The New Republican Mantra: When Trump Does It, It’s OK!

The New Republican Mantra: When Trump Does It, It’s OK!

You know, there’s been a bit of an interesting
dynamic, I guess that’s developed within the Republican Party today, and it’s all thanks
to Donald Trump and the fact that as a species, Republican’s apparently don’t seem to have
a spine, which is very interesting for vertebrates, would technically make them not vertebrates. But nonetheless, what we have seen happen
since the day that Donald Trump became president is that you suddenly have all these Republicans
in Washington DC who were against this or against that are attacked Obama for allegedly
doing this. Suddenly those same behaviors are totally
okay when Trump does it. In fact, as a recent, uh, vanity fair, or
excuse me, New Yorker article pointed out, the party is basically become the, except
when Trump does it party here. Here’s what they pointed out here. You know, Republicans were totally against
tariffs of any kind until Trump came along and now suddenly they were, terrorists are
pretty good. It’s helping us out. Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. People are losing their jobs, losing their
businesses for the terrorists, but Trump’s doing it so we support it. They’re also presumably against stonewalling. Investigators refusing to comply with congressional
subpoenas, shutting down the government, running up the national debt, labeling close American
allies, national security threats, and praising dictators. Except of course when Trump does it, because
remember when Barack Obama took all that heat during his administration for allegedly cozying
up to a ran, Iran’s our enemy. They told us they hate us, they want to kill
us. And then you have Donald Trump who is literally
sitting down laughing, having a big old time with people like Kim Jong on and Vladimir
Putin, right? You know, praising people who are known to
murder their own citizens because they disagree with their politics, telling us that those
are great smart men, strong leaders, good guys. It’s not just those two. There’s been plenty of others in the last
two and a half years, but Republicans are cool with that. Just, you know, not if anyone else on the
planet did it, but when Trump does it, it’s okay. Hillary Clinton sat down for 11 hours, 11
straight hours of testimony, endured years of investigations into both Bengazi and her
alleged email scandal and Republicans to this day, keep chanting, lock her up. We know she’s hiding something, even though
we have all the information there is. Even though investigation after investigation
has found literally no wrongdoing on her part, we still want to lock her up. Meanwhile, you have a Mueller report that
has 10 instances at least of impeachable offenses against president Trump, and they say it. Ah, that’s not true. We don’t believe that guy. We believe the Trump man, that orange guy
in the White House, he is. He’s the one who’s being honest, not these
lifetime Republicans who came up with this report. Because when Trump does it, it’s okay. That seems to be the mantra of the Republican
Party today. They don’t have enough of a spine to stand
up to them. They’re not willing to tell him that he’s
wrong. They’re not willing to go out there and say,
hey, um, we need to do something about this. And that’s why when you do have people like
Justin Amash who come out and say, yeah, I think Trump should be impeached. That’s why it makes headlines because it’s
just one person. I really, today is there only one person left
in the Republican Party with a spine and I don’t even know that. I’m willing to say a mosh actually has one
because it’s obvious that he’s in this for his own, possibly a political future, maybe
wanting to run as a libertarian for president in 2020. That’s the best you got. I know Jeff Flake was a horrible person. His voting record sucked. Susan Collins the same thing, but uh, you
know, they still got praise occasionally for pretending to be against. The president, still voted with them, still
voted to put all this crappy judges in place. But Hey, at least they occasionally acted
like they were disgusted by the man, but they weren’t. And here’s why. As we’ve said a million times, there is no
difference between the policies being pushed by Donald Trump and any other republican serving
in public office today. They all believe the same things. They would all be doing the exact same things. It’s just that a few of them have an issue
with the way Trump presents it, but that’s why they’re so spineless. They’re afraid of him. They were afraid of him going after them on
Twitter, but more importantly, they also all happen to secretly agree with everything that
this man does, because when Trump does, it is absolutely okay with Republicans.

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100 thoughts on “The New Republican Mantra: When Trump Does It, It’s OK!

  1. Republicans are as despicable as trump its now the trump party purely thanks to daddy putin getting trump elected thats why they kiss trumps ass so they think they can stay in power, till he figures out a way of being in piwer with out being affiliated with the republicans

  2. Republicans are a party of hypocritical, deplorable, spineless, heartless, racist, sexist scumbags. Sure Democrats suck in their own ways, but Republicans take it to new levels.

