The WAM Show Ep.1 - Glenn Price/John Doull; Marijuana, Government Monopoly, Intellectual Property

The WAM Show Ep.1 – Glenn Price/John Doull; Marijuana, Government Monopoly, Intellectual Property

hello everybody and welcome to the web show i'm your host Josh certain of course world alternative media and I'd like to kind of give you guys a bit of an intro on what this show will be now we see in the mainstream media that there are actual laws restricting the mainstream media from covering certain stories through hoax resolutions in the United States we've seen things like operation mockingbird where the government has completely taken control of the mainstream media so it's our job to bring the stories that they aren't telling forward to you now I'm going to start with a bit of a monthly update on what's happening in the news so winnipeg police just bought a 340 $3,000 armored vehicle one would expect in a war zone so okay here's the thing about that when we introduce a police state into a society like Winnipeg which really is a two horse town despite the skyscrapers we're just asking for trouble now what would these vehicles be used for we are looking at this kind of vehicle that we would expect in Afghanistan and actually this has been happening a lot throughout the United States and Canada these false terror threats based on these guides that are armed and funded and trained by the United States government the British government and the Canadian government they're spreading all this fear in the mainstream media about these kinds of people but in the end who are these people really they are nothing but in the pocket of the CIA and now they're bringing these kinds of vehicles on to the streets to try and control protests using that as an excuse we've seen this as well in keene new hampshire where a couple years ago they bought a 280 5933 dollar armored tank and it was to protect a local Pumpkin Festival from terrorism now I'm just thinking of you know backwoods you know New Hampshire I don't really expect a terrorist threat at a pumpkin festival there I expect a lot of children doing you know face painting I think the idea is complete surg so that's something that we will continue to be looking over at world alternative media also in the muse Winnipeg as many of you guys know is a major tax grab city for parking enforcement and the city has just acknowledged that thousands of tickets issued during the winter parking bans are illegal now the really messed up thing about this is that there will be no refunds for those that have already paid so of course the city just said oops sorry we broke the law but oh well we're taking your money you know if any of us took you know some money off of a guy that's walking down the street saying you can't park there you know we go to jail that would come to be called robbery but when the government does it of course it's alright of course I'm kidding it is not all right and we have spoken to people like wise up Winnipeg's Todd Dube who has told us that dual speed signs in Winnipeg are banned now this is when you have a speed sign on both sides of the road and the whole idea is that if one sign is blocked off on one side you can see the sign on the other side so you can assess the speed limit and slow down but as we've seen police cars will park a block ahead and wait wait for a car to just break the speed limit by a little bit and then they'll pull them over and grab their money and we know several officers who I won't necessarily name in this episode but you can look forward to meeting a few bad bad eggs in the future who are making up to a hundred and sixty thousand dollars a year just from these quotas just from screwing the average Joe over by taking his money because he was going a little bit over the limit we know that these kinds of things actually cause more accidents and they solve also in the news our puppeted leaders are still working out a way to tax us and control us more in Paris for the climate summit you know this is something that we have to be looking into very deeply because they do want to tax us on our carbon carbon is a solid by the way folks and carbon dioxide is the tree of life as I call it because without it we would not have forestry we would not have trees we would not have the kind of abundance of fauna at that we do with an excess so they call it amount of co2 now Obama is continuing to arm and train Isis or ISIL in the Middle East and despite fighting against them allegedly which is really interesting because all major terrorist groups over the past 60 years worked or were created by the West now I'll give you a bit of it as an example there is going from the Iranian missile coo to Saddam Hussein and the Baptist party was armed twice by the United States government Osama bin Laden was arm through the Mujahideen in 1979 which we Came al Qaeda and they continued to get funding and training from the United States government even up to the point where Osama bin Laden was the most wanted man in the world isn't that interesting we also can't forget the Taliban met in the White House were armed trained and funded we also can forget about things like the Muslim Brotherhood and of course right now right here what we are seeing and one of the most dangerous things in this world and also what they're using to fear a monger everybody it's Isis with the additional steps i ordered last month we're speeding up training of ISIL forces including volunteers from sunni tribes and on bar province arm find it and trained by the United States government admitted one week Obama will go on TV and say that he is arming ISIL insurgents the next week he says we need to fight against this terrorism this is really messed up this is twilight zone stuff people so this is something that we will continue to look into as well and will probably bring great guests on to the show to talk about this issue as well so Trudeau also by the way just to bring this into a Canadian perspective claimed that he was going to train some more