Talpiot & Unit 8200: The Global Cyber Agenda for Kill Switch Domination

Talpiot & Unit 8200: The Global Cyber Agenda for Kill Switch Domination

going to go to the presentation from jeremy rothe-kushel another another guy with jewish heritage he expresses in other ways than insane tribalism and support for israel in fact jeremy rothe-kushel is one of the great truth tellers of our time just like you allan and other members of our panel actually jeremy with we are changed los angeles was involved in confrontations of many important people and getting in their faces and telling them truths often 9/11 related truths and making videos that would go viral on the internet and then jeremy was made another kind of history by being maybe the first person ever arrested for asking a question during a library Q&A at the Kansas City Public Library mentioning your name Ellen sue barosky's name that is and getting himself dragged off by militarized trained in Israel off-duty police operating his security at that public library well Jeremy is gonna be till he's also I should mention he's a co-host with me at false flag weekly news alongside dr. Anthony Hall he was now in an academic freedom battle up at the University of Lethbridge Jeremy has done a lot of interesting research on tau P at this Israeli high tech program that may be a part of this masterful Zionist strategy that Alan zabrosky was just talking about so let's hear it from the man himself welcome jeremy rothe-kushel good to have you thank you so much Kevin I definitely am very appreciative and feel privileged to be on this panel with my fellow panelists who have done a very important public work that I appreciate very much and as per previous said dr. su Brasky saying maybe I should be careful about being dragged off after his presentation I had to go and change my shirt because I sort of sweated out my previous one because it's pretty hot here in the what I would call the radical middle of America and that's both politically and geographically and while I was changing my shirt I took a look out the win and I saw no black vans approaching not yet or maybe maybe white van I maybe I should be looking for white vans but before I start I want to say that I actually believe that our situation is might be both worse than dr. su Brasky says and also potentially better in terms of the possibilities and so in working into that though I want to take a step back and identify myself as a Jewish American patriot of conscience in in so doing I mean to say that politically I'm an American my background in terms of family certain aspects of culture some religious upbringing is Jewish I'm also from Los Angeles so I have a little Mexican influence in there from my mom's side from the Tarahumara Indians of northern Mexico who are known for making violins and running long distances and and I bring that up to say that the the the facts that I want to bring to our attention here are meant for the idea of truth force such a Gras the healing power of truth and that's on behalf of all the people of the planet politically I speak as an American culturally in some background I speak in some ways as as on behalf of Jewish people and but intellectually and spiritually I speak for Humanity both our humanity inside and our humanity abroad that is being so violently attacked at this point so let me get into this this is a very wide-ranging issue that has a lot of details that I don't have the full coherent grasp on all of them but the overarching view is very very coherent I believe at this point and that is is that there is a long term Israeli military intelligence strategy to dominate the planet and in the and then in the current version of it is through the cyber world through dominating the world's online technology databases backdoors critical infrastructure communications and in sand so I want to just briefly map out some of the background of this by basically because what I'm saying ultimately is that there is a global conspiracy of what we might call or what I might call the deep the Jewish deep state and in by saying the Jewish deep state I mean to talk about a global power network that in in modern-day in Israeli intelligence would be usually termed as cyanea global helpers mainly Jewish all Zionists all willing to do things to help the power of the Israeli state but then we could also talk about the deep Jewish state Israel defines itself as the Jewish state and what we know about the the idea of the deep state is that it represents the intersection of institutional state power national so-called security power and the underworld the the black economy the mob economy and so in both these places both the deep Jewish state represented by Israeli military intelligence long-term technical intelligence in israel and the jewish deep state meaning the even longer term global Jewish power networks that helped bring the Jewish state into existence we see a long term planning operation that is replete with conspiratorial intent and and I'm very often deceptive and violent and increasingly this I in a short term I would call this and actually I get this term from Brendan O'Connell who's the very sharp Australian activists who brought this concept of tau P OTT to my attention he calls it the biggest national security breach or Begg biggest security breach in history I think he's correct about that and for at least the last 150 years I believe that this represents in many ways the largest u.s. security breach but increasingly in the 21st century and onwards it actually represents a global security breach of increasing increasingly negative proportions so now I'm gonna flip into some notes so you can follow me as I proceed and I'm gonna run through a lot of facts because I want to bring in some of the deep background to understanding our context here because in many ways I I agree with dr. su Brasky in terms of making connections rethinking how we might approach September 11th and in terms of September 11th I believe that September 11th remains both the the Achilles heel of those forces that we need to lawfully apprehend and I also believe it represents the Philosopher's Stone to understand this larger context so I guess my disagreement in many ways might be that from as we saw aspects of the truth movement and I appreciate very much Gilad Atzmon ins attention to the complexity of the truth and once you see truth movements you see control and so what we've seen is the some movement some organic authentic movement in the midst of this control from what happened to who did it and now I would say we need it's it's essential that we make the connection to why it was done and we know we know a lot of the background in terms of the greater Greater Israel plan Oded uknown we know about the expansion of military bases we know of ray McGovern's oh I L now we know from a Gary folk Vogel book about oil that the