  3. I found out that the President can not be charged with a felony while in office. Well this is when all laws and penalties for crimes while in office should be double. Then maybe any President would think twice before breaking the law. Being exempt of the law invites breaking the law.

  4. I want to know why every single commercial that I'm seeing prior to videos loading is a pro Trump video. It doesn't make sense there paying the same as every other advertiser I assume it doesn't make sense that they should be almost exclusively Trump videos commercials whatever you want to call though also in the upper hand right corner of my application there's always a trump add

  5. Is that either them following Trump 'cos convenient for their true goals and they can then simply scapegoat him if sh*t hits the fan big time or they truly just greed dumbassholes not realizing they just threw off their last bits of pretense of decency and humanity, finding slithering, oinking and snarling fiends in their place?


  7. In his own words , "" I love poor, uneducated people """. And they're proving their worth every day. Absolutely disgusting MORONS!!!!!!! how can people be T H A T stupid?

  8. "The Führer is always right," say the Drumpfists. "If Drumpf does it, it's better than legal. It's Righteous."

  9. Isn't that what Nixon said? Nixon said in an interview,,when the President does it,, it's ok. Or something like that. Tommy Becker's comment

  10. Since 1969, Republican presidential administrations have 121 criminal indictments and 89 convictions, while Democrats have had 3 and 1 respectively.

  11. New?! "It's OK if you're a Republican" has been the GOP mantra for OVER A DECADE! Remember Senator Larry "wide stance" Craig who got busted by the police in an airport bathroom for solicitation? Republicans fell all over themselves defending him. This is NOT NEW!

  12. Fuck I can’t believe how ugly he is, give me back Obama and his beautiful smile. What is it with the fat ass why do people like him??

  13. I keep saying too many repugnantones have ridden the Lolita Express and hobnobbed, rub shoulders with, broke bread, had palms greased by or otherwise had something to do with Epstein, Jeffrey aka pimp. They just didn't know he recorded everything. That's why they now are the cult of yellow. That's my conspiracy theory. I'm just a crazy Mexican cat lady that's a bit too melanated for 'merkkka so what do I know.

  14. The best government is a benevolent tyranny tempered by an occasional assassination. Voltaire
    Read more at:

  15. All true, but also shows how critical it is to energize your base- a skill the mainstream Democrats have lost.

  16. Crazy a two bit con artist breaks every law he can and nothing happens. What can we do? Impeach this asshole Nancy

  17. What Trump is doing is very similar to what Hitler did in Nazi Germany. Very terrible things happen when there are no checks to power. Listen to what holocaust survivors tell what happened and how it happened. LOCK UP TRUMP!

  18. Isn't what is happening to migrants at the US Mexico border similar to what Hitler did to the jews? Trump is against migrants and like Hitler blames them for many things. Trump should focus on the economy instead.

  19. I know this is crude but If Trump pulled out his mushroom head of a dick and urinated in public, the republicans would say,"oh look its Joe Biden in a trump costume! Why are we letting this dictator wanna be do whatever he wants with no repurcussions? I just don't get it. Nancy Polisi get going. Lock up the ones who won't follow the law, and start fining them big money, say 5000.00 when they won't appear and I think that will get a lot of them testifying against Trump.

  20. My former party is literally worshipping a golden calf that is Trump and they should brush up on the Bible on what happened to Moses’s followers after what Moses did and destroy the golden calf

  21. The other day when DON Suggested he would accept help in a campaign from a foreign nation against an opponent he opened up his mouth and shoved treason down his own throat!
    So be it. Try him for treason.

  22. Let's get real. The GOP has taken over control of the United States by simply refusing to play by ANY rules AT ALL. The top law enforcement officer has declared the Constitution null and void, we no longer HAVE a basis for federal law.
    SO WE CAN USE THE NRA SOLUTION! For now, it's no longer ILLEGAL…

  23. The REAL problem is, they're more worried about their future then the Citizens of the United States.

  24. What's the difference between Donald Trump and a city dump?…If you look hard enough, you'll find something of value, in the latter.

