23 thoughts on “The Privatization of Abuse: Corporate Authoritarianism Violates Libertarianism

  1. This video is a proof why libertarians live in lala land.
    Libertarians are nothing but anti-marxist marxists. Marx believed that after abolition of private ownership, the all powerful state will fade away and cease to exist,and of course this is absolute bs. But libertarians believe that after abolition of state all those oligarchies,monopolies ,cartels will just fade away .
     Libertarians are the same "lala land" morons as marxists.

  2. What are your thoughts on Objectivism, I personally am a Objectivist, but I am totally open to your opinion?

  3. Private or public entities (corporate, government, law-enforcement, etc) should not be immune to consequence… it is THAT simple.

  4. Styx,

    I think you are mistaken. Income taxes go to pay the INTEREST on the national debt to the Federal Reserve Bank. That's it. The money from other things is borrowed. The hole gets deeper and deeper.

  5. What you are describing is in fact "fascism". The same people who run the state (federal government or state government) are exactly the same people who run the corporations basically the "capitalists" or "fascists". They merely use both of their hands (public and private) to oppress the people of the world. What one hand can't do the other does. Our political and economic leaders are both psychopathic.
    This is why I argue that "capitalism" never truly existed and that we've pretty much been in a state of either neo-feudalism or neo-fascism. The aristocracy (the business class and political class judicial class and even military class) have always been in control. This is what happens when profit trumps human rights, civil rights, etc. You get more war, more surveillance, more prisons, more police states, more pollution etc. This was all inevitable under "capitalism" the economic hierarchy eventually seizes control of the state and uses it to further prop itself up and gain record profits. I'm glad you noticed the privatization of abuse(s) because I think a lot of mainstream libertarians are ignoring this. They don't want to acknowledge that economic freedom can in fact conflict with social freedom at times and that the privatization of everything (which both Miltion Friedman and Ayn Rand basically called for) is inherently detrimental to civilization. I wouldn't argue cutting taxation but cutting the money going to the specific programs themselves.
    Corporate welfare (read: champagne socialism) is one of our biggest economic problems not the fact that poor people receive welfare (even if you don't like either). I think that's what "libertarians" and "progressives" can agree on should be cut if anything. This leads me to another conclusion; the republican establishment and the leadership of the right never truly believed in "capitalism" or "free market" and were never anti-welfare or anti-redistribution of wealth. The sad truth is they've always been full of shit since day one. And everything that they preached even at the time of Adam Smith was in fact bullshit and even if you agree with it they most certainly don't. The same people going on and on about freedom all day long are constantly trying to undermine it. And if the leading people of any given ideology don't actually believe the words that are coming out of their mouths, then that means the ideology is bunk.

    Btw I'm an an "anarchist" (libertarian socialist) in the Noam Chomsky sense.

  6. While the definition of corporation might be about a certain organization of the business and its management… the working definition of corporation involves a lot of public/private exchanges- economically and legally… so that the contemporary manifestation of the corporation is Really Really hard for me to call died-in-the-wool Private.

  7. The free market doesn't exist. There is no such thing and there never can be. An absolutely free perfect equal market that is free from imbalances or government regulation can not exist because the laws of property are always going to necessarily bring in another third party which must enforce them. To believe such a thing could happen is unrealistic and is purely imagination.

    Instead we live in a late capitalist world with money nowhere to go, commodities with nobody to buy them and production which can't be completed. If commodities can't be sold, then they can't ever realize their value, profit can't be realized and the working class can never buy back all the commodities they make. And money has to be spent on production to keep capital flowing, but instead money is being increasingly hoarded because when businesses aren't profitable, then money isn't invested so it has nowhere to go except into tax havens. Capitalism's own inner workings are contradictions which is why you constantly see it in chaos. The capitalist machine can only keep chugging for so long until it reaches its total breakdown. The only solution is a total replacement of the system with planned organization.

  8. Simply …. Someone create something without the censoring…..think wiki leaks …. Pounding against private companies doesn't do much…..if people want…..they will come !

  9. American Libertarian Party are just Socialists. Given that Gary Johnson said he agrees with 73% of what Bernie Sanders has to say.

  10. Thank you Tarl, I have been trying to find a way to explain to people this "intervention system" for a long time. You were absolutely spot on, as usual.

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