9 thoughts on “Teach Kids When To Call 911 | Official PSA of Toronto Police Service

  1. Its a good video, well made and simple enough that even Rob Ford could understand it, though I imagine he got his own lesson right from the chief of police on when to call 911 and how to conduct yourself if you do.

  2. wow she seriously needs a recommendation! good example of going above and beyond your job specs or just plain right doing your job! kudos to the ER Op!!

  3. I think you should also teach kids the specifics of when to call 9-1-1.  Like instead of just saying, "when you need the police", say something like, "when you need the police because someone is trying to kill you or someone else", and explain all the details of that, and then tell them the number to call if you need the police because of some other non-emergency reason.  Otherwise, they won't know.  You're probably going to tell me now that the word "kill" is too scary for little kids.  Well, guess what?  Logic, folks: use it.  Kids need to know this stuff from a young age, or they will, guaranteed, call 9-1-1 on someone stealing their stuff because they don't know the non-emergency police number.  And kids also need to know about death from a young age because they will face it, in some fashion, be it their pet dying or their friend dying or their family member dying or themselves being in danger of dying or someone they care about facing possibility of death or whatever other way, they're gonna face it somehow, so don't wait to have that conversation when it's faced, just tell them what it is and stuff, and then they will be prepared whenever they face it.

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