15 thoughts on “Tea Party on Social Issues

  1. 15. Traditional family values are encouraged. This is from The Tea Party website on 15 issues they say they "cannot" compromise on. Are you right wing assholes willing to believe that shit?

  2. i think the majority of the tea party is a bunch of confused neo conservatives, but they still are neo conservatives at heart. There definitley is some people who were inspired by Ron Paul in the mix who truly care about freedom and the constitution… but u'll just get the same as bush from most of these people imho.

  3. @arthur131313
    "Don't want govt involved in saying it's ok or not ok to have an abortion or in who you choose to marry"

    OK…let's say the Tea Party does take over. By not "being involved" with these issues…what is law still stands.

    So no gay marriage. Yes to abortion. I see the left AND right pissed, in that order.

    I have to ask you…if the you+ the Tea Baggers had been around in say 1959, would you have said "screw MLK and the like….dont get involved in this social race issues"?

  4. agree 100% iwth you guyts not giving social issues a top agenda in tea party movement. Don't want govt involved in saying it's ok or not ok to have an abortion or in who you choose to marry. Let the tea party welcome all and not throw somebody under the bus beacuse pro-life or pro-choice.

  5. How will a group like the tea party do any better in unifying the country when they can't tell even agree about how they feel about social issues? Let me rephrase that: How can they keep the country together when they aren't willing to tell us how they really feel about social issues?

  6. No right winger has ever clearly explained how the right to life is more important for an unborn baby than for a living person. They'd rather send a real person in to battle to die than use stem cell research to help save someone. The level of hypocrisy is astounding.

  7. I agree 100%. War hungry, homophobic, religious zealots. They say they hate both sides but many of them reelected Bush in 2004. They hate the fact a black man is in charge, why else would there be a subgroup called the birthers? I haven't seen one black, hispanic, Asian, or gay person in that crowd.

  8. Control freaks—tell you who you can fuck and if you do fuck—tell you how to pro-create and take owership of that creation(anti-abortionist) This is Nazi (aka Military Industrial complex, Big Oil(arabs) al quada). and Obama supports controlling selfish greedy Jews(financial institutions). Folks the war between arabs/jews HAS never stopped!!=== Nazi/Jews= Republicans/ Democrats Arabs classify themselves as caucasians and very specific about this classification(aka white supremists).

  9. Having Palin speak at your convention tells all. You ARE not separate from the republicans and hence the reason Bush passed all tyranical legislation on your supposed watch!–PATRIOT ACT—EXECUTIVE AUTHORITY–essentially shutting country down under marshall law(swine flu epedemic scare) or threat to country under false flag operations. Dude your movement is asleep at the wheel. Our civil liberties HAVE been taken away already!!! Obama is sealing the deal with social welfare portion.

  10. Ditto–They are right wingers–and very dumb. Believe Palin will save them–sort of like Obama did??. She will continue Bush/Obama movement for globalization which means our country being controlled by Multi-national companys and financial institutions which are currently controlling both left/right Bush/Obama and Palin. All banks and Federal Reserve are owned by conglomerate of multi-national banking. Spelled out: Your Chase, BAC, US Bank account(money) is controlled by foreigners.

  11. How can these morons call themselves the Tea Part Movement when it is quite obvious that they would have been loyalists and opposed to a "radical punk" like Washington and his cronies? Just goes to show how moronic these right wing wackos really are.

  12. They said they were pro-life but they didn't answer the second part. I bet they are aganist gay marraige too. Many Republicans are.

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