The “Electability” Argument Is Pure Garbage

The “Electability” Argument Is Pure Garbage

Uh, yesterday an article caught my attention
form ABC news, the headline was, Warren gains, Harris slips in the room for improvement is
vast and that basically means nothing, but that’s not why it caught my attention. What caught my attention was a little, you
know, the little a teaser I guess that came along with it that said that Joe Biden is
still seen as the most electable. Though a majority of people don’t see him
as the best choice for the country. Now that struck me as odd. Why on Earth would people say that? Yes, Joe Biden is the most electable out of
all the Democrats. He also would not be a good president at all. Seems pretty counter intuitive, right? Like if you say yes, dammit, pizza would be
the best dinner option. Also, God, I hate pizza. That makes no sense folks. And yet that is exactly what the respondents
in this new ABC News, Washington Post poll had to say. And I just have to wonder who these people
are. According to the poll results results, 42%
of registered Democrats said that, yes, Joe Biden is absolutely the most electable Democrat
running for office right now. But only 23% of them said that he was the
right choice. So 42% say he’s our best bet in 23% say he’s
the best choice. Shouldn’t those numbers match in reality? Yes, they should. But to be honest, I’m glad they don’t because
this only further proves the point that the entire electability argument is pure trash. Joe Biden, first and foremost, is not the
most electable Democrat. If you put Joe Biden up as the Democratic
nominee, get ready for four more years of Trump, there’s no way he beats him. None. Not-a never going to happen. Okay? Joe Biden is a walking, talking GAF machine,
and even Democrats understand that and he embarrasses us. Trump is too, don’t get me wrong, except that
his gaffes don’t bother his base. They just adjust their own reality and suddenly
his GAF has. Now the truth, Democrats, we can’t do that
because we’re not insane. Trump’s supporters are, but we’re not. So when Joe Biden comes out and tries to rewrite
history, we have to say, hey, um, no, we don’t go through our memory and erase the actual
truth and replace it with the Biden truth. But that’s what Trump’s supporters do. So no, Biden is not the most electable. Those gaps are going to cost him dearly. Once we head into the actual primaries. The thing about electability is, do you know
who the most electable person is? The person you want to vote for? That’s what makes them electable. It’s right there in the word elect. It’s in there. So who you want to vote for that is the person
that is electable? Let’s stop. and I’m saying this to every polling agency
here in the United States. Stop asking the damn question of who is the
most electable because that is a question that means absolutely nothing and voters stop
answering that question or stop paying attention to the poll results because the person who’s
the most electable to you for you is the person you want to vote for. We have a primary process going on right now
for a good reason to vet these candidates to see who has the best ideas. Let’s vote on those. Let’s vote on the ideas. Not Focus only on who’s going to beat Donald
Trump because we got it wrong last time and you’re getting it wrong again. This time, beating Donald Trump is not the
most important thing in 2020 it’s simply isn’t. It can’t be. This isn’t a team sport, okay? We’re not rooting for our team to just beat
the other team. It doesn’t matter if it’s a one point victory,
as long as we win, we win. No, we want to go out there and see that our
office is kicking ass. Our defense is out there killing it and our
special teams are the best in the country. It’s not just about winning. It’s about how we win and why we win and that’s
what this primary processes about. You know, consider this, the political playoffs and Joe Biden lucked in there as a wild card
because everybody knew his name and that’s not going to get them to the final
round. It’s not going to get them to the Super Bowl,
which is the 2020 presidential election. We’ve got candidates out there who have real
policies, real solutions, and real ideas on how to get us there. Joe Biden isn’t one of them. Those people running on policies and platforms
and plans and ideas, they’re the most electable because the people like their positions the
best. That’s the bottom line. Those are the people you need to spend your
time looking at and analyzing and critiquing and finding out who’s ideas best suit your
needs as a human being and then after you’ve assessed it for yourself, who would be best
for the country, and if we all took that wonderful, great introspective look, not just at ourselves,
but at our candidates. I’m pretty sure most of us, if we’re not on
the top, 1% probably wouldn’t decide on Joe Biden at that point.

