100 thoughts on “The Future of the Democratic Party | William A. Galson, Douglas Schoen, Andrew Sullivan

  1. These people live in a fantasy. Clinton NEVER had a surplus. Check the record. It is public record. https://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/historical-tables/

  2. The democrats see the NRA as some kind of huge monster. Do they not realize that the NRA comprises LESS than two percent of the population?

  3. Wrong Doug, the problem is that Democrats view themselves as citizens of the world, NOT the U.S.

    By and large Republicans identify themselves as Americans first, then as citizens of the greater world community.

    Republicans respect this country's common culture and heritage and do not want to trash it like the Democrats do.

    The Democrats are largely to blame, with a bit of blame being placed on the neoconservative subgroup within the Republican party, as well as the RINO's (Republicans in name only).

    Doug, please rethink your position. Do you really think for a minute JFK would agree with ANYTHING the current crop of Democrats are pushing?????

  4. What I heard here were bygone day moderate Democrats waxing philosophically about "the good old days" but NOTHING about the future.

    I'd consider myself a mid- to moderate-conservative. I am SURE I'd be able to find some common ground with these speakers. But the current crop of wack progressives hijacking the Democratic party refuse to find a middle from which to work. THAT…that complete unwillingness to try to find bipartisan solutions to the nearly limitless problems we face as a nation will be the demise of the party. The Dems have allowed the hijackers to take the plane and the crash is inevitable.

    The "undecideds" will NOT all come running to the Republican party. Many will, but not all. It will be interesting to see what party will emerge.

    This same situation started in the Republican party back when the Tea Party began to emerge. The DIFFERENCE was that the Republic leaders saw it, took it seriously, and figured out how to "fold it" into the existing party. Could have gone the same way as the left is currently headed, but Repubs acted like adults and solved it.

    Good luck, Dems. Perhaps the moderates on this panel can help shape the new party emerges. Meanwhile, the screeching, socialism-living wing-nuts taking over your party will eventually become a silly side-show footnote in the history books…much like the hippies of the 60's.

  5. Mr. Galston, socialism is not "left" and fascism is not "right" (1:18) — both are deep-state schemes to control the masses. The Nazis were the "National Socialists." The left-right paradigm is distracting and unhelpful. I'm seeing NO discussion here of scandal or violation of our constitutional rights (the shredding of the 4th Amendment) or corruption or deep-state globalist plans or scary utopian visions or pandemic conflicts of interest or Epstein-esque child trafficking or any dirt or evil whatsoever ; all seems academics, poll reading, political science, the bland history that public school students would be fed. What world do these guys live in?

  6. Anyone going to make any comment upon the impeachment? All I am hearing is pointless info. To me these people are an embarrassment. My support for Hillsdale just died. what a shame. What a gloss over of the current serious conditions.

  7. What future ? … The democrats killed the party in favour of the communist party … I believe controlling the criminals within our government would do a lot as to help both parties … It seems they take so much money away from our economy making the system unworkable …

  8. What I have to say goes to both political parties. Political parties are inherently corrupt & self serving. Political parties in the USA should be forced to adhere to the Bill of Rights, 14th Amendment & statutory law. They should be libel personally & corporately for violations of due diligence. Political parties, 501c3 groups politicians etc should be audited annually & taxed under corporate & individual tax rates. Outlaw "omnibus legislation," for those involved in public service as a politician it should be explicit & onerous.

  9. We do not have free enterprise in this country, we have crony capitalism operating under the monikers of "free trade" & "open borders." The Federal government bails out "Big Banks" & "Big Corporations and lets Main Street die. "The FED must be nationalized, separate speculatory & predatory banking/Wall Street from private banks on Main Street. Large corporations must be broken up & interlocking boards of directorships outlawed. Strengthen stock holder rights. Bring back "honest banking" & "honest money."

  10. 2nd Amendment controls, I have two words for you–BLACK MARKET. You want "Red Flag Laws" make them compatible with the 4th, 5th 6th & 14th Amendments. Time to "sunset" the Patriot Act & subsequent versions. The Federal government has all the law it needs to protect the CONUS. Just get off its lazy, collective ass & do it.

