The Czechoslovakian communist propaganda – English subtitles

The Czechoslovakian communist propaganda – English subtitles

Author: Dominik Dukovsky (What do american imperialists want?) Thanks to wind with clouds the American imperialists brought
Colorado potato beetle into our republic. That’s it, the American beetle. The latest product of American barbarity. What do american imperialists want? They do want the most dangerous potato pest
to destroy our advanced potato culture. These ravenous larvae, that’s
atomic war packers culture. (The Soviet inspiration to our farmers) When I studied at Tivilyazev Academy we gave ourselves a job – to milk a billy-goat. And during 2 months thanks to udder massage we milked the billy-goat during the 2 months and he gives us a glass of milk daily. (Gratitude to Comrade Brezhnev) And the same idea brought me to small Central-Bohemian village which has pretty usual name as thousands others here. But it earned the other name. The very most sublime and honor one. Brežnìves (sth like Brezhnev village). Did comrade Brezhnev know that one Central-Bohemian small village earned his name in recent history? He wouldn’t be angry about it for sure. He would be definitely happy about it. (Campaign against the long hair) Groups, better said, gangs of boys and girls bully the whole cities. The sorcery sects which were showed
in the United States do the Black Devil’s service and the result of their protest are the beastial murders. One of the common signs of this deformed uprising
is still the long hair. (The Rudé právo (the communist press) redactor
among the American miners) Milan Jelínek, the Washington’s report of Rudé právo. Topic: The United States He said: “Tell us concretely, for example,
what if a miner is ill? If it is serious, for example, the stomach operation I said: “A miner undergoes the stomach operation, goes to the hospital, now, they operate it and it is free. And then, in hospital, goes to spa. They looked at me like this, then the silence
and then they said: “What the spa is?” I said: “That’s kind of great palaces and… And them: “What the palaces are?” So we communicated about the large hotels for rich people
in the West Virginia where the rich people cure their own ills And I say: “There is regenerating in these spas” And he said: “What then?” And I said: “Then the vacation” They looked at me like that and they say: “These spas, these are out of the vacation, right?” And I say: “These spas are free, paid from
government and it works like regenerating. And then, a miner can take the vacation. And suddenly, i saw those bad looks and
Tom Burns, that giant man started to stand himself up, he looked at me and said: We knew, that you are a communist journalist. We believed yourself. But now, for the first time,
I heard the communist propaganda. I was almost hit by them
because they thought I lie to them that I tell them a story about
an unreal and unachievable dream. I think, that’s typical, this
incident for the United States.

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  1. lol

    Of all the problems with a war-mongering country like the US they could complain about, they make a film about a fucking bug. Like it has a nationality.

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