The GOP vs. Constituents: The Daily Show

The GOP vs. Constituents: The Daily Show

Last week,
Congress went on break. And so as is the tradition,
they all went back to visit their districts
to host town hall meetings, you know, where they can connect
with the people -they’ve been screwing over.
-(laughter) And normally
these meetings are emptier than Floyd Mayweather’s
bookshelves, but when you tell people that a president
with ties to Russia is planning to take their healthcare away, you may as well put your feet
ontheircouch. I could tell you
three members of my family, including me,
that would be dead, dead and homeless, if it was not for ACA. (woman speaking
underneath loud chanting) -What are you talking about?
-(loud, overlapping shouting) -You’re insane!
-You lied! 2020, you’re gone! -Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!
-(booing) Shame! AUDIENCE AND NOAH:
Shame! Shame! -AUDIENCE: Shame!
-Yo, yo. Do you know how bad
you have to be to turn all of your constituents into the Shame Nun
fromGame of Thrones?(laughter) You are really not doing
your job well. You know what would have been
even funnier is if it turned out that that senator is a huge fan
ofGame of Thrones.You know, if he was like, “Oh, well, I guess
I have to get naked now! Oh!” If I was him, I would have
been… I would have said like, “So you can’t afford healthcare,
but you can afford HBO? Huh? Huh?” And the crowd is like,
“We share a password!” “Well,
I didn’t know think of that.” I’ve got to say, though,
it’s really inspiring to see the people out there
engaging in democracy in such an active way. Although, although, some protests seem
less effective than others. Another Republican lawmaker faced another
angry town hall crowd. This time it was
Congressman Leonard Lancein Branchburg, New Jersey.At least 300 other people who
couldn’t get into the town hall
demonstrated outside.Someone even brought
a pair of llamas,
their own political message.
-Okay, okay, no. No.
-(laughter) No, the llamas were not carrying
their own political message. They’re carrying
the political message of someone who owns llamas. Llamas can’t go to Staples
and buy poster board. That’s not what they do. It’s not like they’re out there
with their own signs that say, like,
“Don’t shave me, bro!” That’s not what they’re doing. And if you think
llamas showing up to a town hall is insane, Trump’s America is
the only place you’ll see a seven-year-old showing up
with talking points. NEWSWOMAN:Arkansas senator,
Tom Cotton,
getting an earful
Wednesday night,
at one point even confronted
by a seven-year-old boy.
Donald Trump makes Mexicans
n… not important to people who are… -(scattered groans, jeers)
-in Arkansas who like Mexicans, like me, my grandma… -(applause) -And he’s deleting
all the parks and PBS Kids -just to make a wall.
-(cheering) -(audience aw’ing)
-Aw… You know you (bleep) up when even the little kids
are coming hard at you. I bet you Senator Cotton
probably thought he was getting a softball–
“Okay, tough room, tough room. “Let’s see what that kid
over there wants to say. “Hey, what do you want
to know about, little boy? My favorite candy?”
And the kid was like, “Let’s talk about
the Emoluments Clause.” “(bleep)!” -(laughter)
-Now, some people might say, “Why the hell
is a kid participating? He’s not even old enough
to vote.” Let me tell you something,
when you have a president who thinks global warming
is a hoax, he doesn’t know
if he’ll ever get a chance to vote in the future,
so that kid is like, “I’m gonna do my (bleep) now.
I’m getting in now. I’m getting involved now.” Now, some congressmen
have noticed the uncomfortable positions
that their colleagues are getting into, and
so instead offacingthe heat, they’ve decided
to get out of the kitchen. NEWSMAN:Some lawmakers
defending their absence
citing concerns
for their safety.
Congressman Louie Gohmert
telling his constituents
in a letter…Okay. Well, you know what?
I mean, in his defense, this Texas congressman is afraid
of someone getting shot at his town hall. And I understand, you know? I mean, it’s not like
politicians can create laws to restrict where people
can carry guns. -I mean, that’s…
-(laughter) that’s impossible, you know? Uh, a-and to be fair to him,
you know, former Arizona congresswoman,
Gabby Giffords, shewasshot when she was meeting
with her constituents. So if anyone would understand
Congressman Gohmert’s position, it would be her. NEWSMAN:Giffords responded
today, saying…
-(applause, cheering)
-Goddamn! Shots fired! Wow! Gohmert tried to use Giffords
as an excuse, and she clapped back hard. In fact, in fact,
if you listen carefully… you can hear
the wind whispering, (quietly):
“You little bitch.” (laughter) Now, if you were
a Republican in power, you would have to see
all of this passion about losing health care, and other issues deeply
important to your constituents, and you’d have to think:
“Man, I better respond to this constructively.”Oryou could just say
the whole thing was fake. Republican congressman,
Jason Chaffetz,accused the protestors
of being paid
and shipped in
from out of state.
Most of these protests,
as we’ve checked into it, are very well organized
and financed.These protestors
are actually being bussed in
from out of state.They’ve turned protesting into what seems like
a full-time profession. There is a bit
of-of professional protester manufactured base in there. Damn. I never thought of that. Yeah, it all makes sense. The Democrats paid
tons of people to go disrupt town halls
across the country. I wish I could have been
in the meeting when they were planning it. All right, guys,
here’s the plan: We’re gonna pay
thousands of people to come out and support us. Is that for the election? No, no, that would be too easy. First, we’re gonna lose, then we’re gonna complain. Yeah. (cheering and applause)