rebels creating even more of a perpetual problem so that's been the news from this month stay tuned for Glenn price coming up next all right now we're here with Glenn price from your medical cannabis headquarters which was just renamed actually can you tell us what that name is your medical cannabis long head shop and education center Oh awesome now we'll be asking you later on about what you're going to be doing there but I wanted to start off by saying now that Justin Trudeau is the prime minister and he did back her shop what do you think is going to come of this kind of so-called red wave which by the way when other countries say you know the country's turning red and usually means something totally different it usually means the country's Tory communist so i wanna i want to make sure that you know we're able to hold Trudeau as much accountable as possible with what he has claimed because he did come to win a pig and say that he was going to be supporting your shop now what have you heard from the liberal sings not much just what mix it and the news and stuff hopefully true home like you said back my store I believe the people of Canada that are educating people now are the people that the government should be looking for questions on this industry and and for those that don't know actually I should mention Glenn price went through a living hell over the last year when police raided his shop and confiscated a whole bunch of almost on them very important to you yeah an answer and you have about 700 customers to come to your store so can you tell us a bit about how this is affecting and what kind of ailments you see the most in your shop uh most ailments lately the last month and a half of consultations in their sixties and seventies looking how to get information where I'm there to get the information knowledge and showing the right path to go down to get the their medical document where to go get proper medicine because the government help ease ain't good yeah now you've been charged with drug trafficking possessing a scheduled substance for the purpose of trafficking possessing the proceeds of property obtained by crime and possessing the scheduled substance it's just makes me kind of laugh because it's so so ridiculous that you're facing these charges for giving medical patients people with cancer people to ms you know people are serious chronic fibromyalgia glaucoma the list goes on and on and you're trying to provide them a great service and makes their life easier and you get shut down and with that they get shut down basically to you then back to the black market where the federal government has failed us all and I keep saying this it's the federal government that brought this to like that we could use it for medical cannabis we're supposed to have free easy access now where's free easy access and what a big mouth over there isn't you know any last equal to Delta night yeah and like when I got arrested I have to go get signed up with dr. then because the judge didn't believe that document that i had was legit so I get it took me three weeks two days before i got medicine in my house yeah oh how is that free easy access and I need to make mention of this it obviously the legalization of marijuana is a good thing however the word legal is very specific legal is no pun intended illegal work therefore it means that it is controlled it isn't free it's controlled now a lot of people I've been fighting for a time for marijuana to become something that you could do freely without having to worry about going to jail for and I glanced over the liberal party of canada as policy which by the way is extremely short and extremely Bay on what their marijuana policy will be so they started off by basically claiming that they are trying to keep the prison industrial complex you know all of our lives and everything but then you read into it a bit more and they say to ensure we keep marijuana out of the hands of children and the profits out of the hands of criminals we will legalize regulate and restrict access to marijuana they went on to say we will remove marijuana consumption and incidental possession from the criminal code and create new stronger laws to punish more severely those who provide it to minors those who operate a motor vehicle while under its influence and those who sell it outside of the new regulatory framework so more government talk of course then they go on to say we will create a federal provincial territorial task force and with input from experts in public health substance abuse and law enforcement will design a new system of stretch marijuana sales and distribution with appropriate federal and provincial excise taxes apply now what I wanted to bring up with this is that you have private business you are selling these this very much needed medicine to patients at a private level you don't work for the government no so no no and like I said they want to call criminal enterprises I don't know what criminal enterprise when I started the dispensary I said any money make from the dispenser I want to donate back to the community now tell me what other criminal organization will donate the profits from the dispensary back to the community to the people who could use it like solo mission I've donated five hundred dollars to school mission not me the group is a ball we did yeah and that's what when if they wanted we want to give back to the community by letting us have frizzy acts as a store like mine where you comin to get knology make sure your product is good we r delta nine says you're my product is that could be contaminated could be this could be that list of it 54 years old I smoke pot fur since I was nine so at this smoke pot for 40 years there was no Grafton LP 40 years ago yeah people wake up yeah it's a plan no matter who grows it you can smoke it in and yes there is people that have mold issues in it but dispensers like there's gonna be villages to make sure that you have proper product and they'll do anything to try and discredit you of course