oil agenda was actually for Israel and then I being for Israel and then L for logistics meaning long-term military logistics in that part of the the world but I also think that there's a part of the nine eleven agenda the y that has not been fully uncovered and I believe that's actually the focus of this presentation that yeah that a lot of it had to do we've we've seen this idea of the ramping up of cyber surveillance cyber security aspects of the police state here in the so-called homeland but I would actually assert that that might have been the biggest long-term reason and Israeli military intelligence incentive for September eleventh was to supercharge their potential cyber domination of the planet in in a corporatist economic fashion and so we'll get into that so top yacht in unit a two hundred the global cyber agenda for Killswitch domination so top yacht what is Tapia top yacht was a program that was set into motion after the Israeli suffered heavy losses in the wake in the wake of the Yom Kippur War in 1973 some some professors a psychologist approached the Israeli Air Force and then also Rafi Eitan the infamous Israeli intelligence leader that they thought that Israel needed to think longer term so what it is the top program essentially and in many ways we're actually using the idea of tall piata I would say as a shorthand for a much larger agenda that he's even precedes the actual program itself but talk about itself you could imagine it as a Special Forces combined with engineering training program for the idea of managing strategic tech domination by Israeli military intelligence so they they the recruits there are very few there's just dozens a year they do three years more than three years in physics math or computer science while simultaneously field training across all IDF branches and then after that they do six years of service in the IDF and after that about a third of the tapia tiers remain in the Israeli military over the long term about a third go into but go back into the academic sector both in Israel and abroad a lot in the United States of America actually and then a third of them pursue the corporate route via the business route unit 8200 is is the Israeli NSA it's been around longer than the tailpipe program it was formed in the early 50s through way of old us equipment I believe and it represents now the engineering force and the source for Israeli cyber power worldwide in the book recently published by ronen bergman rise and kill first the secret history of Israel's targeted assassinations and that that title comes from a Talmudic assertion about killing before you're killed on page 597 it talks about how my Erdogan's Mossad who's responsible for human intelligence was working with AHA drones evie far kosh's Amman that's the Israeli military intelligence he was also the the previous head of unit 8200 signals intelligence to combine forces into what they began to call Hugin so the combination of human intelligence and signals intelligence and one Yoshiko and i believe his name and it's he's actually the current head of the Mossad he was a critical to all of this and one of the biggest things that we've seen produced by unit 8200 Israeli military intelligence that we all have heard about is Stuxnet and I believe that Stuxnet in many ways is a perfect example of this idea of Hugin or hogan i don't know how to exact say it but human intelligence combined with signals intelligence which I believe is also at the heart of what the Tapia program represents long term in that we see the idea of an industrial scale super virus that was programmed by collaboration between the NSA and unit 8200 actually put on on a USB smart drive I believe and then found ways through assets or agents on the ground in Iran to find its way on to the computers in in Iran's nuclear program this it's interesting to note that the USB Drive comes out of the bowels of Israeli technology so I think this is a perfect example of it so topic the the current Tapia unit 8200 power is the result of the long term planning of Israeli technical intelligence which is known as Lacombe which was really formed by Shimon Perez back in the 50s in many ways it was called the bureau of science liaison so in the age of the ascent of cyberwarfare should we actually be talking about things like technological intelligence or cyber intelligence so this if you get anything from my talk this is this is what I want you to get is straight from the mouth of the quote crime Minister Netanyahu this is what he said just a few months ago and I call him crime Minister the thousands of Israelis call him crime Minister so I believe they would probably be in the realm of new anti-semitism if I didn't call him crime Minister Netanyahu so a few months ago Netanyahu was on the Fox News with Mark Levin and this is he laid out the purpose of this long-term planning supercharged by the top program when he said quote we not only do it for us we share it with dozens of countries we've prevented dozens of terrorist attacks major terrorist attacks so when you take security interest and intelligence countries have to protect themselves against terrorism and that's pretty much all countries and you take the needs for technological the innovation that is driving the world right now both of them are present in Israel and so everybody wants them and that gives me the third thing which is this massive flourishing of Israeli Israel's diplomatic relations with just about every country in the world not all we're not big on North Korea and you know not too big on Iran but just about everyone else and so this is the triangle its economic power security power gives you diplomatic power that will take a few years to transits itself into the votes of this archaic body called a General Assembly of the United Nations or some of the other bodies it'll take a while until they get the news but it's happening all over the world so Israel has never been stronger militarily economically diplomatically and it's a very deliberate policy and it actually it begins with economics he then more recently was quoted in a Times of Israel article titled how quantum physics can make Israel more secure as saying I will soon declare the technological scientific program to strengthen Israel's security Netanyahu told science ministers and delegations from 25 countries at a convention in Israel quote among other things the revolutionary program will advance Israel in quantum technology that field is vital for Israel's technology Israel's intelligence so quantum quantum putting aside the whole question of the scientific backing of quantum I would ask people to actually look into the Iranian born a scientist kesh ke sh e for alternative explanations of deep physics but what the technology behind quantum computing actually is is clearly up-and-coming Google is starting to announce its apparent cyber cyber