38 thoughts on “The Comic Book Man #1 | ASMR

  1. Can you do another magic the gathering collect video, but without the tapping? I've been asking for so long!

  2. I just came up with some random idea

    You should get a whole bunch of mannequins (probably Barry's relatives) and do some sort of Council ASMR where the heavy-robed council of Barry's silently judges you from on high while Rifty (part of the Council) does the ASMR

  3. Hey rift I have an idea. The warehouse used to contain these items should just be a huge warehouse that’s located on the moon and it’s so big that the govenrnment can’t keep track of everything and that’s how your able to access everything so easily

  4. You should do an area 51 raid rolaplay. Maybe discuss the plan to get in or be an alien that's been freed from the base!

  5. “People call me the comic book man, but you, my new-found friend, may call me

    The comic book man, also”

  6. Dude thank you so much for your videos. I not only think they are interesting but they help me sleep and without them I would be up till 3 or 4 trying to sleep if I sleep at all. But your videos allow me to get the sleep I need because your voice is so calming. So thank you so much.

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