The Earth Government’s Plans to Contain Specimens- Accounts of the Earth War

The Earth Government’s Plans to Contain Specimens- Accounts of the Earth War

After a deranged cult compromised Bionational’s
labs, leading to the escape of its alien specimens, the time for private interests in the possibilities
of the Xenomorph had passed. The Earth government, and Bionational industries
arranged an emergency meeting to confer regarding the severity of the situation. Present at this meeting was Dr. Orona, representing
the Government, and Dr. Dryner, representing Bionational, as well as two unidentified parties. Transcripts of this meeting outline Orona’s
assessment of the events unfolding, and plans to prevent an outbreak on Earth. ORONA: All right, gentlemen, let’s not do
an elaborate mating dance all around it. We all know why we’re here. DRYNER: Perhaps we should reconsider having
attorneys present. ORONA: Nobody is talking about prosecution. Let’s not insult each other’s intelligence. I’m government and you’re private, my
hammer is bigger, and I’d play hell whacking you with it, we all know that, too. At least right now, anyway. So let’s skip the scat and get to the bottom
line. You had one of the aliens tucked away down
in your SA lab and some religious fanatics broke in and got themselves impregnated by
the thing’s embryos. We all know that. Your specimen got cooked in the explosion
that destroyed the lab. The fanatics got away. We know that because we are still getting
reports of the nightmares, so some of the damned things are still alive. Am I telling you anything you don’t know? DRYNER: We, ah, are aware of this. ORONA: I thought you might be. Got a tap in our mainframe. But you don’t have a line tied to our Tac
Unit. Well, we’ve found one of the attackers. DRYNER: With the implanted embryo? ORONA: Unfortunately, no. This man’s chest had been burst from the
inside. He’d been dead for half a day when our team
uncovered him in New Chicago. There was no sign of the newborn alien. DRYNER: Shit. ORONA: I share your sentiments, Doctor. We would very much like to collect these things
ourselves. But I’m afraid our worry is now larger than
simply who’ll be the first to get a potential weapons system, no matter how valuable that
might be. DRYNER : What do you mean? ORONA: Doctor, you understand how these things
reproduce. Each one is a potential queen, is it not? DRYNER: Yes, that is possible. ORONA: We don’t know how many of the fanatics
escaped. Could be as many as a dozen. We’ve lost one of the newborn aliens. The others will all be hatching from their
human ‘eggs’ shortly, if they haven’t already done so, is that not correct? DRYNER: Well, it would depend on which eggs
delivered their implants. The queen laid them over several days. ORONA: But at the most, several days plus
or minus is all, correct? DRYNER: I’m afraid so. ORONA: Doctor, if there were, oh, say, five
of them implanted, and each of them produces a queen and they all begin to lay eggs as
soon as they reach maturity, how long do you think it might take before the damned things
are swarming all over the place? DRYNER: I—there’s no way to be certain,
that is to say— ORONA: It’s rather like the hamster problem. If one mother and her litters all come to
term and keep mating and having more babies who all survive, in a couple of years we’re
knee-deep in hamsters. Of course, that doesn’t happen. Some are killed by the mothers, some are eaten
by natural predators, some get stepped on by things with big feet. But these aliens don’t have any natural
predators on this world. It takes armor-piercing military-grade weaponry
to kill one and even then it isn’t easy. We have the reports from our Colonial Marines’
encounters with them. A Chinese farmer with a pitchfork, an Australian
bird hunter with a shotgun, they’ll be wasting their time trying to stop a full-grown alien
with either of those weapons, correct? —
ORONA: In fact, just about anybody who comes against one of these things is going to regret
it. They reproduce like hamsters, the queens don’t
even need mates, they come of age real fast. We don’t know where they will start to pop
up. The fanatics have spread out, we’ve gotten
reports of them all over the globe. Some have to be discounted, of course, but
if a tenth of the material is correct, we are going to start seeing these things making
themselves known in both hemispheres from the equator to the poles. Chicago is a long way from Lima. And, gentlemen, that means we will all be
in very deep shit. I expect your cooperation in every way to
stop that. Because if we don’t stop it, making that
big end of the year bonus is going to be the last thing you have to worry about. These things will be killing so many people
that you’ll hear the survivors’ outraged screams on Mars. And every one of them will be calling for
heads to roll. I’ll give them yours. Then the government will give them mine. Orona, and in turn The government had the
cooperation of Bionational after this meeting, united in a common goal to see that disaster
would be be prevented. Orona was calm, cool, and collected as he
shared his concerns, though his gravest concern was that at this juncture, it may have been
too late. He didn’t express his own worst fear: that
the things would get well established enough so the very survival of mankind on the planet
would be in jeopardy. Of course, that was worst-case scenario, he
didn’t really think that would happen, it was just a nightmarish worry. He hoped. In this series, I’m recounting the Earth War,
as depicted in the Aliens comics series, and the events leading up to it, as well as its
aftermath. The accounts are explored as originally published,
despite certain names, locations, and other events having been altered over time. For more on the Earth War, you can check out
the Accounts of the Earth War playlist on the endscreen, and stay tuned for the latest
videos. As always, I’d like to Thank you very much
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signing off.