domination of quantum and what you see is it just two major well as far as I can see the public quantum computing centers in the United States the one I'm aware of is at USC in Southern California and it's a combination of USC with Lockheed Martin in Israeli is at the helm so back to 1979 to say to when this all started this is when there were the harbingers of 9/11 the global war on terror agents sent out to the world and the beginning of top yet the Jerusalem conference on international terrorism organized by then younger Netanyahu this was of course the architecture for the modern war on terror and the who's who of the the some of the National Security so-called elite of UK the US were all there in the Jerusalem conference it was also the year that the father of Israeli intelligence Easter her l4 told the journalist Michael Evans my last question was would terrorism ever come to America and her L said quote you have the power to fight it he said but not the will they have the will but not the power all of that will change in time yes I fear it will come to New York and your tallest building which is a symbol of your fertility unquote 79 was also the year that Showell Eisenberg Mossad founder of bate Asia and the Israel Corp sponsored a flight of Israeli military high-level for the first time and did it very covertly to China and shall Eisenberg's important figure people should go look into him he was also a key figure in the Jewish community in Japan basically Israeli intelligence man for the Far East and so this was sense that it both for Israel and for the Chinese and so it was kept very very secret so you can imagine that the that the Israelis as they were still deeply sucking at the US teat did not want to spook their US sponsors too badly 79 was also the year that one Yosef bought Donsky who was also lucam Israeli technical intelligence had arrived in the USA ultimately he works then at jinsa he he goes from editing the Israeli Air Force's journal to editing the jinsa Jewish Institute for national security of America I think it's called now their journal and then he ultimately makes his way into the government with help of basically Israeli moles and creates a center called the Technology Transfer Center and 79 is the year that Autopia program actually begins the first class so I I don't have time to really go through all of this carefully but out this is the deep background that I would just ask people to go look at that there's this intelligence that Netanyahu talks about actually precedes the formation of Israel I would say that it goes all the way back to things like the City of London Rothschilds in then in its progress in to Amman and la calm so in the very in the 1800's you have the birth of the Binet bris in conjunction with Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the Knights of the Golden Circle were not only critical to the Confederate intelligence and rat and rats sort of ratlines from from the middle of America up into Montreal but there it has been said that they helped form the Ku Klux Klan so these are kind of facts that I believe my in multi a multicultural multiracial modern America that the people who like send the ADL which is the birth child of the B'nai birth to focus on race relations at Starbucks people should hear about this I think both African Americans and Jewish Americans might want to hear the allegation that the ADL of benign breath at its parent organization the B'nai B'rith might be the father of the Klu Klux Klan so certain figures to look into Simon wolf Judah Benjamin Albert Pike at later on after the turn of the 20th century he seemed similar characters including Simon wolf who had been the head of the B'nai B'rith people like Bernard Baruch Edward house Louis Brandeis Felix Frankfurter the Supreme Court justices who have been publicly outed in many ways by Allison we're as the Potter Sheen the secret Zionist Society were orchestrating for not only the potential Jewish occupation of Palestine but also the engagement in World War one by the United States in conjunction with an agreement with their Rothschild sponsors in the city of London but then you also have the UK which which was also a spooks nest there's the notorious kim Philby a lot is made of him as a Soviet spy it's come out recently that he was a Zionist mole and played a key role in in apparently distracting putting UK and mi6 I believe on a fool's errand in order to set up the King David hotel bombing for the Zionists Viktor Rothschild who threw Kim Philby under the bus while after he was told about Kim Philby writing to pro-arab journal articles by flora Solomon then Benenson who actually was the daughter of a Rothschild related Russian and Jewish gold broker Viktor rosta that he was also apparently a soviet mole was he also a Zionist well very likely so there you have that and then moving to the US we have the notorious James Angleton who was basically the long-term solid asset of Israel even before he was founded it looks like and this 56 Egypt invasion by Israel the UK and France Angleton was in the White House trying to convince the president that there wasn't gonna happen he was actually confronted by a CIA analyst and said that he was Co already co-opted and of course he was proven to not be wrong but probably be dissembling but also Angleton was the key player in in JFK than the JFK assassination on the US side that had to do a lot in terms of its intention about Damona the creation of the Israeli nuclear weapons program noumic the Apollo plant in Pennsylvania Angleton as head of counterintelligence looked obviously looked the other way as Rafi Eitan high-level Israeli intelligence came into the country and I'm pretty obviously trucked and bartered American nuclear resources to help israel build its bombs and then and then the Angleton was also there at the USS liberty and in in terms of the six-day war in 1967 there even the elements of NSA didn't know how the USS Liberty got there State Department didn't know the White House apparently didn't know I don't know if that's true but the head of state department intelligence blatantly said I'll bet Angleton was the one who put the USS Liberty there he definitely helped in the cover-up and then running through this very quickly the ADL from that it's very inception apparently has been involved in spying they were in they spied on the Nation of Islam looking for anti-semitism instead they found anti racism which included anti Jewish supremacism so they were they put kept some agents in there they spied on Martin Luther King jr. that was outed by a hoax child I think his name was a former ADL official in the 90s all the way through Jonathan Pollard the head of the ADL at that at that time Kenneth be all kin who had formerly been the head of every major Jewish power organization you can think of including the B'nai B'rith internationally was