  11. I can solve the student loan problem. Jubilee all existing loans, allow bankruptcy. Any college or university who ever received public grants, loans, etc; raid their foundations for payback of outstanding loans. Strengthen student loan & grant requirements to take in consideration national needs & ability of employment from the degree to payoff the loan. Audit the student annually as to how the funds were used.

  12. Douglas Schoen has to resurrect Bill Clinton, a great Republican president, to find something good the Democrats have done.
    What an asshole to take credit for a balanced budget, which would never have happened if not for an impeachment which forced Clinton to sign everything Newt Gingrich pushed in front of Bill Clinton so save his sorry ass. I guess we should feel sorry for Schoen. But, why can't a Democrat ever grow up, the way Ronald Reagan did, and admit the Democrats are criminals?

  13. Gun Control is what lost the Democrats 70 years of power. So he is wrong. As we already have mandatory Background checks.. It passed 25 years ago. It just did not have the outcome Democrats wanted. Which was Strict Gun Control…And being the Supreme Court will rule against any Legislation that does. Puts the Plantation Democrats in a hole.

  14. A person, a group of people united in a political party who don't have children, off-springs in numbers, who advocate for abortion and give a nod and close their eyes to infanticide participating in a forum that discusses their future! Strange concept.
    To know the future for democrats ask them; by the actions of democrats cumulatively, what their treatment of the concept of "freedom of expression" is.

  15. Galston is decades behind the times. Republicans are "talking about" income supplements. Does he not know the the EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) has been in effect for at least 20 year? Does he not know that REAL incomes are rising today at 3.5% per year, for the first time in thirty years?

  16. Andrew Sullivan? At Hillsdale? Spouting his nonsense about the failure of capitalism and climate change? The world is getting weirder every day.


  18. "Universal health care is not socialism" -Andrew Sullivan On this point the man is an idiot. Universal Health care is a core advertising point of socialists, and underwritten by fools.

  19. It's a nonsense that capitalism is failing everywhere, including in the U.S., where middle-class wages have increased by $7000 since Trump's election and unemployment has hit record lows. Furthermore, it is adoption of market driven economic policies that have lifted 800million Chinese from abject poverty over the last 25yrs, despite governance of China remaining a tyrannical Communist dictatorship of the worst sort! Secondly, the old chestnut of the top 1% holding 60% of the wealth of America, completely fails to include the fact that the top 1% do not remain static. The members of the 1% constantly changes as people's fortunes change. Additionally, the funds of the 1% are overwhelmingly plowed back into the economy as growth, jobs & prosperity for all. AS for Climate Change, the hysteria is unjustified, unscientific & visibly wrong. There is no 97% scientific consensus, that is a lie and in fact the issue is a quagmire of conflicted interests, political ideology and extremism. I won't discuss this further here but the misuse of science and the propaganda pumped out daily by the left, is not helping anyone work out what is happening and what we need to do about it!

  20. Sullivan says free markets are not allowing living standards to go up. However, during the Trump administration average income has increased substantially. Furthermore, the largest percentage of increase per-capita has been among the lowest quintile of earners.

  21. I said this earlier, It blows my mind that everyone acts as if these socialist or communist are a opposition party and not in jail or exiled, its wrong on so many levels! They are outspoken about their goals for this country and that is actual treason, but nope we instead treat them like a friend with a severe drinking problem trying to convince us to give them the keys to take us on a road trip. So much fail!!!!

  22. the future of the democratic party is that 50% of them are heading to jail for corruption and theft 🙂

  23. Do Democrats completely believe lies are truth? Obama said he was a Christian to get elected but in reality has the faith of Islam. Until the Democratic Party can come to grips with reality and stop redefining every word their leadership uses, this party will remain or worsen the chaotic state it is in now.

  24. Doug Schoen is just another in an embarrassing line of elites talking down our President!
    “Trump is eminently beatable” line just killed any chance for a non-partisan discussion!
    Schoen is just ANOTHER TRUMP HATER! His party is screwed 6 ways from Sunday and is never coming back, thank God.
    The Elites want Biden. However, soon Adam Schiff is going to be forced to admit his impeachment scam is just that-a group of lies put out, none fact based. Schiff is going to expose Joe & Hunter Biden’s CORRUPTION IN UKRAINE.
    Question: is this the plan from the beginning ?
    18 minutes after being sworn in as 45, the first stories about impeachment were “planted” by the Obama regime

  25. He is so whishy- washy he knows he is surrounded by snakes in the Democratic Party – if you don't toe the line you are finished – thug mentality makes these guys mush.