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100 thoughts on “The “Electability” Argument Is Pure Garbage

  1. Anyone who thinks that only Biden is electable hasn't watched him speak publicly any time in the past year. Always liked him, but his time in political office is over. He needs to go home and bounce some great grandchildren on his knee.

  2. Electability basically just describes someone who doesn't rock the boat too much. Electability gave us Clinton for 2016 and look where that got us.

  3. Bernie is the only choice. I really like Biden, but I think his time has past. He has been a good foot soldier, but he is not General material.

  4. You are missing the point. He has the positive characteristics but the wrong age. We need new ideas and new blood. Besides, trump will not be running. So, relax.

  5. No wonder, Some Dems are insane in the membrane. They can elect Joe Biden as their choice and then get another Duh like #43 and complain, complain, complain. Must be the polluted democratic air they alone are breathing that’s blinding them.

  6. BERNIE / NINA 2020!!! The REAL deal!!!! No opportunists like Warren and no corporate shills like BIDEN, Harris, Buttigieg ad nauseam!!!!!

  7. I suspect "electability" is the code word promulgated by the DNC & their corporate supporters to mean that Joe will be President over Bernie or Liz even if he starts to swan aroundt the debates wearing a cocktail dress & asking to be called Josephine.

  8. You have a corrupt, lying, law breaking president and "electability" is in the conversation for the next election. 😒Dems are a friggin joke. And the media for pushing that bullshit.

  9. My wife uses the "Electable" argument. Drives me nuts! Vote for the person YOU think will do the job. Correctly. Period.

  10. I don't want joe biden for president but i will vote for him instead of trump.yes we want trump out will vote for anyone but trump.

  11. Total double talk and clearly not electable if people think he's a liability. These polls and numbers are a joke. These pollsters are becoming laughable.

  12. Joe Biden is it light Republican. He voted along with many republicans and he still believes in locking up marijuana offenders. No thanks!

  13. Voters in America, what's this UTTER BULLSHIT about being registered to vote Republican or Democrat? You should be SIMPLY REGISTERED TO VOTE!

  14. Only the mainstream media, who want Joe Biden to win, talk about electability (and they just so happen to hate Bernie, what a “coincidence!”).

  15. A huge inconvenient fact that gets left out. All the Democrats that won in the last 50 years AKA modern politics were CENTRIST and all the Democrats that lost in the General were Leftist are appeared to be a hard leftist like Hillary

  16. When he said that he would take millions of cars off the road, I am changing my mind. I am not giving up my 72 Chevy no way no how! I've owned it for many years. My grandpa bought my car new. When he said that he's going to take millions of cars off the road, I am not voting for anyone who threatens to take my old car away!!!!

  17. Trump: "2 + 2 = 5."

    Trumptards: "Yea, 2 + 2 = 5 and CNN is fake news for saying it isn't."

    Biden: "2 + 2 = 5."

    Progressives: "Dafuq is he talking about? We're sorry America, this guy is crazy."

  18. Electability is Thinkspeak for "owned by corporate goons". MAGAts never consider electability because they choose from corporate candidates.

  19. He's bled into his brain & recently bled into his eye & some people STILL think he is the best choice? They can't claim to have critical thinking skills…

  20. The least electable republican won the last general election(with fewer votes), so it's not like electability really amounts to anything meaningful. So I'd be totally fine with bypassing the electable Biden for someone that is good on issues and can actually win. Biden won't survive going up against Trump in a general. He's not up for it.

  21. Yes, electability is a joke argument. Funnier still is that is what Biden is running on. Truth of the matter is almost EVERY Dem can beat Trump. (Can recall some polls showing 1-2 point win at best) What's annoying is that TV is pushing Biden based on that very same argument. While I pray no one will just vote for him since he's in the lead, some will. They are swayed by the fact they want to win. Since Biden is winning might as well jump on the train. That's not a enough reason to follow ANYONE. It's no better than Trump's "What do you got to lose?" statement.