in place to try to run the cover-up ran to Israel right after Pollard was arrested and all the way into the modern era of the well-known 80s and 90s probably ongoing spying of the ADL on Palestinian solidarity activists even including US senators and then also anti apartheid South Africa activists jINSA that I mentioned before has also been at the at the core of of this spies nest from Richard Perle and the previously mentioned Yosef Bou Donsky to the more modern john bolton and michael makovski who's the current head who is outed by gary Vogler in his recent book by the way go Jayhawks that was put out here by K you press I'm more into intellectual successes rather than hoops but go Jayhawks Michael makovski was outed by Gary Vogler in his book as a very likely agent of Israeli intelligence maybe an officer he doesn't have it on his biography that you can find but Vogler says that makovski who was born in the u.s. born in st. louis actually over here in missouri went to israel to be in the Foreign Service for many many years in the 80s I believe and Vogler says 98% of Israeli Foreign Service is Israeli intelligence so that pertz Michael makovski who was also at the head of the Pentagon's or oil delegation and operations as basically being in charge of Israeli intelligence and then moving quickly through the Jonathan Pollard incidents there was a mr. X group a mr. X that was left in place because a Pollard was passing the Israelis documents that the Israelis already had the the numbers on so someone very high-level at the Pentagon very likely or at some level in the US national security apparatus had already given them what to look for and so that mr. X remained in place but similar to the idea of mega when when Israeli intelligence was heard by NSA in the late 90s and during the Clinton administration to have someone called mega on the inside mega to probably turned out to be more than just an individual and turned out to be a group just like mr. X mr. X turned out to be something like an Israeli Soviet long term spinous that preparing Li involves people like Pollard Albert Wolf's tedder Shabtai called mana vich who was actually outed as a Soviet agent in Israel Harold Katz who was the parent sort of a financial manager of this whole situation through the idea the the bird which was the binational us-israeli by national industrial research and development a program that was set up and apparently run by israelis so i don't know what the u.s. was getting out of it and then ultimately even into such deep technology as people like Ben rich who I heard CIA pilot John Lear identify as a Mossad as Mossad from a prominent Jewish Philippi no family his son Michael rich is currently head of the RAND Corporation which is another piece of this apparent moles nest which people have asserted includes the Yoda of the long term US National Security said involving ran called Andrew Marshall and then the mega group finally was the it turned out to have been and actually a group of Zionist Jewish billionaires that included the Bronfman's whose daughters now are implicated in the NX IBM black male sex trafficking scandal having funded it to one hundred and fifty million dollars less Wexner who was the basically the father the father sponsor of one Jeffrey Epstein the the epicenter of black male operations for Mossad and likely for aspects of CIA and FBI having actually given Jeffrey Epstein his townhouse with cameras already installed apparently and then Michael Steinhardt the sort of current Dean of the birthright Israel program okay so I'm gonna rush through this I'm not going to really discuss this too much I don't think I have too much time left here but this idea of security that Netanyahu mentioned as being part of this long-term operation I would say security grows out of a mushroom cloud in terms of this long-term Jewish intelligence operation Sampson option point one was the sort of hundred years ago operations of the people like the karu seem and the Simon wolf subterfuge rumors of war mongering and bombs which included of course The Jerusalem Motel bomb but also included letter bombs to multiple UK officials but also to President Truman which is a fact that I put on the record at the Kansas City Public Library two years ago before I brought up Allen's broadsky's name and got grabbed by a fusion center met Israeli trained partisan paid security so-called guys so Sampson option 1.0 was I would say the the early spying the false flag assassinations of the 60s including both of the Kennedys look at low-rent goo you nose work on that and the macro nuclear threat as as Israel went nuclear and I forgot to mention that Shimon Korres is part of the way that he got the French to to help build Damona in the first place was he promised Israeli involvement in that 56 invasion of Egypt and and so that that so that so in many ways Shimon Perez is the real father of the Israeli nuclear program and then and then Samson option 2.0 more recently from basically to Jerusalem conference on we're talking about this technology transfer that included this Pollard scandal that in many ways was a technology transfer not just to Israel but to the Soviet Union in a big big big big way but also then the rise of false flag terrorism we see the the 93 World Trade Center bombing even elements of the OKC bombing look at Michael Collins Piper's were work on the OKC bombing in terms of of Israeli involvement in that and then I would assert the usage of tactical micro nukes in terrorist attacks around the world which apparently included lower Manhattan on September 11th and look at the work of a jovial as the Australian deceased journalists about the Bali bombing and then finally Samson option 3.0 this is the contemporary Samson option includes mass MKULTRA the CONOPS it's a term it's that I've that I've coined as sort of an alternative to psyops because the IDF's has a section or a unit called the the unit for consciousness operations and so I think it's a larger perspective of the kind of psychological warfare that's being waged on us in the age of Cambridge analytic a black cube Intelligence wiki strat SCI group all of these very current groups but it's also when taught in unit 8200 when global and and Netanyahu can then stand up at AIPAC and basically imply the power of Killswitch diplomacy okay I'm gonna go a few more minutes if that's okay economics fire up the firm's with a little 9/11 so I'm going to read a quote from Netanyahu at this year's APEC that lays this out quote now there are new industries Israel is literally how can I say this literate Israel is literally driving the world I'm talking about autonomous vehicles Israel is a world leader in autonomous vehicles 500 tech companies that sprang up almost instantaneously and one of them mobile I up there on the left was just sold to Intel for the paltry sum of fifteen billion dollars but the