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100 thoughts on “The GOP vs. Constituents: The Daily Show

  1. Thanks CNN, Thanks Trevor Noah, Thanks Samantha Bee, Thanks John Oliver, Thanks Steven Colbert, Thanks Seth Meyer, Thanks Bill Maher

  2. Once you saw Congresswoman Giffords' response begin with "To those who have abandoned their civic obligations…" you know shit's about to go down

  3. The NRA is talking about people turning protesting into a full time profession? Somewhere, Lucifer is putting an extra edge on the pitchfork he's going to use on Wayne Lapierre.

  4. Mr. Trevor Noah… please do not be offended by my failure to "subscribe." I didn't ever believe that I would get thru the crisis of Jon Stewart's retirement, and; consoled myself with Bill Maher's more intellectual approach to "news."

    However, now that you're the host of the Daily Show, I do allow myself the liberty of laughing at some of your show's clips from time to time. You are exceptionally creative, honest, and funny. Please, do not ever change.

    I will find the time to sneak over to youtube and watch your clips.

  5. It is already happening and I predicted this by mile now all we need it is for Ajit Pai to destroy the internet for a week and Trump's tax plans pass alongside the Medicare bullshit and Bing Bang Boom we got ourselves a French Revolution in America… asshats being drawn and quartered in the squares .. 1% douchebags burned at the stake and Traitors to the firing squad

  6. Chic that got shot in the head got bigger nugz than all the Republican Congressmen put together. Go Gabby!! Female Em-power meant!

  7. That just goes to remind you Republicans don't care about American citizens they care about the rich citizens

  8. I bet you most of this people voted for Trump. Hey atleast you guys can still hug your guns. That’s what you all cared about.

  9. Personally I love how Obama care(ACA) was used as a scare tactic. So the government is still trying that view. But since the American people now know what it brought them. How dare you try to touch my Obama care(ACA). So I guess your stuck with it now. By the way big pharmacy is the only one who hates ACA. Because it takes they feel millions out of their pocket. But hey y'all got it right, finally got over on big pharmacy and now they are about to get back over on you.

  10. Trevor Noah cleverly uses satire to form public opinion against Republicans. The Affordable Care Act was not perfect. A lot of people could not afford to use it because of the sky high deductibles. There were people for and against it. Mostly Republicans and Conservatives who were against these high deductibles that were allowed by President Obama's plan which he lied about from the beginning. You see a lot of pink p- – -y hats. These people are Democrats. There were advertisements on Craigslist funded by George Soros who offered to pay people up to $25 per hour to protest. Unfortunately, as long as the Republicans complained about the ACA, when President Trump wanted to scrap it to make it better, they didn't have a plan ready. There were Republicans who are a part of the establishment who didn't want Donald Trump to become President. If you understood the bribery and corruption behind the Democratic Party's agenda, you would understand why TV shows like the Daily Show uses propaganda to form public opinion against their opposition. It's not that President Trumps hates Mexicans. People can't see that he recognizes that we can't pay for everyone who comes he illegally. The American people have been put last behind the liberal social agenda who wants votes to win elections and power. President Trump wants all Americans to prosper and have jobs and businesses. Black people, who do you think will take your jobs and leave your community in poverty?

