The Power of Penn Law

The Power of Penn Law

We are at a critical moment in history. Modern technologies and social demographic
changes are causing disruption at every level of society, the economy, and the law. The next generation of advocates and leaders
will need new skills and experience to navigate these
changes. We are entering a new era, for our students,
graduates, faculty, and partners in the Penn Law community. This moment presents an incredible opportunity,
to position ourselves to attract and recruit the most promising and exciting students and
faculty to advance our leadership building the best legal academic program in the country
and to prepare this generation of lawyers and leaders for the challenges of the next
decade and beyond. We are only as good as the good we bring to
our community so our first priority is access and opportunity. We must continue to find an enroll the best
and the brightest from every background perspective and walk of life this means expanding financial
aid resources, grants, and scholarships. The law governs and facilitates every transaction
on earth and as long as the majority lawyers keep coming from similar backgrounds there
will continue to be populations without access and for those of us who want to pursue careers
in government and public interest we need more ways to get there. Like many of my fellow
students, I came to law school with a significant amount of undergraduate debt if it weren’t
for the financial aid provided by Penn law I might not be able to provide legal services
to immigrant communities in a city where I grew up, at least not for a while. The thing that attracted me most to Penn Law is
just how deep the collaboration is with all of the other great schools on the Penn campus.
We’re probably most known for our leadership ininterdisciplinary programs and in this area
we are doubling down. You can’t just be a lawyer anymore you need to be able to look at problems
as an entrepreneur, a manager, an engineer. You need to have a depth of knowledge in the industries
and issues you’re working on not just where they are now, but even more importantly, where
they’re going. The law is only one part of that. If there’s one thing I’ve learned
this early in my career is that to our clients we’re more than legal counsel we’re trusted
advisers on all kinds of problems beyond making sure our clients know what their risks and
exposures are we’re so much more valuable when we can contribute to helping them achieve
their business objectives, that’s something that sets you apart. At Penn I was able to
gain that experience working in the legal clinics. There really is no substitute
for working on real problems with real clients. When I was looking at how it fulfill my pro
bono requirement I was amazed at how many different types of opportunities there were.
I was able to tailor my experience to exactly the areas of law I wanted to work in. My background
is in computer science and I know I want to practice in the tech sector especially in
still nascent areas like virtual reality and artificial intelligence as part of the IP
clinic I’ve been able to get a start here with a really exciting client of the virtual
reality space working on life-saving technology. One of the most interesting experiential
learning opportunities for a few of us in the black law students association
is the opportunity to travel to Ghana this year for Pan Africa service trip. When I graduate
I’ll be going into private practice probably in the financial services are consulting sector,
but as a veteran I know that I always want to be involved on some level in
advocating for veterans issues. Penn Law has been incredibly supportive on a number
of initiatives we’ve undertaken for veterans and I’m hopeful that someday we will even
have an entire clinic devoted to veterans legal assistance. Another opportunity that
comes with our interdisciplinary strength and involvement in the community
is research through the work of our faculty and affiliated centers and institutes. We’re
really well-positioned to expand this part of
our mission and discover insights around the law and technology business criminal
justice reform and health. Our industry is undergoing seismic change and it’s an exciting
time. it’s time for Penn law to prepare for this great challenge and opportunity. Together,
we can advance our leadership in legal education. Together, we will prepare the next generation
of advocates who will lead us to a more just and prosperous society. We are
Penn Law, we are advocates for a new era.

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