  26. Spoiler alert. In 10 years, the DNC will be at the helm of a totalitarian one-party state. Western civilization will be dead, and the world will be on fire.

  27. I think the boomers and pre-boomer like Clinton and Pelosi who just won't go away and let the younger generations move up killed the Democratic Party. The insanity we see now is boomers and pre-boomers trying to stay relevant and hew to their own glory days. The world they were born into was one of limitless opportunity and they stole all that from the next generations. In the process they are twisting the younger generations into macabre zombie of the 60s politics. They are so narcissistic, they would rather tear the country down than deal with their own mortality. Things don't get any better until they pass away. And it is not clear that will happen fast enough.

  28. Any American Who Votes Democrat, Is Committing Treason! The Death Of The Democrat Party Is A True Must, The Party Needs To Go The Way Of The Wig Party!

  29. 57:15, would like to see where he is getting this data from and what factors are being included/ omitted.

    Beyond reading arguments by well respected economists to the contrary, that median income has indeed risen for full time workers, Ive also seen it and by comparing the different classes of people from the 70’s to today, you see that the poor and middle class have much more today than the 70’s, including ability to take vacations; there is also far more upward movement between classes- even the millionaires club is not as difficult to achieve..

  30. I understand getting speakers and holding talks on variety of topics, and that it is important to hear such arguments, but there should be some pushback, especially upon such easily debunked nonsense as these speakers are pushing.

    So many of their claims are demonstrably false, but there is no one to challenge those false notions.

    I’m not saying it must be a debate format, as long form discussion format (ie like Ben Shapiro’s Sunday specials) has a lot to provide and is indeed a barron land currently, w/in intellectualism..

  31. Read the comments first before you watch this – its all BS where nobody admits the real problems of the Dems. I DIDN'T WASTE MY LIFE WATCHING. Thanks everybody !

  32. The Dem leadership has resorted, for whatever reasons, to corrupt paths to appease their schedules, egos, and power. The tools are the self absorbed media who used to look to truth, ethics, research, and accountability, but now depend on a path to acceptability for screen time, first to report, and juicy sound bites. The teaming up together of these two elements, corruption (greed, power) and protection from exposure of that corruption are not good. These two elements give us the swamp we see today.

  33. What are Trumps "extra ordinary far right" measures? Protection from invasion from foreign sources, discouraging groups of violence like ANTIFA? These two social responsibilities fall within a President's job responsibilities. Trump's economic tax breaks and elimination of fines and regulations have allowed me to keep more of my fixed income. I suggest that Andrew Sulivan broaden his news sources to Fox News for accurate and balanced knowledge of the US under Trump's leadership.

  34. This was painful, but instructive. Very little support for the Republic here, lots of talk about how abuse the structural foundations; the Bill of Rights and free market capitalism. Declaring capitalism a failure rather than addressing the throttling regulation of government and the social movements toward victimhood. Finding ways to regulate the 2A to conform to, again, social movements based in fear and ignorance. The Democratic Party certainly is marching to socialism, and we have it from the horse's mouth that the next step, knowing that activists by nature can never stop pushing, is communism. The only cure for this national decay is a return to Constitutional principles and distinctly American values, not 'reforming' them, which is how we got to this state in the first place.

  35. Schoen is incorrect. Trump's base is more than happy, and many democrats are coming on board. He says what we have wanted said and done for over 50 years.

  36. Sullivan is a communist and so out of touch. Capitalism works when you participate instead of whining and complaining that you are "entitled" to other people's money!

  37. You are an idio+. The flops are the democraps. Warren will be a smear in the pages of history. Warren socialism- are you dense.

  38. Wow @1:04:55, Andrew claimed the right intensified climate change, deliberately, and the left just farted in their pillows, fighting climate change.

  39. I have a solution to the illegal immigration problem. Send a bottle of magic dirt to sprinkle around and a copy of the Constitution to all the shithole countries so they can transform themselves into prosperous societies so there will not be any need for the illegal immigration.