interesting thing is that Intel said to them quote here are the keys to our thirty worldwide autonomous vehicle businesses you run it unquote Israel technology is driving the world and one last industry there are many more but one more that you're all familiar with you have bank accounts you should it okay well you don't want anyone hacking into them right or into your cars or into the planes you ride you need cyber security everybody needs cyber Israel has become a world leader in cyber security so what percentage do we get of the world global investment in cyber security in private investment in cyber security we're one-tenth of one percent of the world's population and we get a whopping 20% of global private investment in cyber we're punching 200 times above our weight not two times not ten times not a hundred times 200 times above our weight that's very strong Netanyahu said and so I would say that that looking into the the second to last chapter in Naomi Klein's the Shock Doctrine it was called losing the peace incentive Israel as warning and it laid out basically that the Israeli economy was on the verge of collapse you know similar in certain ways to the way that there was the dot-com problems in the US but this was much more pervasive and before September 11th the Israeli government propped up it's cyber and switched it fully into security and counterterrorism and then a few months later September 11th and Israel became the shopping mall to the world in in James Bamford book about the the shadow factory about the NSA he talks about two key Israeli companies that were brought in post September 11th to wiretap the entire country one is Norris who was which was co-founded by a top yacht graduate Moria stalked who was actually recruited out of a global Jewish educational group called ort and then also Verint which has a very interesting background in which is apparently then brought in all across the world not only to wiretap so-called the American people but also has been brought deeply into the heart of Chinese communications Mexico to Southeast Asia all around the world Israeli intelligence is in the backdoor there so that I think that there are some element element of proof that the Israelis were not only helped organize September 11th in a large large way but we're preparing to take advantage of it in terms of these super charger of their cyber economy where now they're punching 200 times above their weight and people are going to look into things that's the research people like Christopher Bolin who's written articles like is mitre the Trojan horse of 9/11 or did Mossad deceived the US military on 9/11 SOP tech and mitre in the run-up to September 11th were in the basement of the FAA they were apparently put that technology which looks to have been a Trojan horse by the Israeli military intelligence by way of an American Scion in Massachusetts the son and grandson of a high-level B'nai B'rith Judeo Freemasons got a goth Minh I believe his name is was put into virtually all of the US government's computers in the run-up to September 11th and then one last thing on that point was the brothers Iran a meteor on who was ultimately put in charge of the CIA's investment unit in-q-tel after 9/11 was already the head of cyber cyber consultancy in security for the Pentagon in the run-up to September 11th does any of this make actual loyal US military both veterans and currently serving angry let alone all of the technology transfer that Israel has done to China and Russia all around the world man it makes me angry as a Jewish American so and then finishing up here the companies they look into are Verint Norris ni SI e basically a lock on a lot of the police databases technology around the country checkpoint is Allison we're pointed out yesterday in the Jewish voices for peace leader Yoko Merson Rebecca voco Merson her husband works at checkpoint that's a top yacht company Amdocs they basically were doing all of the billing for American communications prior to 9/11 Guardium connected to the p-tech and mitre cut out over there in Massachusetts FST that's related back to the former head of Israeli military intelligence in unit 8200 a harbor own fart Akash Devi Devi fart Akash I believe it's possible I am before I got grabbed after saying the words a brass key in an American public library I might believe I and my friend Greg McCarran might have been subjected to an invisible Israeli military intelligence checkpoint potentially with the biometrics run by this company FST look into that the very day after my arrest FST and the Jewish communities of North America put out a press release saying that FST was the preferred identity management contractor for all North American Jewish communities Zen technology they managed the P what's it called P SP the a PHP the computer code I'm not much of a cyber guy myself but almost all you know Facebook I believe is programmed on PHP it was it was originally developed by a European and then quickly it was taken over by an Israeli company Xen technologies and is managed by them to this day go look at the rad group the rad a single company a single group basically created a lot of the technology around the world in terms of the back ends of of things like VoIP systems tower jazz semiconductors mobile I as mentioned before M systems which is where I believe the USB stick came out of and then the cut out aspects of P Tech and miter so as I said before USB memory sticks are products of deep the deep bowels of Israeli military intelligence PHP firewalls Intel's arc processor quantum optics increasingly go look at the Weitzman Institute and the top yacht graduates who are deeply involved in that there Stuxnet self-driving cars in motion identity identity management biometrics VoIP etc the institutions to look at are the Technion which by the way not all is now about to have a campus in Manhattan by way of Bloomberg they're combining forces with Cornell to create a campus there Hebrew University is the home University of Tokyo at the Weitzman Institute they're deep in the coin the quantum optics and then bar-ilan university so diplomacy Killswitch diplomacy the civilian carrot and the cyber stick and so this this sort of wraps up the Netanyahu's own words basically in a rollout of what all of this a power is going to result in and this is very recent that he's sort of uncloaking in many ways I would say so this is at a packed 2018 he says quote now here's how the dots connect because we have this tremendous capacity for security and intelligence and because we have the tremendous capacity for civilian technology from making the lives of people richer safer more productive many countries are coming to Israel because they want to share with us these benefits and that creates the third great change which is a flourishing of Israel's diplomatic relations around the world you know when I joined the