Ted Cruz’s Dad Likens ‘Liberal Media’ To Communist Cuba

Ted Cruz’s Dad Likens ‘Liberal Media’ To Communist Cuba

10 cruises dad Rafael Cruz who is just as crazy as him went on Glenn Beck show listen to what he says here this is an exercise in projection you know in your
previous sermon I segment you were talking about
imagining America and I’ll tell you what it almost seemed
like I was listening to what was happening in cuba the UN castro the very same thing this you know they ministry on misinformation that you’re
hopping all the company’s countries well that
you know when we have a ministry of misinformation in this country me is called the liberal media yeah and a
juice tell us what they want us to appear gays they are
rewriting history because they have an agenda and
unfortunately the agenda a sec and evil agenda he said again that for
destroying what this country’s all about as he is talking to the Minister of
misinformation he saying the liberal media are the
ministers and misinformation and I get they have an agenda and they
keep pushing it that’s what he are no eating habits or you’re doing man these guys in the real yardage all
about projection if you’re ever wondering what’s on the
mind of a conservative listen to what they say about liberals
whatever they %eh accuse liberals are they’re doing it so
I love how they always do this with kids how are these liberals are and don’t
rain the kids meanwhile remember rightly to highlight
reel for you guys want I’m wall to wall nothing but conservatives indoctrinating kids they have
fourteen-year-old speak at the C pac invention is the keynote speaker to talk about yeah conservative I think
Jonathan Krohn wasn’t yeah i’m concerned. attends on let me define a
four-year where he really got your the 10 and our
training all 12 became come to be a conservative when he was %uh 11
based on his own merits based on you know reading books on his
own know is baller pushed him in that direction there’s a video on YouTube that went
viral was like the ten reasons to not re like Barack Obama it’s like a six year
old kid giving the reasons and where indoctrinating people though
conservatives in Texas right now we’re engaged in a battle
where they’re trying to actually teach Adam and Eve I’m either in the science
textbook that’s concerning trying to indoctrinate
and they don’t know the Liberals are doctor we’re not indoctrinating at all you know
you’re the ones that are indoctrinating and look man a they always make this
claim that you know all the liberal to the ones
that are lying the liberal media lies the democrats lie all our side all were always telling the
truth we’re always okay that is verifiably and demonstrably incorrect in fact I have this study right here a study by
the center for media and public affairs CMP
a at George Mason University University they looked over
the site PolitiFact now PolitiFact is a website where it’s
actually biased against us despite against progressives
why do I say that because they bend over backwards to be fair to
conservatives when they say things that are blatantly not true but Bill Parcells statements a well that
little part right there might be true if you stretch it to our anyway we’re gonna have true and I’ll be
something as false right sold a bite against progressives well
it’s a nice red ink quote PolitiFact rated 32 percent a
Republican claims as false or pants on fire compared to 11
percent a democratic claims all three to one margin they were i
three times more often than we do but conversely PolitiFact rated 22
percent up democratic claims as entirely true compared to only 11
percent a Republican claims that two to one margin a majority in
democratic statements 54 percent were rated as mostly or
entirely true compared to only 18 percent of
Republicans statements conversely a majority republican
statements 52 percent were rated as mostly or entirely false compared only 24 percent democratic
states so the objective reality and this is why
I hate the media’s false equivalence this is why I hate you know Glenn Beck’s the blaze and although
Drudge Report and all the other garbage right wing site on Fox News and
talk radio is because dude thats all nonsense
they’re all wrong in their narrative on CNN you get 50 percent credit 21 signed a fifty percent to the other
side oxygen talk radio Republicans are always right democrats are always wrong the reality is Democrats and Republicans both why a lot but the democrats democrats lie are helluva lot less and
we can show it

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54 thoughts on “Ted Cruz’s Dad Likens ‘Liberal Media’ To Communist Cuba

  1. Thanks for the video Kyle, good job, but this study will never get through to Republicans if they ever read it, because it has the most heinous of all things: facts. And it was conducted at a university, those institutions well known for disseminating 'liberal indoctrination', again aka facts.

