The political journey of Joe Biden

The political journey of Joe Biden

-Well, here’s one — “Saving the environment
means risking your neck.” This is 1972. Nobody was talking
about the environment in 1972,
let me tell you. “Joe’s sister is his
campaign manager. His brother is his
fundraising director.” -This is the campaign. -And this is how Joe Biden
became a US Senator at age 29. -We didn’t have any money. And limited resources force you
to think outside the box. -Valerie Biden Owens
is Joe Biden’s sister. Ted Kaufman was his long-time
Chief of Staff in the Senate. It helped that Delaware
is small. -You can go stem to stern
in two hours, and
the width of it is 35 minutes. -That first campaign
enlisted moms in station wagons and kids
on the football team. -We had to money to mail them. They delivered the newspaper. And they couldn’t put them
in the mailbox because it was against the law, so they went up to the doors
and were chased by dogs, and except at the end
of six weeks, people were waiting at the door,
like, “Where is it?” -He’s like a —
Can’t explain it, but it’s like a bubbly person
that just is constantly up. And people liked him immediately
once he gave them that smile. -We literally have a chance
to shape the future, to put our stamp on the face
and character of America, to bend history
just a little bit. -James Baker is the former mayor
of Wilmington, the state’s largest city. He was running for city council
in 1972 when Biden asked to campaign
with him in downtown Wilmington. -Well, he was a shot.
He just took off. He was meeting people, shaking
hands, talking to people. He didn’t need me at all. -Delaware is the first state.
J. Caleb Boggs,
who is the incumbent Republican, being challenged
by Joseph Biden. Biden is a Democrat
who is 29 years of age, but will turn 30 on the 20th of
November and thus will be Constitutionally eligible
to serve should he win. -Joe Biden beat the well-
established Republican incumbent by 3,100 votes. -I can remember when
they announced that he won. This is the honest-to-God truth. I will never believe anything
is impossible again. -That’s what it is.
-Loads of people just have — I mean, this could never,
ever happen, and it did. -At age 30, Joe Biden
took office, one of the youngest
Senators in US history. -He was like the token
young person. So a lot of things
happened to him. He was asked to speak
around the country. He was asked by
the Democratic party. He was asked to come in
and work campaigns. -All of this raised
Biden’s profile. In the Senate, he stayed. And with that came seniority. Biden became chairman
of powerful committees, judiciary, foreign relations. -In all my years in the Senate,
Secretary Rice, I don’t think we’ve faced
a more pivotal moment than the one we face today. Failure in Iraq
will not be confined to Iraq. -He was at the center
of political moments — the Robert Bork nomination,
Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas. How Biden handled that hearing
with his allegations of sexual harassment
still follows him today. -The Clarence Thomas hearings,
you know, put him
in a very difficult position because he trusted
the institution. He didn’t want to slight
his Republican colleagues. And in hindsight,
that’s been problematic for him. Those instincts,
in today’s light, are cast a little bit
differently than they were then. -Matt Viser is a national
political reporter for “The Washington Post” and is covering
the Biden campaign. -He came up at a time where
it was important to work with, as they say in the Senate,
“my friend,” you know? He had friends in the Senate. And he was dedicated to working
with them, even people like
Mitch McConnell, who now are sort of bogeymen
of the Democratic party and have kind of
changed the rules. -Biden spent 36 years
in the Senate, commuting back and forth
to Wilmington on Amtrak where the station
now carries his name. Biden’s legislative record
in the Senate spans 42 bills, bills where he was the primary
sponsor that later became law. Among the most significant, the 1994 crime bill
that took on a range of issues, from violence against women
to drugs and a ban on assault weapons. It was a time of high
crime rates, as crack cocaine swept
into America’s big cities. -With the drugs, you just
never know, do you? I mean, you just know no what —
The guy you’re about to arrest, the person you’re
about to pick up, you have no idea
if that person’s spaced out and long gone. To suggest that A,
there’s less money for cops, B, there’s less money
for prisons and so on. This bill will save
people’s lives. This is necessary. -Who are the victims of crime? It’s the people at the lower
levels of our society. It’s the people of color. Those are the people
that are the victims of most of the crime, and that was part
of the crime bill. -We were able to use the federal
law to bring in 20 new officers, which we wouldn’t have been able
to do without that bill. So, in effect,
it did us a lot of good. -But tough sentences
for drug possession led to a massive rise
in the prison population, with the African-American
community feeling it the most. -The approach that we’ve been
taking has been punitive, and it has been really about
making sure that we’re able to punish. It’s been mixed in
with intentional racism. -Shyanne Miller is president of a grassroots coalition
in Delaware looking to reform
the criminal justice system. -We’ve been criminalizing even
what we now know are diseases, public health crises,
like addiction, and so we know that not only
does this approach not work, but we still keep doing it. And it’s driving me nuts. And it’s driving everyone
in my community nuts, and I hope that we can fix it. I really do. -In 2008, Barack Obama
ran as a candidate of change, but when he needed
a running mate, he turned to the old guard. Senator Biden became
Vice President Biden. -To Joe Biden. [cheers and applause] The scrappy kid from Scranton who became Delaware’s
favorite son. You were the first decision
I made as a nominee, and it was the best. [cheers and applause] -At 76, Joe Biden is making his
third run for the presidency. If he wins, the fresh-faced
upstart who became a Senator would be the oldest person
ever sworn into office. -We love Joe!
-As his party moves to the left, Biden is facing questions
about his record in the Senate. Biden says his crime bill
wasn’t responsible for mass incarceration, but he also admits
he made mistakes here and has tried fixing them. -In 2010, Barack and I
finally reduced the disparity in sentencing,
which we have been fighting to eliminate in crack cocaine
versus powder cocaine. It was a big mistake
when it was made. We were told by the experts
that crack, you never go back. It was somehow
fundamentally diff– It’s not different, but it’s
trapped an entire generation. -It all has Democrats wondering
if they should look to the past and Joe Biden
or leave him behind. -He tends to argue for sort of
a return to normalcy, a return to the period
before President Trump. And the question confronting
the Democratic party right now is whether they want that,
you know, whether they want to return
to something before Trump or whether our politics
have fundamentally shifted. And Joe Biden argues
that they haven’t, that the country fundamentally
wants compromise. They want Democrats
and Republicans to respect one another and deal with one another and compromise
with one another. -The Constitution as well as
the Declaration of Independence, they use the word “we,”
“We the people.” -This race,
perhaps his final race, is not really all that different
from the first one, some 47 years ago. -None of the campaigns were ever
about Joe and about his seeking power. The campaigns were always about
the other guy, the voter, the person
who was looking at us. -You got to make me a promise. When you’re President
of the United States, you’ll remember who I was, okay? [laughter] All right,
let me answer the question. -The reasons he’s running
for president today is the fact that he would
not feel right about himself with the soul of America
at stake, with the issues that are
at stake, if he didn’t run. -And may God protect our troops.
[cheers and applause] -We want Joe! We want Joe!
We want Joe!