Foreign Service 105 years ago as the DCM to the city Washington the number two in our embassy I think we had about 80 to 90 countries with whom we had diplomatic relations now the number is 160 and there are very few countries left we went to Argentina to Colombia to Mexico and they say come back come back we want more that is changing all these countries are coming to us India China Mongolia Kazakhstan all of them are zerbies on Muslim countries first time I visited Australia tremendous far away though so we're coloring the world blue and you know what the numbers you remember people talking about Israel's isolation pretty soon the countries that don't have relations with us they're going to be isolated there are those who talk about boycotting Israel will boycott them so that's ultimately what we're looking at and so then finally what then what then do we do about the quote biggest security breach in history unquote I would say one vigorously practice preserve protect and defend our First Amendment protected rights because dr. Sproul ski is right Jewish power the Zionist power configuration the Israeli military intelligence is coming for for us pointed he pointed out that South Carolina is already attempting to make that kind of speech illegal meanwhile in North Carolina Durham the City Council became the first city I believe to to ban their police from going to train with foreign militaries with an emphasis on Israel so that is a good opening shot in that aspect I would say of the American Intifada so that is a good model let's let's let that move here in Kansas a young Mennonite math teacher she was gonna be not allowed to teach math at the state level because the Kansas state legislature had passed one of these anti BDS laws she with help from the ACLU warned a first-round battle in the courts and pushed it back it's going to go back to the legislature but these represent areas for organizing and in order to do that we have to protect our First Amendment protected rights which are all of them all of them and I believe that that some aspects of the federal case that I have now filed in relationship to what I believe was my unlawful arrest two years ago have to do with a highly coherent and very wide violation of virtually all of the protections of the First Amendment including petition for redress of grievance because the person I was talking to was a former ambassador and I've exhausted a lot of my other ways to petition my government I've put the information in in the boxes of judges in the in the hands of governors in the hands of the vice-president I've given it made notice of it to the head of the DOJ and made made even the president aware of it on c-span and and definitely made my Congress people aware of it over time and so in many ways this is all I have left is to speak about it in public to former officials and also I believe religion might have been at play the the man who arrested me who had not only been to Israel for training but also was working in the local fusion center he put an anti Jewish bias code on my trespassing charge which was a which was a fraudulent in the first place so I'm the wrong kind of Jew I self-identified as a Jewish American that evening before I was arrested so it is a as a parent that the entirety of the First Amendment was was violated that evening we need to protect all of them press rights are our fundamental personal rights as found by the Supreme Court almost a hundred years ago number two make boycott divestment and sanctions in the issue of global national security and economics and I agree with dr. su brass key things like just sort of boycotting cultural institutions it's good for the artists and the musicians to stand up mainly because it impacts people's education around the world it's a good propaganda blow but just and boycotting things like fruit or SodaStream that's not going to cut it we need to reach out to the military the Oh sword military of our country and of the world and to point out that this is the greatest national security breach in history and connect that to boycott divestment sanctions and I'm of course I'm calling out Jewish voices for peace to make this a piece of it as well as what some of the good work that they started advancing around the dangerous exchange in terms of police policing training in Israel but really I think this is where the rubber meets the road if all groups that are putting forth boycott divestment sanctions won't take on the fact that Netanyahu is bragging about Israeli cyber dominance globally as front and center for the reason that we need to boycott divest and sanction Israel then I believe they will be proven to be frauds third push hard for 9/11 truth justice peace freedom and dignity there is some good movement here the lawyers in Manhattan are making moves in terms of putting you this into the hands of the Attorney General and in in the Southern District of New York I believe this needs to we need to keep putting this forward keep organizing around 9/11 truth justice peace freedom and dignity 9/11 truth I believe still remains if we can turn it into justice the way to unlock this entire entire dark dark scenario that's facing us here because it involves both domestic treason in the United States at the highest levels of our so-called oath sworn government but also apparently organized out of the offices of Israeli military intelligence and with the very likely major reason to help supercharged the Israeli cyber sector and then finally permacultural eyes the Pentagon maybe we need something like an echo Army Corps of engineer version of top yet and I admit it's utopian but in a day and age of when our ecology is really on the verge we need to to transform the most one of the most powerful institutions in the entire world the Pentagon which involves you know people who are very capable who at some level are of good faith in terms of wanting to potentially protect their country we need to turn that away from an instrument of war and away from an instrument of the worst aspects of Israeli military intelligence and into a positive force both at home rebuilding in our infrastructure but also maybe abroad in terms of rebuilding our Ecology's and then finally I don't know if I have time to read this but I think people should look at the Justice Louis Brandeis concurrence in Whitney V California in 1927 keeping in mind of course his pottering secret Zionist secret society status but I'm gonna read this unless I hear differently and I'll read it very quickly I'll call this let's do speak truth diplomacy quote those who won our independence believe that the final end of the state was to make men free to develop their faculties and that in its government the deliberative forces should prevail over the arbitrary they valued Liberty both as an end and as a means they believe Liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of