15 thoughts on “The Challenges of Reforming Health Care in a Partisan Era

  1. Why does Roy talk like he's running for something? only us nerds are watching why is he so guarded?

  2. Bullshit. The Democrat party has never flipped sides. It was the party of Jim Crow. KKK. Segregation. etc… They refused to give up them slaves. As they wanted that cheap labor to under cut the northern state. That was the reason the of the Civil war! As every law passed to steal Indian land. to states passing the Jim Crow laws was all run by Democrats. You can't even name me one southern Democrat that flipped sides outside Strong Thurman…

    So you liberal democrats better find a new gig. AS the age of the Internet is shredding all your disinformation that been teaching. So fast. That even Blacks have caught on!

  3. hi from Canada. watching americans argue against health care is just bizzarre. no one here goes bankrupt because they get cancer or loses their house under the financial burden of treating heart disease. at the same time our country does not collapse under the financial load or implode from overreach of big government. the americans argue the issue like the experiment has never been run! look at europe! canada! australia! in your debates its all hypotheticals and theory. ask the true question: is what we in america are doing demonstrably better than the universal coverage of other advanced economies? not in theory…as it happens,today,on the ground.

  4. 6 minutes in and "we can let the government control all insurance and insure everyone if the government would stop wasting money supplementing the rich"…government fixing government…gg…

  5. so far, a few minutes in, the guy on the right is just arguing what socialists argue and is saying that the people in charge are doing socialism wrong. the only difference is that this guy calls himself a conservative – while using the socialist argument that he can make it cheaper and better than the free market by having smarter regulation (a socialist argument). He even says the conservative people haven't taken enough responsibility for slavery that happened in this country. unbelievable. first, he should explain who he considers a conservative and second, how he feels the non conservatives have confronted slavery in a manner not confronted by conservatives.

    the guy in the middle said that you can have a single payer system without coercion by forcing doctors to work for the government and forcing the population to all have a single payer government sponsored health insurance plan. the middle guy then argues about medicare B and how it is good because it is popular – zero statistics or real analysis. he doesn't go into pros and cons, but just popularity. he then mentions how entitlements help people emerge from being poor.

    these were the most disappointing interviewees by hoover that i have seen.

  6. Podhoretz blew it with that unborn baby choosing the US. Narrow minded, arrogant and ignorant comment. Why would someone necessarily pick a country that's not even in the top ten among happiest citizens? Nor life expectancy, likelihood of being born poor, raised in high crime suburbs are reasons to prefer the US.

  7. Just wanted to point out that the Federal government has mandated something for people "just for breathing" in the past. Jefferson mandated health care coverage for sailors in the late 1790s.

    I'm not sure how single-payer healthcare would be Constitutionally sound…

  8. I wish that these videos got as much attention as stuff like the young Turks. People that actually know what they're talking about are so rare.

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