  40. Globalists is the divide, Bush"s, Obama, Hillary, McCain, Romney, v Trump, Cruz, JFK, Reagan, Voting between Romney, Obama or McKane is liking flipping a coin. The never Trumpers are globalists. All the panelists seem to be globalists

  41. Hillsdale allows the opposition to speak without interruption , which is the best way to refute their arguments. An incredible fertile moment? Capitalism failing people? OK guys, thank you for continuing your blindness.

  42. We already have redistribution of wealth, it's called welfare & social security for indigent! All for those who cannot work and welfare for those who don't want to work!

  43. Andrew Sullivan should stick with UK politics. He is so misinformed about the current state of the US he never should have been on a panel regarding a US political party. That said, thanks Hillsdale, love your videos and newsletter of which I subscribe and recommend.

  44. Mr. Andrew Sullivan, those working and not achieving like the few is because those not achieving more are not working hard enough.

  45. The younger generation do not understand there is no safe space that allows for massive achievement! They should all go clean their rooms, things can change!

  46. I have always been noncommittal about which system is best; parliamentary or two party. Until it became abundantly clear the nation needed a Donald Trump to break some China. UK parliamentary system is killing UK.

  47. Democrats find themselves in an America where the economy is booming like it hasn't in decades. Horrible trade deals that were allowed to fester for years/decades are being torn up and renegotiated by Trump and his team who actually know about economics and trade. Militarily, what does Trump do? He destroys ISIS and moves to disengage in Syria except to keep it in check as he promised. He's made the most amazing progress on illegal immigration after that problem has been allowed to fester since the 1970's. Where Democrats left to talk about? Healthcare? We've all heard their disastrous ideas – they'd be far better off shutting up about it completely. "Orange Man Bad!" That's all they have. Americans who loved him in 2016, love him even more and more are coming aboard as results speak for themselves. Americans tend to love Trump. His style, his bravado and his deep love of country. It's progressives/liberals who don't like it. And what do Americans give a s#it what progressive/liberals like?

  48. “They don’t like capitalism”, but what’s the alternative? Communism ? socialism? That’s not going to get them anything they want either and on top of that they’ll be locked into a system where there is no chance of arising. So it’s basically just bunch of young dumb kids . they’re ignorant, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote until you’re 40 . Especially in America were now you’re not considered to an adult until you hit 30.

  49. The freedom, wealth and longevity that have been made possible by the collective intelligence of ordinary people will be smashed to bits by the stupid hammer of collectivism made possible the vanity of highly intelligent people.

  50. Capitalism is NOT failing. It is being deliberately sabotaged by corruption. Happily, capitalism is more resilient against corruption than is socialism. The Democrats opened our border and sold our manufacturing overseas. The one declares the Democrats are not moving "inexorably into socialism" but every Democrat candidate approved free healthcare for illegal aliens. We are siphoning American resources for the support of foreign nationals and yet the Dems blame our increasing poverty on capitalism. No, it is the encroachment of socialism that is turning the American Dream into nightmare.

  51. Sullivan is a promiscuous HIV-positive homosexual who used to call himself a "conservative".
    Good to see the degenerate in his natural home with the progressives.

  52. The Democrat Party isn't democratic or liberal in any way shape or form. They are bottom feeding Bolsheviks, until they raise their standard above the filth they are currently pursuing for selection in politics they don't deserve any support from normal honest people.

  53. One sentence describes the future of the demonrats. "We commit this body to earth, dust to dust ashes to ashes, ahmen".

  54. What a clueless bunch of thugs! Horrible. Self-deport to North Korea, there they will find their marxist utopia.

  55. Dems are just lucky the Republicans were in charge durning B. Clinton's Presidency, else they would only have JFK's two difficult years, to praise Themselves. Your welcome.

  56. The modern democrat party is Linda Blair. The socialist / communist on the left are the demons possessing poor Linda Blair. Trump and his supporters are the Exorcist come to cast out the demons.

  57. I read The Wall Street Journal for years. Mr. Galson was never someone I read for great insight. Here I Can see why. Boring.. He is not just low energy, he has been writing on a time line too long and now sleep walks his way through a set number of paragraphs. And These are the Democrats deep thinkers.

  58. There was no critical thinking or insights by the panel. A shameful display validating how unknowing the Democrats are of themselves. It’s no wonder really…if you had a liar (the fake media) as your mirror, you would likely end up with a false perception of yourself.

  59. I love how not a single person said higher education had failings. They only talked about it getting more expensive and receiving less government support.

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