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46 thoughts on “The political journey of Joe Biden

  1. The only candidate who can flip Trump supporters is Bernie
    Sanders….50% of Trump supporters need and want Medicare for All for
    themselves and their children….Most modern Capitalists countries have
    Medicare for All.
    The DNC are in a bind. Their chosen one, Joe Binder, is not performing
    as well as they would like him to. Joe Binder held a record breaking rally this Labor Day weekend.

    It was the smallest rally ever held for a Democratic primary candidate.

    Pretty soon the DNC will have
    to replace Joe Binder but with whom?

  2. Biden has been a failure from the day he first got elected. Now he's just another corrupt politician and his son is a known Crack Head and criminal. Obama chose him because he is stupid and will keep his mouth shut

    Little Girl's Breast! Pizzagate Pedophile” 9 Things Joe Biden Said That Were
    BERNIE, WARREN AND BIDEN SIGNED “We have predators on our streets that society
    has in fact, in part because of its neglect, created…they are beyond the pale
    many of those people, beyond the pale. And it's a sad commentary on society. We
    have no choice but to take them out of society….a cadre of young people, tens
    of thousands of them, born out of wedlock, without parents, without
    supervision, without any structure, without any conscience developing because
    they literally … because they literally have not been socialized, they
    literally have not had an opportunity….we should focus on them now….if we
    don't, they will, or a portion of them, will become the predators 15 years from
    Expunge an Old Record |

  4. THE COPS PROGRAM was originally authorized as part of the 1994 crime bill, which is now regarded as a major factor in driving up the massive incarcerated population in the U.S. It
    was signed into law by former President Bill Clinton; the law was a hallmark of Joe Biden’s tenure as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    THE COPS PROGRAM was originally authorized as part of the 1994 crime bill, which is now regarded as a major factor in driving up the massive incarcerated population in the U.S. It
    was signed into law by former President Bill Clinton; the law was a hallmark of Joe Biden’s tenure as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

  5. Yes go with senile, white privileged, pro segregationist Joe Biden. He’s the best the Democrats got. 40 years of failures in screwing up our nation.

  6. It's confounding to see American public vote against their own interest. For decades, they've seen corporate dollar dictate who the candidate serves – the donors and NOT their constituents. They don't serve you IN THE LEAST. They always vote what donors dictate IN THE FACE OF what constituents want … consistently. How oblivious can the voter be? Time and again, these politicians steeped in corporate dollars draw a crowd. Now, even with the option for corporate money free candidates, the fact that this doddering establishment corporate puppet has led any polls with his history supporting the wrong side of nearly every issue over the decades should be a disgrace.

  7. ROFL – Stop trying to make creeper fossil Joe happen. Biden's eye started to bleed tonight during the CNN townhall. N He is 76 years old and has a history of an aneurysm in his brain. And WAPO is STILL promoting and defending him. Insane

  8. Government should perform IQ test on billionaires. If any billionaires IQ is lower or equal to Trump they can confiscate their wealth for being too unintelligent to be an elite.

  9. WaPo just doing what they do. Lie and gaslight. They also spin a false narrative to make it seem like that’s what people really feel when in reality, people are actually for leftist populist policies overwhelmingly.

  10. A list of people who would make a better president then Joe Biden in no particular order: Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang, Elizabeth Warren, Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un,.

  11. i haven't met 1 person who prefers Biden as the dem nom. Not one, it's all the DNC pushing their career politician down our throats. anyone else is preferable.

  12. He is a plagiarist, draft-dodger, and nobody would trust their grandchildren around….the Post is even more of a Left Wing rag than ever.

  13. I think this was the battle Joe fought it was On July 1, 1898, United States forces, including Joe Biden Rough Riders, defeated greatly outnumbered Spanish forces at San Juan Hill and Kettle Hill near the Spanish stronghold of Santiago de Cuba!
    Is this the one?

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