Team America: World Police (8/10) Movie CLIP – That’s Why They Call it Acting (2004) HD

Team America: World Police (8/10) Movie CLIP – That’s Why They Call it Acting (2004) HD

No. Joe, sarah, it’s a trap! Very impressive,
warmongers. Now let’s see how kim jong il’s
panthers treat you. ( panthers snarling ) Penn:
I went to iraq, you know! Susan sarandon. Oh, thank god. We have to stop the ceremony.
Kim jong il is mad. Here, let me loose. I’ll show
you where the theatre is. All right. No, chris, stay away from her. Chris:
Fuck you. She wants to help us. No, chris,
she’s acting. I am not. The others tied me up Because I wouldn’t go along
with their plans. Your skills are fading
with age, miss sarandon. You shall die
a peasant’s death! Yaah! Waaaaaaaah! Jesus titty-fucking christ, I could’ve sworn
she was telling the truth. That’s why
they call it acting. Come on,
we gotta find lisa.

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100 thoughts on “Team America: World Police (8/10) Movie CLIP – That’s Why They Call it Acting (2004) HD

  1. we all know the panthers are just kittens. but the look larger because the acting are just puppets.

  2. I like how the cats are wondering why there's puppets in there, yet the puppets are freaking out like they're legit panthers. God, this movie's smart. XD

  3. How many times do I have to watch this fucking Denny's pancake commercial before I get to watch these Team America clips??

  4. So darkly humorous! A pleasant back room humor peeled from the toilets of souithern INdia. It is refreshing to knowthat there are people with a voice from the dinosaur days!

  5. You know that disclaimer you see during the closing credits of movies where it says, "American Humane Association monitored the animal action.  No animals were harmed." Team America is one of the only recent movies I've ever seen that had animals in it but didn't show that disclaimer.  I don't know why, but I found it kind of strange.

  6. Never noticed it before, but the chair she was sitting on apparently no longer exists after she stands up. She walks backwards and they walk forward in a straight line. No need to go around or over the stool.

  7. Now I have to go look up the voice actors, because I wasn't watching the screen when this came on and I could have swore it was a South Park episode.

  8. Susan Sarandon sounds more like Cartman. I can imagine her saying "You shall die a peasants death Kyle!"

  9. I've been to Afghanistan and Kuwait. Still waiting to go to Iraq just so I can say I've been to Iraq you know

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