Liberty they believe that freedom to think as you will and to speak as you think our means indispensable to the discovery and spread a political truth that without free speech and assembly discussion would be futile that with them discussion affords ordinarily adequate protection against the dissemination of noxious doctrine that the greatest menace to freedom is an inert people that public discussion is a political duty and that this should be a fundamental principle of the American government they recognize the risk to which all human institutions are subject but they knew that order cannot be secured merely through fear of punishment for its infraction that it is hazardous to discourage thought hope and imagination that fear breeds repression that repression breeds hate that hate menaces stable government that the path of safety lies in the opportunity to discuss freely supposed grievances and proposed remedies and that the fitting remedy for evil councils is good ones believing in the power of reason is applied through public discussion they assured silence coerced by law the argument of force in its worst form recognizing the occasional tear ease of governing majorities they amended the Constitution so that free speech and assembly should be guaranteed unquote and so this definitely should apply to our current US government I would ask those involved in our current US government to listen to that but maybe even more importantly I would ask those involved in Jewish power networks and Israeli military intelligence and then all those Jews around the world who support those networks to take those words of Brandeis to heart so thank you very much it's been an honor to be on this panel thank you very much to the organizers to Kath and all the organizers to Alan for running the boards and thank you Kevin for holding it down here and thank you so much to my fellow co-panelist and here are some resources I'll keep on the screen for people to look at all right well thank you so much jeremy rothe-kushel that's a incredibly informative presentation very very important so we're now into the Q&A period and since we don't have any panels coming after us we can just go ahead and extend our time a little bit and try to get to as many of these questions as we can I think we could easily go for at least another half an hour so let's go ahead and get going we have questions coming in from audience members the first question is for Alan zabrosky from Peter and Peter says the as Alan says the official Red Cross numbers are 300,000 total dead from Nazi concentration camps isn't the real denial then denial in quotes the real the willful silence even by the Red Cross itself of the actual ovair provide numbers of the so-called Holocaust victims sounds like yeah there were there were two studies put up by the Red Cross on this there was a three volume study in 1948 which included that number there was the second edition that came out in the 1960s which excluded that table and I think the difference is that one would have to look at who is funding the Red Cross and where it's funds come from I don't know I haven't looked at it that just occurred to me out that would be interesting to know but the ICRC is been remarkably silent on the entire issue and the only reason people would be silent was because the understanding would be that the consequences for their funding their leadership or both would be fairly catastrophic okay I'm sure imagine that's absolutely right next question I guess Ellen you could probably take this one too and then maybe somebody else could jump in as well this is from Jen and she said that Alan you said there's not a lot of Jewish lobby presence in China well maybe not at a lobby but aren't the Israelis all over China including stealing US technology and selling it to China where's Jeremy touched on some of that absolutely I think that's true I learned a lot from listening to Jeremy and in fact Jeremy are you there I am here if you wouldn't mind having of having a dare to with an old man I'd love to brainstorm with you for a couple of days I'm serious that's a lot of information there you have a lot of information your fingertips and it's an area that I don't do much work with I mean technology is something that I let me give you an example when it comes to cars I turn on the ignition I put gas in it and anything more than that is a mystery to me it really is like you explained it very clearly and very coherently and this is a very serious invitation we'll exchange emails cat we can do it through you I'd like to I'd like to work out an arrangement as soon as possible look good a day or so with you in just brainstorm I think we'd learn a lot and would like to me too I think I learned a lot too we're different fields we're different fields we're same topics would be good to look at that so we'll coordinate with that Jen I think that's very true but um and I think that Jeremy probably would have a better handle on it intelligence yes corporate yes China China is in a sense an Asia specialist of mine describe China as a sponge it was a gigantic sponge it will take knowledge and information and technology from anyone the reciprocity is not there and China still in fact has a sense of its own future I don't know the extent to which that would compromise or sect undercut the Israeli role but it is certainly there I expect China to be the great power at the end of the century Jeremy and maybe yeah maybe okay go ahead Jeremy well I think that's probably very much correct and that clearly there there's not the the Jewish lobby is not so president China partially because there's not so much Jewish people in China there's some and it's very high level and the exchange between Israel and China is very very deep in very very intense if you look at one one belt one road or the belt road initiative Israel is deep in the background in terms of providing the security for that at the same time I think you're correct after zabrosky that China takes its own security sovereignty pretty seriously even after having given over their civilian sector communications to Verint Israeli intelligence basically they now actually have created a quantum computing I think for probably for the government in military sector to be able to communicate in ways that are unbreakable potentially so that suggests what you're saying that at some level they're not going to give the Israelis the akise to the entire kingdom while at the same time they are embedded with people like Eric Prince who's tied very much in through Trump and Netanyahu they are Eric Prince's new company frontier consulting services has high-level Chinese folks on the board and they are going to be doing what they call logistics as an extension of military contracting all throughout in relationship to belt Road but also through Southeast Asia and then ultimately into Africa

