100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ share their lessons from the midterm elections

  1. Williams here talks about how it's good that one-party rule for the past two years has been ended with the Democrats winning control of the House, but he wasn't saying that back in 2010, when the Republicans under Boehner retook control of the House and broke up Obama's one-party rule!!
    Williams thought that was horrible! What a f…..in' hypocrite!!

  2. MOST of the politicians in both parties are happy. The Democrats don't have to do anything except attack Trump and the Republicans don't have to do anything because the Dems are obstructionists and control the House. Business as usual. Oh yea, the Dems will talk impeachment even thought they know that the Senate would block it. Too many Americans fall for this crock. If the economy is still rolling right along in '20, the Republicans politicians will really start to worry. They could win a super majority and would not have an excuse for the do nothing S.O.P. that they enjoy now.

  3. I don't think people appreciate exactly what it means for America to be so divided. Communists and Constitutional Americans. There will be no unifying with each other and conflict will come. But sure smile and be naive.

  4. The Founding fathers would have marched the left to the border and said GET out or….. else. Juan Williams is a disgusting racist and anti-Semite. Fox news keeps him on even after he defended him.

  5. As long as Americans have an opinion, we will be “divided”. I personally don’t mind it. It’s when people get violent over their opinions is where there is a problem.

  6. But what about all the R voters crying and screaming at the sky in public spaces? Where is your report on that? Oh wait, there is none.

  7. No news about the Immigrant INVASION Emergency???? Trump Chumps are EASY, they lap up Trump's lies, FOX's propaganda and Republicans' wacko conspiracy theories like KITTENS LAPPING UP MILK…MEOW

  8. You know what's better than a gun? The word 'Jews.' It cuts through to the source of all your frustrations with surgical precision and it's totally legal.

  9. 5:00 "America very divided" this is what politics does, its separation. Together we're strong, separate we're weak and I mean the whole of the US. The US has been massively programmed by a corrupt media. Most, American's are sheep, I'm sorry but its true.

  10. I agree it’s good that there is checks and balances but unfortunately the Democrats will waste taxpayer money chasing butterflies so to speak chasing things that don’t exist it’s ridiculous how they attacked the president and now it’s just gonna cost the taxpayer millions of dollars and give them a platform to try to make things where there’s nothing to be made

  11. What the ppl don't like is the nasty, whinny Democrats constantly bad mouthing the best President we've ever had. You ppl are deaf and blind to what God is doing for America. WAKE UP.

  12. I have always wanted a balanced government to keep the checks and balances needed. I'm a conservative, but I love this country enough to know that any direction can lean too far. I see this in the religious arena. A false balance is an abomination, but a just weight is the Lord's delight. 🙂

  13. Everywhere you have the "gimmee gimmee gimmees" they vote for democrats… who promise everything and deliver nothing.

  14. It's good to let the dems be in charge for a little while …let people see how they screw it up …nothing better for 2020 than more nut jobs on TV

  15. Our forefathers knew what they were doing. It's called balance. Neither side can get to out of line, because of that. Yes, controlling what people HEAR can sway power, but thank God (for now) the internet now holds the media accountable. Until they use Chinese Censorship, which they are working on. We'll just have to go back to print, books, grassroots then.

  16. The most dividers are the people in the lefty media they are the real dividers with its rethoric againts president Trump.-

  17. Juan once again the fool on the hill. Trump's language isn't divisive. It is the media and the left. Juan you are divisive. And also I have never once seen a positive comment about you in any video. Most people hate you, and for good reason.

  18. Hannity and Pirro just STUMPED for Reps in the midterms. Hannity even called the media "fake news" referring to the Fox reporters from his OWN network. When have you ever seen ANY other news agency come out in a giant arena and support a political party???!!! What a farce! @t

  19. It looks like the obcene jestures on the left in the streets, are starting to manefest itself by actual candidates, and reporters. This is a crossroads. The Democrats might not be wearing masks yet, but the lunacy that America was never about takes shape now with Pelosi, Waters, Beno boy, and a host of other clowns that makes America unrecognizable.

  20. America is not divided I wish you all would quit saying that I mean you all are divided and the real friends groups but the rest of us are not divided and you guys need to quit saying America is divided that's so General is it's just not even worth saying

  21. The most disgraceful appointment of an ag, a blatant political move of Trump protecting himself, yet he shouts the lie there was no collusion. The deputy ag should be automatically ag, the mckaskill is totally unqualified!!!!!

  22. So, slanted. We are just going to skip over the fact on a state legislator level the Democrats overwhelmingly went towards the left. The blue wave was seen in the Federal AND mainly on the state level. Not to forget that many these deep red states barely beat out these 1st time candidates.

  23. Everyone is encouraged to vote. But then when they vote, whether their candidate wins or loses there seems to always be this humongous protest over the results as though they weren't legitimate. Then the resistance starts and the fight goes on forever – nothing ever getting done. And so our supposed democracy never seems to accept the results of the vote that we cast, so why bother voting? If nobody's going to accept the results then the system is flawed. I am growing very tired of this process and the direction it continues to take!

  24. The reason they are not winning the citys is very simple. All the free stuff is given to those in the city not in the county areas.

  25. You can see right in this video that Acosta didn't strike at the intern at all. His hand was open while he was making a point and the intern tries to grab his mic. That other video that Sanders tweeted was completely phony!! 1:15

  26. If a divided government is so great why even have elections!? Why didn't the Republicans just give the majority to the Democrats last election

  27. Juan's early comments, awesome stuff, he lost me after that, the two people he mentions being disappointed at their loss? the radical in Florida and Beto? Sorry, I could care less if she was going to be the first African American from Florida to win a seat, I'm not voting based on anyone's race just to put a color in the seat. I would think someone in his position would also be above that, but apparently not. And where was he during all of Obamas years to expose the devisive rhetoric then, it's only a problem now because it's Trump.

