as "a private morality", idiot. Also, according to, 19 million black babies have been legally murdered since 1973 under the abortion laws ardently supported by Democrats and liberTurds. This means on average over 1,100 innocent black babies have been brutally killed in America every day under abortion laws! Despite the fact that black population accounts for only about 13% of the total US population, overwhelming 30% of the aborted babies are black! Intentionally located mostly in poor black communities, Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics have significantly depleted the black population in America. It's truly considered a black genocide in America. Surprisingly, Marianne Williamson as a white hypocrite sitting there on national TV, passionately and enthusiatically advocates the abortion laws that have killed 19 million innocent black babies! Go figure!

  25. "Abortion is a private morality"! Why do Democrats and liberTurds ask the American public to pay for their "private morality" as health care? Does this make any sense? Also, since when abortions become "a private morality", while "more than 58.5 million unborn babies have been lost to abortion in the US since 1973", according to public records? Literally, abortions have wiped out the entire New York population THREE TIMES or in other words, about 20% of the US population since 1973 after Roe vs Wade ruling. No public mass killings are defined as "a private morality", idiot. Also, according to, 19 million black babies have been legally murdered since 1973 under the abortion laws ardently supported by Democrats and liberTurds. This means on average over 1,100 innocent black babies have been brutally killed in America every day under abortion laws! Despite the fact that black population accounts for only about 13% of the total US population, overwhelming 30% of the aborted babies are black! Intentionally located mostly in poor black communities, Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics have significantly depleted the black population in America. It's truly considered a black genocide in America. Surprisingly, Marianne Williamson as a white hypocrite sitting there on national TV, passionately and enthusiastically advocates the abortion laws that have killed 19 million innocent black babies! Go figure!

  26. Please donate to her campaign and answer any polling questions to get her in the 3rd debate,
    Miracles can happen, Believe- and act – our loving act right now is to support her in getting to the next level. Her message is so important

  27. Sad as it is to admit, people have always done stupid things and even if you give them truckloads of wonderful new ideas, they will continue doing stupid things.

  28. Her statement about how the government should not be deciding what our self morality should be could be applied to so many things. For example, consuming drugs. I think people should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies, just as long as they're not hurting anyone else or whatever. I mean, if the government was so concerned with how drugs ruin our lives, then why not ban everything that is bad for us? Alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, prescription meds, etc?

  29. I like how she's calling BS on each individual in the country. She's not only putting all the blame on outside forces, she's going for each citizen. I like that view. She's talking about ownership and responsibility and she's not deflecting it.

  30. Well, I don't see her as President, but another good candidate in a White House administration. Checks and balances in action, maybe?

  31. I would like any single person that believes they are Christ or that this woman is Christ to answer one single question for me. If there is no single divine creator that created everything we see in the entirety of the universe, then please tell me how the very first squirrel knew how to bury seeds and nuts to survive the coming winter months that he had never experienced before in his past. Give me one single viable scientific answer. I am open minded I may just be swayed in my opinion that Jesus Christ son of God didn't come to earth and die on the cross to free my from Satans oppression and my own sins. None of us are worthy of his grace yet out of sheer love he bestowed his grace on us anyways and yet people still mock him and deny he is the one true living God. Dear Lord forgive them for they know not what they do.

  32. So what about the private decision of the little guy to preserve his life?. She's gonna fix the country with love? I would like to see how that is done.

  33. I saw her preach at the Church of Today for a number of years. I also heard her on an interview with Bob Dutko on the radio. She looked real good for a long time, but not anymore.

  34. This b** does not understand humans she talks love but all I
    I know is hate in the words of Darwin Only the Strong Survive so Trump trump Trump

  35. Wow. So eloquent, so intelligent, and so sad that she won’t be given a chance to speak like this on the debate stage.

    Thank you, Trevor Noah.

  36. So, can somebody help me understand what she meant about love? She was very clear with what she meant about how Trump, Kushner etc conspired to manipulate anger and hate to their own agenda. But then she said we need to give police and FBI more power to go after people online, and said that we need to do it for love… And all of that was supposed to be in response to the black girl asking about police shootings… How does this solve the problem of cops being racist? Why did she bring up the "levees" eg the lines we thought wouldn't be crossed regarding racism… Is she saying we need to bring them back up? I'm a lil confused.