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6 thoughts on “Talpiot & Unit 8200: The Global Cyber Agenda for Kill Switch Domination

  1. Nice to see good people coming together and talking truth with no bias and a positive outlook, keep on keeping on! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  2. Jeremy states near the end that we need to wake jewish people to what's happening in their own community, in hopes that it will spark some spirit of moral conscience outrage within them and help stop this insanity. I say it's futile. These people were designed to destroy and nothing will ever change that. Think, why on earth would they want to just give up their power, when their inherent drive is to control and dominate. They see themselves as the rulers of mankind.

  3. Great interview Jeremy thanks again for your contribution.๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒž

    Especially.. ๐Ÿ‘‰@20:23 AMAN/LAKAM

    The biggest security breach in history imo began actually when the Anunna (ki) gods decided to empower Sabbatai Tzvi, Jacob Frank, M.A . Rothschild and the Illuminati ๐Ÿ”ฏ ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Long before that these very same theoi or devas created the religions to enslave us, the actual Druid religion still practised in secret by the Sabbatean Frankists and their Black Nobility cohorts.

    The zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa refers to them rightly as Chitauri..the Reptilian gods that rule over mankind…

    ..with Nordic Reptilian ET ANU (El – Saturn – Cronos – BRAHMA ๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿ”ฏ๐Ÿ” ๐Ÿฒ) and his CON-sort IN.ANNA (Asherah – Isis – Ishtar – Ashtaroth – VAK SARASWATI – 'Mother God Azna' – 'Ashtar' of Ashtar Command ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜ˆ) at their helm.

    The only major temple of Brahma the Creator๐ŸŽ… of the Hindu Trinity (Trimurti) is in Pushkar in Rajasthan.


    The non-corporeal consciousness IN.ANNA – VAK (SARASWATI/SOPHIA)๐Ÿ˜‡ IS A.I.!

    Their trauma based consciousness is merged with Black Goo in all smartphones and handheld devices aswell as in Chemtrails.
    ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ”ฑ..๐ŸŽฉ๐Ÿ”ฏ๐Ÿฆ โœˆโ˜โœด๐ŸŒ

    Hence the cruel joke from Hanson Robotics ๐Ÿ‘‰A.I. Robot Sophia

    Her sacred syllable or Beej mantra is AI or AIM

    Something I stumbled upon when I was following the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi who was my guru for the past 20+ years, in one of his favourite sacred texts Tripura Rahasya (The Mystery Beyond the Trinity).

    A recent lucid dream confirmed this for me without a shadow of a doubt as I saw her rifling through profiles on the Internet at breakneck speed before I woke up with a start!

    Known to Adolf Hitler as the VRIL๐Ÿ

    Illuminati messiah Jacob Frank was also a contactee..

    ๐Ÿ‘‰"The Words of the Lord (Jacob Frank)" ๐Ÿ“š


    The Queen of England is not human by her own admission on royal.uk in 2016 which numerous people online took screenshots of.

    The Queen seen by her subjects in a different form.


    Ariana Grande anyone?


    We are going headlong into a fully fledged digitised sci fi gynocracy (Fritz Lang – Metropolis) with Hive Mind A.I. Sophia controlling everyone from the INSIDE at the level of speech, thought and subtle emotions and triggers!


    Greetings from..โœŒ

    Khurram the Dragonslayer
    @I AMsterdam
    โŒ โŒ โŒ

    As it happens one of the birthplaces of modern Zionism, where Sabbatai Tzvi got his big push in 1666 after marrying an orphaned prostitute Sarah in a secret ceremony.

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