  2. I love how conservatives love to compare everything they don't like to Hitler, Stalin and communism. It gets so fucking old and tired.

  3. Its not called the liberal media. The real ministry of misinformation is whats called the Public Relations industry. Socialism, Communism, are just dead weight terms.

  4. Cruz' dad left out the part where america has been trying to colonize Cuba for 200 years, they tried to kill Castro 70 times for not being America's bitch, and the part where conservatives will stab his brown ass with a pitchfork if he eva eva eva gets the nerve to run for president.

  5. so this is why cruz is so screwed up , if you do not like liberal America …go back to cuba and remake your country into a rightwing hell-hole instead of screwing up America .

  6. Cruz and Cruz are anti-secular tyrants who make a living as snake-oil salesman for the like of the Koch blathers and Murdoch.
    They want to force their god(s), doctrine and dogma on free people.
    The Koch brothers, Murdoch, Cruz, and Cruz want to force their disproved notions, doctrine and dogma on free people because it's good for their personal gains and the personal gains of the amoral shareholders who invest in them.

  7. Rafael Cruz was one of the elites in cuba that drove it into a ditch and escaped after the people rose up in revolution.

    Now he and his progeny is trying to repeat the same process in the US.

    For the good of the country deport these fascist scumbags back to Cuba.

  8. Actually they already made their country a rightwing hell-hole. That's why the people rose up in revolution and he had to escape or be held accountable for what he and his elitist family did.

    He and his son are now trying to repeat what they did in Cuba here in the US. These scumbags need to be deported before they do anymore damage.

  9. so giving people equal pay, equal medical healthcare, giving people freedom of religion, giving people equal pay is evil? no is not. republicans shutting down the government is evil, conservatives are racist, and greedy narcissist people.

  10. So did that old bitch come to America illegally. Oh wait, I mean Canada. Get the fuck out of my country, you fucking illegal alien. Your getting free welfare, medical, and are sneaking all of your drug dealing buddies into my country. We ought to build a wall to keep these thugs out.

  11. Is Raphael and Ted Cuban or latino. Because if they are I m disgustes, hell I m disgusted of this republican jack ass.

  12. where you there for every attempt america tried to kill castro ? cus trust me if america wanted to kill castro he would of been dead long long time ago lol and bitch cuba was colonized by american and american gave cuba their independence, learn some history before you talk crap you stupid fuck.

  13. feel free to come to Dallas so we can debate for money. you sound tough as fuck sitting behind that computer. i'll be waiting friend.

  14. lol i told you the story and now you invite me to fight lol sorry i dont date stupid fuck that act gangsta shit and put false information lol.

  15. Instead of countering his very valid point you build an army of half ass straw men and then lean back like you said something sharp. If you do not want to lose every debate you have here is suggestion, make a valid point.

  16. Your straw man army is not very compelling. When you call people stupid you should avoid saying unsupported bull shit with out making a single point yourself. Nice work half wit troll.

  17. I wish you liberals would all move to Europe. America was founded as a right wing country.  One day you leftie scumbags are going to push too far and you are going to see how hard we push back!

  18. Rafeal Cruz is a Cuban communist, his lack of tolerance underwrites a belief that only those who agree with one political ideology can have their views manifested through public policy. No others have rights because they are per se wrong, since they don't agree, completely circular and self-serving, he is not capable of making objective arguments against objective facts, like a former Communist he has no comprehension of what Democracy, representation is about. Can't blame he's human, but, not a traditional American spirit,

  19. have you ever noticed the neck muscles and biceps of Michael Obama? and her index finger is longer then her ring finger…all traits of a male

    go on you tube and enter Donald Young and Obama…and see what you get…I dare you:)

  20. Rafael is trying to say; The North American liberal press, enamored with a leftist revolution declaring Cuba’s own autonomy and independence in all matters, has systematically ignored & turned a blind eye to the human sufferings & human rights abuses of the victims of the revolution…  

  21. This guy is spot on. Liberalism involves socialist policies, and socialism leads to communism. Liberals are just too stupid to see this logic.

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