  22. Everybody knows Joe Biden's name. That's why he's a mainstream media darling. But Biden is so out of touch. He was late with his indecision to run, and is not even close to catching up. He's attempted to win the presidency a few times now and has always failed.
    In my opinion he does not have the mental sharpness to run the country at this point in his life. That time has long since passed.

  23. The Democrats need to point out one verifiable fact, more people are retiring over the next 10 years than are graduating from high school. Baby Boomers are retiring faster than new workers are entering the labor force. There will be a labor shortage regardless of who is president. Do not let Trump claim he made this happen! Please copy this and re-post it! Make America Honest and Smart again!

  24. THANK YOU! Look, we were all thinking this, but I'm glad that someone finally pointed this out. "Electable" has devolved to NOT mean "who has the best ideas and therefore the best chance of getting elected," but rather to mean "who is the safest, most establishment/status quo candidate." Bonus points if that establishment candidate can lose an un-losable election.

  25. IMHO, if the dems don't move to impeach, get ready to look at this horrible person for another 4! There is not one single dem candidate with enough national appeal to win the presidency, period. The dems did not take the proverbial "bull by the horns" back when this turd took office, and therefore missed their opportunity to unite and rally behind a viable candidate and gain him or her national exposure and a solid base. Impeach, impeach, impeach! Lots of evidence to impeach, just do it! Even if you lose the impeachment effort you've lost nothing. Otherwise he will remain in office and continue to destroy the US dollar along with the rest of our environment and then we are toast!

  26. The problem is that most voters don’t vote for someone they like. They vote for their least undesirable choice, or not at all.

  27. The most watched news channel in the US by far is Fox! So who do you think those brainwashed individuals will vote for? Along with a little Russian help, trumpanzee gets another 4 years! God help us if he does! He is trying to imbed his entire family in US government for many years to come! (Dictatorship) Think about it people!

  28. "Joe Biden is a walking talking gaff machine". Trump is a walking, talking constant liar, grifter, profiteer, ignorant incompetent, tax fraudster, Bankruptcy King, notorious golf cheater, master temper tantrumer, sociopathic narcissist, racist, paranoid with a Messianic Complex. Compared to Trump, Biden sounds pretty good in the electability department to me!

    Who is most " electable"? Who the Electoral College elects in the end! If the most "electable" candidate is who you vote for then the popular vote YOUR vote would actually mean something. Stop trying to rewrite history Farron! The Electoral College is the final vote NOT yours or anyone else's and has been for decades!


  30. The Definition of Insanity Vs Everyone Else

    *Psychosis – a loss of contact with reality, beliefs with no basis in reality.

    Nearly half of the United States believes “Jebus will return by 2050”!

    These are the beliefs with no basis, in reality, our current inept designers and controllers of the entirety of the US’s environmental and climate policies.

    Believing, as do a huge percentage of the christian society members literally ”at large”, that environment and climate don’t in any way matter insanely knowing “‘god’s got it handled!” and the added “it ain’t real unlessin’ it in that (1) book I was told’s fact.” or simply Humanities problems are “the warning signs of end times!!!”

    A country whose founding wisdom scribed in a specific separation of churches and the state, those who’ve lost contact with reality who possess beliefs with no basis in reality and those concerned with and by the tangible and real.

    It’s not a relative moment away, our collective end, unless the big clock’s minute hand gets inexcusably moved, nor is that imaginary friend, tall, white, blond, chiseled hunk (the average Middle Eastern Jew from 2k years ago), will not shortly stroll down from the clouds because “HE” doesn’t exist.

    Our policies, secondary to the “wisdom” of the Harry Potter of the mid-300s, will, in 30ish years, dramatically change all maps. Not an “end of times” only a huge problem which will then have to be dealt with after the fact.