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89 thoughts on “The Earth Government’s Plans to Contain Specimens- Accounts of the Earth War

  1. Great video! God I love the alien franchise. I am actually writing my own story named ALIENS: WASTELAND it's pretty awesome (in my opinion of course…)

  2. In the off-world colony I live in this is the only way we get news of the fall of Earth. Thank you whoever you are for defying The Company and putting out these transmissions.

  3. i would imagine at this point the gov would start ramping up weapon production like mad…start dropping these weapons to any civilians still alive. along with books explaining everything known about the aliens and how to kill them. use civilain militias with colonial marine advisors to form roaming hunter killer teams. start rounding up civilians and force them into hab shelters so they can be more easily monitored and reduce the chances of an un documented outbreak. then comes the long haul part of systimaticly locating and destroying every trace of xenomorph hive one by one. by making arms largely available and reproducable hosts fewer the as well as experienced military advisors easily available the outbreak should be able to be slowed down and contained more effectivly. then it must be determined how long xenomorphs can be dormant for before expiring naturally but from the impressions i get (no hard data available) that could take a hundred years minimum! the eggs in the derilect were still viable after almost 60 years when hadleys hope stumbled upon them! good grief what a colossal fuckup…well time to grab my pulse rifle slap on my armor (oof its a little tight fitting on my sarges gut) and start doing what us rines do best! time to clean up another persons mess lol!

  4. Love the series but xenos suck at large scale warfare. They may over run a few unaware cities , but after the element of surprise vanishes they are good as dead . Horrible ratio of reproduction 1:1 , lack of ranged weaponry / lack of real intelligence. They are excellent creatures in a horror sci-fi setting but they lack large scale tools to overun planets /beat prepared military.

  5. Stumbled across your vids a few times. Didn’t realise your quality was so consistent. Great stuff. Subbed.

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  7. But, Chicago has more guns than the whole world combined… them neighbourhoods will give Aliens a tough competition. 😀

  8. Bio National intended to weaponize the Aliens' research for their weapons division.
    Facebook does it by harvesting (exploiting) user data.
    Both are corporate behemoths with zero accountability.

  9. In my humble opinion, the Accounts of the Earth War would have made a HELL of a better Alien film than both Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, especially with Alien Thoery's narration helping. Great video.

    EDIT/ADD: Actually, a shotgun would be powerful enough to take a Xenomorph out, as Hicks used his to take out one, but it would have to be at close range.

  10. And this is why you don't bring monsters beyond your abilities to handle onto Earth! It is like playing around with chemical warfare that could end all life on Earth. One false move and you've killed everyone. Find a better direction for your weapon research!

  11. I can't wait for Weyland-Yutani, OCP, Cyberdyne and the Tyrell Corp. to all merge into one giant humanity-destroying clusterfuck.

  12. If I’m confused about different types of Alien and details about the Alien movies, I’ll go to you because your expert on this stuff.

  13. Be glad xenomorphs can't travel through space by themselves. There's nothing worse than a gene stealer cult on your planet.

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  15. Man the wish to see more of the story is soo great… any chance of making the next episodes twice as long? (But in comparable frequency)

  16. I remember reading these novels back when they first came out. So intense. Loving these videos. 🙂

  17. I feel like the biggest mistake of Weyland-Yutani is actually doing research in civilized places. Personally, if I had to do it myself, I would prefer to do research in an isolated lab with open, unobstructed spaces, cameras on every inch and flamethrowers remotely pointed inwards to the compound.

  18. Where is the ACTUAL EARTH WAR? I.E. Where the humans actually FIGHT the aliens in Earth before having to abandon the planet and loosing to the bugs? Have you done this podcast yet? Do you have plans to do one?

  19. If each drone is capable of becoming a queen, the devastation will grow much faster than Bionational's reps could have predicted. With each generation of drones turned queen, the growth rate of the xenomorph species as a whole will not be linear, but exponential. Without a some biological counter to their population's growth rate such as a predator or natural threat that can curtail their numbers, each generation will continue to yield an exponential growth of their population, with the base integer being the total number of their drones that have successfully matured to queens.

    In short, we're boned.

  20. If i remember correctly there was a film about a sea creature attacking a oil pump station for the ocean used as a source for the weyland industry because of the few references to weyland yutani like crates and the emblem on the side of the building and helicopter. I forgot what the movie was called but I'm guessing it had some kind of involvment to either the alien universe or the AVP universe not sure which.

  21. I love your videos delving into the comics and books. Could you possibly do one for the Berserker series at some point? The story isn't the strongest, but the concept of sending in suicide squads of convicts, mercenaries, and cybernetic exo suits to clean up Alien hives is a cool concept.