  37. It appears she supports what the late Moynihan from NY called infanticide, but she's considered a moral leader? Government is constantly imposing its morals on us, especially over the last several decades at the federal level. See the IRS code for just one HUGE example.

  38. I really appreciate that he gave her so much time to speak and share some really salient points. Watching her interview here just makes how she was treated on The View that much more disgusting.

  39. I would LOVE to see her debate Fat boy. She would have him sniffing and stammering around the stage like crazy!

  40. Poor Marianne, to the degree that personal ambitions of this world are given free rein, speaking TRUTH is throttled. Fortunately, you're unaware of the degree of self sabotage you've initiated. Free will is miraculous.

  41. Why individuals like this Marianne Willamson are not our Presidents instead of "wannabe Presidents?" She understands the issues that are most important to American life than racists comments from the President.

  42. So the left has spent its whole career tearing down spirituality. They became the cult of victimization and happiness. Which lead to an out of control use of antidepressants that have destroyed this nation. Hollywood tore down all values and meaning in life. They promoted nihilism and consumerism. They produced a whole generation of hateful children pooping out of colleges. They have no idea of history they harness there hate all the time. So the right fights back and says well if that’s the way you fight guess we have to fight back. Now it’s all trumps fault. Democrats are a party of deflecting there own problems in there enemies. The democars are the party of racism and slavory. Now there racism is against the white man who they want to enslave.

  43. The democrats are losing control of the plantation. People are waking up to the fact they have been used for votes. They gain power and do nothing for you. Who are the elites in this country the democrats. They tore down the family and spirituality on every front. The government was going to be your parent now and take care of you. They were going to save for you in pensions and social security which are all broke. Give you an education that is worth nothing. It is indoctrination not education. Give you welfare so you wouldn’t have a need to better yourself. Give everyone a trophy. Well now you have a nation of people who are uninformed uneducated and can not understand reality or how to survive in a globalized world were people don’t care about your feelings. That is if you can still feel in your happy world based on numbness and destruction. To blame this on trump is totally ridiculous. Trump is not that powerful he did not create this problem in 2 years. Wake up people.

  44. Oh, Marianne, I like you, I do. But, goodness…But, Love is not going to solve this problem. We need a comprehensive plan that will delve in Police Departments/District Attorneys/Judges etc. and gut the White Supremacist agenda from the fucking root….To really set up Task Forces that are committed to this mission and work towards the eradication of cancer.

  45. Wtf! Damn.. I’m a bernie guy or yan or Beto lol damn trump have definitely set my bar to what a president should be or maybe there’s a lot of potential on the left.. she answered every question right on the money! Went strait to the core!

  46. Please donate to Marianne as she needs a few thousand more donations in the next several days to possibly make the next debate.

  47. Who is this woman?! I swear she's like the anti Trump. He speaks and people get riled up, get angry, but she speaks and you can't help but feel warm and determined and good.

  48. There's not a problem with guns the problem is the elephant in the room nobody wants to remove hatred of white supremacy

  49. Thank you Trevor for such a professional interview. It is easy to make fun of people speking the truth. It is also easier in our debate setup and in aggressive interviews to be a generic soldout like Biden and in 30 seconds say prepackaged things you do not believe in, knowing full well we all can see the voting record, which counter majority of the things he is saying, and not even being ashamed, betting on people not doing enough reaserch on him. It is harder to tell the truth , things you really believe in. Bernie addressed this issue of not having enough time to really answer questions and here we see the case in his point, how person who might come up as unrealiatic utopist after 30 second answers, sounds smart, knowledgeble and grounded when actually having enough time to answer.

  50. If only she'd used her smarts and logical aproach WITHOUT all the "love" & "spiritual", perhaps she'd be right there with Bernie.. cause she does have some good answers..

  51. Holy shit that was so friggin good!!!!!!!!!!!!🙆🏻‍♀️⚡️🌸💗👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Excellent questions by such a young audience! Wow!!!

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