The Law of Utilization

You take a supposed negative situation. Now, we’re here, close to the desert. Let’s say you’re stuck in
the middle of the desert. Long-needle cactus plants
are everywhere you turn. Now, most people immediately do what? Resist what it is. They complain. Why me? This shouldn’t be happening. What a drag. How’d I get here? I hate this. An enlightened person would do what? They accept what it is. They’d be at peace with the situation. They wouldn’t create a big problem around it. They
wouldn’t get upset over it. They’d just accept it.
But the true wizard, they will utilize the Law of Utilization. They will utilize what is. They see the situation,
and instead of resisting it or just accepting it,
they ask this question: How can I use what is for my benefit or the benefit of others? How can I use it? That is a very high principle. Very few people are
wizardly enough to accept, let alone turn it into
something they can use for their own benefit or
the benefit of others. That is a wizard. That is the essence of wizardry. To turn it. Remember, the wizard lives by the rule, everything happens for a
reason, and that reason is there to serve me. So, instead of complaining
about the cactus or just accepting the cactus, they use it. They might cut it open and utilize it for its nutrients or water. Or they might use it for shade. Or they might utilize the time
in the desert for meditation. Or to just enjoy the beauty. Or to practice their survival
skills. Or just to recognize what they’re learning from this experience and journal around it
and take it with them. Utilization is the purest form of alchemy. What is alchemy? Turning lead into gold. That’s the wizard. The alchemist.
Turning lead into gold. But in this story, it was
lead into gold as a metaphor. It wasn’t lead to gold. It was stuff to utilization. Turning it. Turning it into gold. The alchemist turned lead into gold. You have your chance. When? Every minute. Every moment.
Every moment that your mind makes up the story about
a problem, a resistance. You move to acceptance, and
then, you move right to what? Utilization. How do I use this? Instead of waiting for
good things to happen, the wizard takes everything as a seed and utilizes it and creates
a good thing out of it. Something that works for
them and other people. That’s why they’re the wizard. You don’t need to be a wizard
when just wonderful things are happening to you. Where’s the wizardry in that? That’s just good fortune, hopefully. Who knows? And we’ll see next life. Next life, there might be
another way of looking at it. So, utilization is also one of the most important
tools for manifestation. A wizard makes use, full use,
of everything in their life. Your husband or your wife is leaving you? That equals what? Freedom. Maybe now, it’s an
opportunity for you to find your true soulmate or have
time to truly find yourself and what you want in this world and what you’re supposed to do. Your job or your business
isn’t doing well? That’s an opportunity
to start a new venture or to make adjustments
and become even stronger. The ego mind will always
want to kinda back off. But it’s your job on a conscious level and on a practiced, conscious level, ingrained in you to turn it. Even myself, I go through this. You know, we work as hard
as anybody, for sure. We’re extremely successful from the standpoint of
what we do. And yet, recently, I’ve been working
with some consultants, and our IT situation is so bad that it’s wreaking havoc in the company. Literally destroying our profitability. And the whole place is in turmoil, because you cannot get a
freaking number if you tried. So, a part of me, my
immediate reaction was, who the hell needs this (beep)? I work my freakin’ (beep)
off, and I can’t even get a number here? I don’t even know if
we’re making any money. I don’t know if we’re going up or down. What kind of business is this? It’s 140 people. I say, get rid of all of
’em and make it three. Start again in a new, more simplified way. What do I need this crap for? You can tell which mind is talking. Then, I breathe. I snap and shift. And I go into my wizard mode. Okay, this is what’s happening. It’s not useful for
you to freak like this, even for five minutes. Let the
energy go. Accept what it is. Now, how do we use it? Now that’s a good question. So then, I started– ’cause
now, I can use my mind and my higher wisdom. Okay, look, this is a sign. It’s a sign we have to
get stronger and better for the long run. ‘Cause Harv,
you can’t have your mission, and you can’t leave a
legacy if you’re gonna let a freakin’ IT system take you out. So, this is what needed
to happen to show me between my eyes that we
have to get even better, stronger, more systemized. So, I’m bringing in a COO. I’m bringing in six new directors. Brand-new people, who have
serious experience in the arena. And I’m moving the people who are there. They’re gonna stay, but they’ll
be in different positions, into areas that they’re better suited for so that they’re happier
and not as frustrated. Do you see how all of this
is starting to work out? And I’m gonna make the company
10 times as strong as it was. Now I have a new direction,
a new passion for it. Literally because of that problem. That’s the wizard at work. If they can’t think of a way to utilize, the wizard just takes
everything as a learning that helps them grow. As a wizard, you understand
that whatever you’ve attracted in your life is precisely what you need for the next step in your evolution. Precisely what you need for
the next step in your evolution and growth, ’cause if you’re
not growing, you’re what? Dying. So, the universe brings you things, puts out trays in front of you, and says, “Let’s see what you do with this.” “And let’s see what you do with this.” “And let’s see how you handle this.” “And what are you gonna do with that?” And either you’re gonna go, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!” Then the universe goes,
“Here’s another tray.” “You wanna try again?” 40 years later. “No, no, no!” You finally get tired of
that, and you go, “Oh, okay.” “Maybe I won’t make it
such a big problem.” “I’ll just deal with it.” Hmm, that’s a good start. You understand? [Audience] Yes. As you know, the universe will test you until you don’t need to be tested anymore. But unfortunately, you’re
not breathing, either. Utilization allows you to fully appreciate the value of what is. This is the epitome of
living in full connection with the universe, because
you are appreciating and actually using what
the universe has given you. Let me say this again. The essence of spirituality is simply going with the flow, going
with what the universe has brought you, versus
resisting it. Accepting it. But the epitome of that, going
to the highest level of that is not resisting what the
universe has brought you. It’s using it, appreciating it. Here’s what I want you to do very quickly. Okay, how was that? How was that sneak peek of Law of Utilization section? You know, this is just one
small part of our course and it is a powerful one, but there’s so many
even more powerful laws and principles and teachings that Harv gives in this program. This program is one of a kind because it combines the
power of manifestation, how to really create anything
you want in your life, whether that be full financial success or whatever that goal is of yours, how to create and attract
that into your life, and how to do it with joy, with ease, with confidence, with happiness. Because what ends up happening
is we have these goals and these dreams, and to get to the goals and make the dreams become
reality, we sacrifice everything. We sacrifice our happiness, we
sacrifice our relationships, our health, we sacrifice
our well-being just to achieve these goals. And
then when we get to the goals, we’re not any happier,
not any more fulfilled. So what Harv has done is
combine the essence of how do you do the things
that you need to do and enjoy the journey along the way, and really, really enjoy it. Not fake enjoy it, really enjoy it and still achieve the success
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great rest of your day.

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