  22. Looks like the Earth needs a Predator "Bat Signal."
    Another chilling thought: If John Carpenter's The Thing and the Alien Xeno universe merged. A hive of xenos finds something buried in the Antarctic ice…

  23. You don't know for a fact that every single warrior can become a queen. Even if some have during non-canon occasions I don't see how that fully equates to the James Cameron's intentions for Aliens. It's a cool concept don't get me wrong, I just think that we're all overlooking the full biology of xenomorphs by making this assumption.

  24. Why do not use androids to fight the Aliens. I mean in theory could design program Android with all those rules to fight them and effectively.

  25. Humanity is always at its most stupid in scifi.
    "Hmm a alien life form thats hostile, hard to kill, and reproduces fast…let's bring them back to earth"

  26. "God damn it, that's not all! Because if one of those things gets down here then that WILL be all! And all this, this bullshit that you think is so important, you can just kiss all that goodbye!" – Ellen Ripley You people in suits never fucking listen. It sucks that even in the future we would have to worry about those who are only interested in the 'bottom' line and not the safety of the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE! Ripley tried to warn you ass clowns and now? You get everything that's coming to you. Thanks for the video by the way Alien Theory. But I have to ask. If Alien 3 happened, why are Newt and Hicks alive when they are not suppose to be? That's my only problem with Earth War and why I hate Alien 3 so much other than the killing Ripley and Bishop part.

  27. You have a gift my friend, the gift of great storytelling. This is fantastic content, and you tell these stories better than I read them myself in my head haha. Thanks for this, please keep up the great work!

  28. I never understood why the even decided to study these creatures that they knew were incredibly dangerous, aswell as incredibly valuable, right on earth where they could be stolen / find their way into the wild…

  29. I’m trying to come up with a plan for what I would have done at this point if I was in charge. Hmm…

    Okay first of I would ground all flights and forbid any ships from leaving dock (any flights and/or ships already in transit would be forced to return to where they left) and anyone who disobeyed this would be fired upon. I would maybe even go as far as ordering all civilian boats, ships and aircraft destroyed in order to contain the infestation (unless, of course, it was already proven that the xenomorphs had already spread to all the continents in the world because then it would already be too late to contain it).

    All space traffic from the planet would be forced to undergo a scan and sweep to ensure that no xenomorphs of any kind were onboard (which means that any passengers would be forced to be scanned to ensure they were not infected). Any space traffic to the planet would be completely forbidden.

    I would inform the public of what was going on, what was being done to fix it and just what was at stake. Because there was no way of knowing if a city or town was already infested I would order the construction of “safe zones” akin to the fortified villages in Vietnam during the war (although they would of course be upgraded appropriately) out in the country away from major population centres. These would be defended by the regular armed forces who would have it as a secondary objective to train a militia who would eventually take over the task of defending the safe zones and thus free up the regular armed forces for other duties.

    Any population center that was deemed lost to the infestation would be nuked repeatedly until nothing remained and then scoured by combat androids to ensure that nothing survived.

    (Will probably add more later)

  30. I’m getting quite into these ‘Accounts’. Is it just me (presumably not) who can think of nothing more terrifying than the xenopmorph ? Giger certainly created a truly fearful monster.

  31. If they made this into two or three movies lead by a competent director who went back to roots of the mystique of Alien and Aliens, this would be cinematic gold. Would be so interesting and entertaining to watch on screen so long as Hollywood didn't fuck it up and it was rated R.

  32. I still don't know their is no way they could make a new alien movie with out your narration if l was shooting it your voice would replace all the cpu replies.

  33. Fantastic stuff – loved the graphic novels back in the day – and this delivers a semblance of what we were promised then denied with 20th C Fox's abortive teaser trailer campaign for Alien 3 back in 1992. "Alien 3 Teaser Trailer" (youtube)

  34. I love how one of the enduring themes of the Xenoverse is that humans being dickheads to eachother continually cause xenomorph rampages / outbreaks. Whether it's megacorp backstabbery, religious cultery… one thing is certain. No matter how controlled or normalized the xenomorph situation is at the start of the story, after a healthy infusion of human jackassery, a bunch of people will be getting the ole french kiss of death to the back of the head before it's over.

  35. Reminds me of conversations that must have gone down in "Horizon, Zero Dawn"… minus aliens, plus grey goo.

  36. With distance separating these potential Queens, and man mad obstacles not including mountains, there may be even more than one Queen, and multiples Queens means Xeno-Civil War.

  37. You want to get rid of the Xenomorphs?

    Let them eat everyone.

    They'll starve to death.

    The most stupid cinematic creatures to exist.

    There's a reason for example why Ebola virus didn't killed everyone in areas it infests.
    There are people impervious to this virus.
    The reason is obvious.

    Ebola's life depends on its hosts.

    Just like the Xenomorphs.

  38. “Every one of them will be calling for heads to roll. I’ll give them yours. Then the government will give them mine.” Damn son, you don’t get good writing like that anymore.

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