  11. But surely the problem with gun violence in America is the gun-free zones, like political rallies and town hall meetings. That not enough constituents are carrying guns everywhere…

    Remember when Mike Pence addressed the NRA and everyone in the hall was allowed to carry a gun? Oh yeah, me neither! Because the NRA itself BANNED ALL GUNS from that event!

  12. Paid with who's money?

    Either these guys are illiterate or they are just looking for an excuse to be assholes

  13. You didn't want to meet with your own constituents, your neighbors and friends?!?! "You little bitchhhh" this should be your last term!!!!

  14. I hate to say it but there is an actual business of people getting paid to protest.
    Last week tonight just did a piece on it.
    And I’m not saying these people were being paid because the vast majority probably wasn’t, but it is indeed possible

  15. Alternative facts, fake news and paid protesters so basicly everything we think about the Trump Administration is a lie because they say so

  16. great American logic: We need to arm our citizens as a means of protecting the 2nd amendment. …. we can't hold town hall meetings because our citizens are armed!

  17. In the bottom right corner of the screen where it says Comedy Central is Central upside down or am I high , I mean I know I'm high but I mean is it upside down I guess it's a question???

  18. Well, that 7 yr. old is hopefully 1 of millions & millions! God bless you & your family for evolving into what you are today… HUMAN! Immigration could be a problem, if they werr INVADING? Mexicans have a history of being very hard workers… ALWAYS HAVE! To say that they want to live off of gov. assistants instead of, HAVE TO LIVE ON GOV. ASSIST, is a damn lie! If they aren't entitled to work, who's fault is that? You ain't wiping out their history… again!

  19. No liberal democrat would shoot up anywhere. It just doesn’t happen. It’s republican racists that get out there with their guns. Think about it- the only people ever shot are Democrats because republicans suggest to their base that someone should get a gun and shoot. Then they go out and do it, republicans claim ignorance. They claim their innocent statements made no difference. Republicans are just weak, cowardly, greedy pussies. They don’t have anyone’s interests at heart except their own.

  20. Shoot um all the 2nd is there for that reason to defend this country against domestic enemies including our congress and representatives #WeThePeople #ItIsOurCountry isn't it right

  21. Ive watched almost nothing but these videos for the last three days. It makes me laugh, makes me cry, but most of all it makes me want to vote. #vote #change #laugh

  22. I noticed the lady who said "ACA." Where I live, I've noticed people calling it "ACA" now that they want to keep it but used to say "Obamacare" when they weren't happy with it. Some people can't acknowledge anything Obama did. Obama care didn't help me, it only made my insurance unaffordable but I can acknowledge it helped a lot of people and who provided it. His name is President Obama.

  23. No one shows up for town halls: "This is sad. More people need to turn out."
    Some people show up for town halls: "Not many complaints. We must be doing a good job."
    Tons of people show up for town halls: "Fake."

    Mm, I see how every situation makes them win.

  24. Where are all these people now? Fatigue? Everyone needs to get pissed again! Things are so far gone, it seems people who used to care have just thrown up their hands, and put all their fears in one basket; 2020. I get it. But it's leaving an orange fox in the White Hen-House. And he's still gorging himself

  25. The same tea-party folks that HATE OBAMACARE love THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT…
    …I THINK THAT IS FUNNY IGNANT SHIT. but so is racism and xenophobia. UNfun FACT, I never heard of the word xenophobia till 45 took office.

  26. When he banned transgender Americans from serving in the military we were all like "that's to be expected." When he gave $2Trillion in taxpayer dollars to the wealthiest among us we were like "should've seen that coming." But when he deleted PBS KIDS he went too far! He shouldn't do that!

  27. Gawd Fuck Louis Gohmert! I dont live there anymore, but I was born and raised in the district he serves, and if he is afraid of the right wing southern baptists in Tyler Texas I suspect support even there is dwindling.

  28. OMG Gabby Giffords is a Democrat who was shot by a RIGHT-WING white nationalist extremist; "Loughner," who shot Giffords in the head with a 33-round-magazine Glock pistol because he was a RIGHT-WING white nationalist extremist, (probably a fan of Louie Gohmert lol) who hated her for her policies on gun control, and immigration.

    He shot 24 others, killing 6 and wounding 18, among them federal Judge John Roll and a 9-year-old child, Christina-Taylor Green, before he was disarmed, arrested, and charged with murder and attempted murder

    You're not allowed to use THAT incident as an excuse to dodge your constituents, asshole! 😂

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