    Ignorance and psychosis actually allowing the United States to physically diminish. Its citizens killed and displaced due to what? Not wanting to burst the ubiquitous psychotic bubble?

    Look at the efforts and results of, was it 97% of the scientists whose education and experience are in the environmental sciences? They aren’t predicting happy, smooth sailing.

    With immediate, intelligent and correct effort, plus the cash needed for something so critical, we will lose more land. Some has washed away already.

    Doing what we are doing now, we aren’t doing anything, and significant land and large numbers of Humans, both lost.

    Continuing our blind only slaps a big “fuck you!” onto all those Humans soon to die all those who eventually will succumb to our disregard for them.

    American Humans and Humans around the World, politically, morally, ethically nothing, insignificant all, built on the delusion that “god is love!” by psychotics supposedly believing the same.

    We’ve got people without scientific knowledge or backgrounds making huge decisions about policies and writing “scientific“ law science fact-free.

    They’re using archaic scriptural fantasies for guidance. Shaking their divine magic 8-ball, stroking the severed foot of something that never was, and or believing if they close their eyes real hard and think words in their brainboxes, sorry, if they “pray”, just right, everything will magically be ok.

    And or, 30 years and dust. Either way “totally out of our control!!!”, right?

    No, totally wrong!

    These professed pathologically deluded Humans are making laws based on the fiction that will impact the Human Species from here forward.

    I’d prefer to not be a part of just a blip in time, a thin layer of dust and plastic, but no more. Evolved to be smart enough to survive, but far too stupid, psychotic and deluded to do so.

    Destroying Humanities ability to thrive, even diminishing it slightly, to cater to psychotics is in itself complete and total lunacy.

    The USS Exxon Valdez is heading for the beautiful, seal covered rocks of the entire World, but it is text-book psychotic insanity and not intoxication which is impairing OUR captain.

    Hopes and prayers and meet the rocks!

    Good luck out there

  31. Where is the person to destroy and takeover the Democratic Party same as Trump did to Republican. America does not have that democrat anywhere. Except find Vincent Fusca or his look alike.

  32. Trump and Sanders will probably both be dead by 2020. In fact, all the top candidates, including Warren, are 70-plus-year-old walking corpses. Trump’s higher brain functions have already been dead for more than a decade. What is this, the Presidency of the graveyard???

  33. I said this weeks ago, grandpa isn't the one and I think both swamps needs to be purged, even the independents crop of candidates. The country needs fresh minds who comprehend the 🌎 today, must not be related to any previous members of any of the administration's. A complete background ✔ no skeletons in the closet after 4 months and definitely no liberals male or female they're part of pushing corrupt ideology and disrupting sanity of the masses. ✌ ☝

  34. I almost hope Biden wins, so everyone can be mad at a Democrat president, both sides,. Plus it would show y'all once and for all what blathering fuckin idiots y'all are.. almost want this, I do

  35. Sing it! Bernie Bernie Bernie!

    And Harris should serve the prison time that Steve Mnuchin would have if he hadn't bought off Harris.

  36. I'd say the most electable person is the one who can get the most people passionately interested in voting for him or her. There is no passion in anyone for making Biden president. Not even Joe Biden.

  37. I've agreed with Mr. Cousins 99% of the time. This is the 1 percent. The Big Picture is to get rid of the Trump Criminal Syndicate. That means 1) Tolerating an imperfect candidate. 2) Get the 12% of Republican voters to 'Go Blue' in 2020 to ensure a Blue Wave.

  38. It sounds like the corrupt, corporate politicians are trying to set up the same “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” choice they gave us in the last presidential election.

  39. None of the dumpacraps running for president is worthy of any support.
    Not one of them will beat Trump and that's why the house is trying so hard to keep him out of the 2020 election.
    Give it up morons , Trump is guaranteed to be reelected !!!