  28. The majority of women voted in the urban areas and suburbs for Democrats because first they are dumb and by the way it doesn't matter if a majority of them have a college degree, a degree does not make you smart. We know that by looking at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with a bachelors in economics and she's dumber than a pile of rocks. Second, all these dimwit feminist women care about is abortion, that's it. I see no other reason why a woman would vote for a Democrat. What a sad day. Another thing, Democrats are using illegals to vote, legal residents have a really easy way to vote as well, and i know that by my own experience, voter fraud, and the list goes on. I really can believe the Democrats got the House only by voter fraud and now we see what is going on in Broward County and I'm sure it's not just Florida. Im sick of these immoral scumbags ruling how our states should be run. It's only going to get worse, if they keep getting in power and liberalizing our country. Diversity and Progressiveness will be the destruction of our country.

  29. Such brilliance -. RR is bewildered and uncertain. He will make it worse on himself since he thought he could
    Be the star quarterback. Ooops. eGO got in the way.

  30. I wonder did Juan complain about 1 party rule when Obama was in power? Then he goes at Trump for the anger wait didn't we just witness the left terrorize a FX contributor? Didn't we see various GOP members being chased from restaurants and accosted at home? Sanders, Cruz, Ingram, Carlson and not a single dem including Juan seems to take notice? Maybe I am bias a nd refuse to see the same actions taking place on the right? Somehow I doubt that, when Trump was slow to denounce the white supremacists at Charlottesville he was hammered by the media. When he denounced both he was again hammered. Let me see the white supremacists had permits and supposedly the police were to maintain the peace instead they stood by until well after things got out of hand. They also seemed to direct the two parties toward the same geographical area. SO hey Juan put the progressive house in order before you throw rock at the GOP.

  31. I would really like to watch The Five, but will not until Juan Williams is replaced with an educated minority who can discuss issues without accusations, false statements, and name calling.

  32. All this mid term showed is that people are to stupid to get past they way President Trump talks and just look at what he has done

  33. Stopped by just to let everyone know I’ve not missed Juan since giving up “The Five”. I’ll be back when Juan goes home where he belongs – CNN

  34. What difference does it make now that we know the whole cheating process of a third party at leaving the country to be voted back from a cloud

  35. Hahaha who cares you lost the house? You, subpoenas and real investigations! It may also close some of the rumour about Trump and unite the country. Trump needs to be cleared by a house people will believe in. Then he can get on with the job.

  36. I agree it's dangerous to have the commie Dems in there at all, I think  they threw the real swamp monsters back in the pool and gave them more teeth too. ><><  Women are just stubborn about somebody telling them that Trump insulted one of them years ago and that is all they need to stay pissed at him. ><><  They don't think of the country, the government and what it might do for their children's future, just that this guy was insulting, so the Dems capitalize on it and keep using it, like they tried it again on Kavanagh and women feel for it again. ><>< They allow themselves to be manipulated over words, is that stupidity or ignorance?

  37. Once the Democrats like Juan accept the Trump Win instead of act like a pack of 12 year old girls, there will be divide. Grow up Democrats, act like an American for once in your lives.

  38. Midterms – 9.30 eastern Fox Business (prematurely) declares Dems Win House!
    6.30 pacific time…'250 open elections', still going on. Over half the House (435) were still open. There was still 2 and a half hours left to vote. Why declare Dems have won the house? There is no way Fox could have known Dems won the house with those odds. Why do I bring this up? What better way to prevent potential republican voters from voting for a republican candidate than announcing prematurely, "It's done, Dems win the house". Sabotage?

  39. Can someone tell me why president Trump didn't go to the Arlington cemetery to pay respect to our fallen heroes,every president Honor that event ?
    Why didn't he attend the memorial WALK and Graves of fallen war Heroes of WW1 in Paris??

    Yes,he call blacks Unpatriotic ….

  40. Wow…Every moron is praising Trump on this comment section….WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU (HE IS WHITE) All he has done is to SELL Fear ,division and white supremacist agenda

  41. If Republicans had gotten 60 seats then I would say Red wave cause they can pass any budget, but Dems took theyHouse which means they can investigate anything they want, if the Dem can supoena and release any findings to the states for criminal prosecution. Trump and Pence are immune yes but is his cabinet, is his staff even his kids. Plus Special prosecutors can send people to Jail look at Manafort. And Dem now control the public purse so what of the Wall, Mitch Mconnell is not a Trumpist and he would stab Trump in the back anyday if it meant keeping power.

  42. The five will not be seen again in my home, my friends home or family. Fox joined with CNN against trump. U have no honor. Y'all suck and lost your loyal fans. Fox betrayed us

  43. What I love about this the most is how Fox News trying to downplay the fact that Congress is democratic by saying they got the table scraps Congress controls the money and money is the single most powerful thing on the board so yeah they won BIGLY..

  44. 🤣 Trumptards lost the House. I love conservative tears! 🤣
    A big win for progressive Socialism.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  45. Because of this midterm elections, now the Democrats ruled the House and has railroaded the articles of impeachment of President Trump without an impeachable offense as stated in the U.S. Constitution. And the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Democrat) refused to transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate for some reason. Is this a propaganda by Pelosi to beat Trump in his reelection bid on November 2020? At least the Senate is Republican.

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