  25. Its not really new, its been a long held Republican ideal, its OK when we do it. Just far more blatant under Trump.

  26. You're using Hillary Clinton as an example of someone who was accused of something they didn't do?. . please don't go there.

  27. Still hope for America. He did lose the popular vote by HUGE numbers. Get your friends family co-workers etc to the polls before all is lost.

  28. Well, that has been the American foreign policy for decades. When the U.S. does evil shit (supposedly for "freedom") it's okay, when another country does the same thing they are bad!

  29. That isn't new.

    This has always been the case for Republicans

    IOKIYAR – Its OK if you're a Republican

    IACIYAD – Its a crime if you're a Democrat

  30. Reagan and W each ran up the national debt. Republicans only care about the debt when Democrats are in power.

  31. It's a phenomenon called IOKIYAR ("It's OK If You're A Republican") and it's complete hypocrisy.

  32. Mantra my ass. Cheap one-liners you mean. Stupid Republitards. No policies, just cheap disgusting talk and filling their own pockets at everyone’s expense. Anyone who still buys this cheap Republitard garbage I consider a total moron. That certainly applies to the 38% Trumpty Dumbty and Republitard base who I even consider dumb, dumber, dumbest.

  33. The same people who dragged Trump to hell when he announced he was running are now swallowing his balls. I don't get it at all.

  34. When you get ordered to combat by this president and you don't want to go merely tell your C.O. you are "not a fan" and you won't have to go. That's called equal justice under the law. It is also acceptable to lie, cheat and collude with foreign governments. Or maybe the trump deep state just wants the peasants to have to follow laws because dictators don't have to. And that's what you really want? Sic sempre tyrannus.

  35. Coming soon: Hundreds of Republicans on doorsteps claiming to be "law and order" and "fiscal responsibility" and "personal integrity" warriors asking for your vote. Nice, clean-cut, solid Christian family men who want you to believe they are patriotic upholders of the Constitution and American traditions. Ask them one question: "Do you support Donald Trump?" If the answer is "Yes" then laugh out loud and slam the door their faces.

  36. Sometimes it's not the fear of the don, it's a fear that going against their party will ostaicize them and hurt the chances of their own reelection. It's almost always about them not him. Watch them flee when they can latch onto the next republican. Loyalty among thieves?


  38. Most Americans already know that Donald Trump isn't a good person only his small band of Racist MAGA FUCKS do not have a clue at all about him!

  39. Our government is a Kabuki theater, worse than a fake performance, because it is corrupted.

    Most Republicans sold-out to the oligarchs and corporations a long time ago, and so did the corporate establishment Democrats.

  40. Been that way since he started getting caught for doing shit, "its OK when he does it" he's hiding behind presidential privlage when anyone else would be arrested for treason.

  41. A damn lie! That's not a new mantra! Period! Impeach that traitor immediately! Putin's puppet! Parlayed when dictators! Disgusting and despicable! Deplorable even! Impeach!

  42. It is just self-interest and greed. Trump and Republican policies are lining politician's pockets deeply (who are already mostly in the upper echelons of wealth). Trump's term has been a huge bonanza for all his cronies, donors and political hacks.

  43. Aaaactually, in the current biological standard of twin nested monophyletic classification, you never outgrow your ancestry. Shake are still tetrapod lepidosaurs (lizards) despite having lost thier legs, and birds are still dinosaurs despite being hyper specialized for flight now. So technically, Republicans are still vertibrates despite having reabsorbed thier spines and the mammilian higher thought layer of their brains.

  44. News flash. This mantra has applied since the first year Trump held office. Republicans are scared crapless that they'll lose power from Trump's fervent base that they basically chose to reveal this double standard. Plus, they see him as a useful mark to advance their legislative agenda.

  45. They were pissed off about PRESIDENT Obama's tan suit…🤔🤔🤔🤔WTF…..THEN THIS CLOWN COMES ALONG AND NOBODY CARES ABOUT SHIT.🤔🤔🤔🤔..WTF

  46. Nearly all congressional republicans have kissed the ring to temporary hole power due to this neo cancerous ignorant gullible misinformed deplorable cultist base.

  47. The GOP has become AMORAL, the PARTY that preaches has disgraced the Christianity they claim to profess. If only black and brown women wanted abortions, I bet they'd tolerate it, "too reduce the exceeds population."

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