  40. Not saying it's right, but Joe gets a bump up, because the other candidates are all minor leaguers, and he's played in the majors.

  41. I love joe biden and his life long service to the us is admirable. Let's be real joe Biden and probably Bernie and warren are all too old to be president. We should have a max age for this stuff.

  42. Biden is the perfect candidate for a party without courage and devoid of boldness and clarity. He's the 'safe choice' for the party, just like Clinton was in 2016. While the rest of the nation wonders why they should even bother voting when everything always seems to come down to 'swing states', it's in those states that Clinton lost the game, all because she was the 'safe choice'. The DNC is AFRAID to run anyone other than a corporate Democrat. They'll never learn. Allegedly, #Murica is tired of that, not only because they want change but because they're seeing, over and over again, that Democrats won't lift a finger to FIGHT. So we took The House. So? Without the Senate, NOTHING is getting done. Blue Wave, my old, hairy ass. That was an all-or-nothing game, and Dems LOST. The country LOST.

    Add to that, we ALL know how this is going to go, even if Dems win… They'll spend the next 4-8 years trying to unfuck what the GOP has done, clean up the mess, and attempt to reconcile the massive debt the GOP has charged to the Great American Credit Card, and once they're done, the US will elect the GOP AGAIN and this cycle will begin yet again because, frankly, Americans are stupid and don't pay attention. They're all to ready to believe that the GOP is the party of "fiscal responsibility" because while they're burning the money on stupid things and making tax cuts for the rich while the rest of us are getting poorer, they point the finger at the Dems while they're cleaning up after them and screaming "See? Dems made this mess! They're hands are covered in it!" Americans fall for this fuckery over and over again like Charlie Brown chasing a fuckin' football.

    This sad story is a shitty re-run of yesterday's sit-coms, and no matter how much we scream and even beg for change, the Democrats aren't going to oblige. They're not coming to save us. Why? Because they just don't want to or see the need to make any changes. They're cuckolds to the GOP; bought and sold like any politician, and they make their money by being paid to LOSE while keeping up appearances.

    Until the DNC is filled with and run by people like those in "The Squad", with their fire and vigilance and determination, who call out people on their bullshit, there will be no change, and we're probably past the point where it'd matter anyway, I'm sorry to say.

  43. These polls are pure garbage. I don't believe them for one second. These are the same idiots who said Hillary was going to win.

  44. And! If the DNC deems that Biden is their guy…like 2016….they will just push him through…no mater what (!) THEY DO NOT LEARN!

  45. I just watched the video of voters coming out of his townhall in NH and many of the people where older white and they came out said he's was so boring and uninspiring…

  46. 42% of democrats say that the provably least electable person is most electable? It's not okay for that many people to be morons. Democracy literally doesn't work if that's the case.

  47. It should be no problem for anyone to bet Spanky unfortunately there is a lot of ignorant fools that believe Spanky's lying sorry orange ass saying that at first I dismissed Yang however after actually listening to him he is the opposite of Spanky an Asian man who likes and knows MATH I'm on board the Yang Yacht #MATH and MAGA Make America Greatfull Again #resist also if he's not nominated I'll vote #BLUE MAGA Morons Are Growing Afraid #releasethepeepeetape #releasethetaxreturns #resist

  48. it's psychological warfare: telling you that the candidate you believe in has no chance at being "electable" is meant to make you hesitate before going with your original choice. this is wrong.

  49. NO ONE likes Biden . . . except MAYBE his family? He is the ONLY ONE who CANNOT beat Ttump! Hell, BUTTIGEIG would crush trump!!!

  50. How do we get Mr.Sanders to win the nomination? What CAN I do to help? please help us who has never voted before until now!!

  51. To my liberal friends: Joe Biden is a fumbling and lying speaker. He seems to be in the early state of dementia. I am not saying this because he is not my choice. I am saying it is because it is obvious.

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