and you mentioned criminal enterprise and I know of one criminal enterprise now as Glenn mentioned he's giving to charity he's trying to you know help the community help people with ailments you know what a real criminal enterprise looks like its enterprise that uses people's heart strings to gain popularity demagogue if you will and then tax people and steal their money because they want to smoke pot regulate over-the-top their hands are in your pockets folks and I wanted to get into the fact that with legalization comes the monopoly we all have the right to smoke marijuana if we want that is our right as long as we're not hurting anybody it shouldn't matter and I always say liberty the only person in the world you have control over is yourself and if you can't have control over yourself what's a point now going into this a regulatory framework that the government is claiming but not going into detail on I'm a little bit worried that monopoly is going to be created where in 1985 you got a quarter ounce for sixty dollars today you get it for sixty dollars the market is state-level largely over the right in the last 30 years now with legalization we're looking at a sudden possible double in the price right here 90 95 Graham and I don't know if that's where recreational or medical but if it's with medical I could imagine what recreation was going to be well how much does it take to produce say a couple pounds like if you're producing it you could sell it for 2800 the ground and still make money p where the government help visa selling it for 15 what kind of money are they making people yeah and this is going to like live Elgin yeah we saw those two men giving back I didn't see one who covered an LP say look we'll donate some money part money that we made millions back to the community and people I could use it for instance we had a house fire here in medical and Winnipeg Yun duster if I was still raining people like that Diggle manager where are they going they're going to the street yeah I could've given money to give a hotel room there you go here's my rent the whole house tomorrow then people will like that when it happens they wouldn't without they've come to me because they know I get back to community yeah and we're looking at things like for example the liquor laws the LC laws were cigarettes now this is the greatest example of this is tobacco where we have obviously it's legal but it's heavily regulated and it takes you like a dollar to produce a pack of that but they're selling it in something about twenty dollars yeah and I'm just worried that this is going to completely take over the marijuana market and I'm worried for your store because as Trudeau said he supported your store you think that these laws are going to negatively affect your score if there's heavy elation well there's heavy regulation like conservatives wanted yeah that we have to stand up and fight but don't forget Manitoba lection this year yeah time to make those noise people time to stand up let's find out what Manitoba really wants let's pressure these MPs let's start writing to our MPs yeah finding what kind of regulation what kind of restriction it should be a moment pop show because we're the people out there on the front lines educating the people now where the federal government should have been educating with people a long time ago people keep saying privatized as a dirty word because they're thinking big corporations like McDonald's or or walmart we're talking about family-owned businesses that are just trying to help the community and bring money to the community as well and be able to help people at the same time and this is where it goes way off course because when you've got everything government touches turns to crap and I say that that's my personal opinion and I feel like the same thing is going to happen here because you have your shop and with this kind of regulatory framework what are the chances that perhaps government or LPS are going to be selling marijuana their shot at a cheaper price and yours to monopolize LLP's cat sell cheaper than the people that are in this industry open dispensaries right now they can't keep up to the people that the medical demand and they're getting all excited for the recreational but they can't even keep up to the medical so what are they getting saying for the recreational yeah like the government its government trying to monopolize yeah and they can't monopolize this industry because if they do there it'll be screwed yeah and Trudeau of course has because a bit of panic here because he did run basically beforehand saying that he wanted stricter laws against marijuana crimes and then changed that quite quickly to he wants to legalize and regulate and I'm just kind of seeing it as more demagoguery which is doing as a politician saying things that will get you elected out of the popular vote and we see right now since he's been in office there are rates and he's standing by and many rigs that's what I'm asking now look I've been on the phone to the liberals in Manitoba I want to have talks with him he do they want to know what the people of Manitoba want or do they want to know what the government wants yeah because they know we know Greg Selinger what he wants he wants government to monopolize please put a medicine in el peace know if that's the case let's start moving gun stores into liquor stores right because they want to sell medicine in a liquor store so let's bring our drug stores and liquor stores together and then we can so that way that's the way the governor wants to yeah but I mean preferably we keep government out of it and bring money to the economy bring jobs to the economy and also I'm gonna stop you drugs for instance here is a dragon er a guy manitoba guys come up with this idea it's for people that have a hard time with mobility yeah it's so easy to work just like that you put your butt in crimes you but comes apart completely yeah this is just a prototype apparently it's going to be on the market maple come to my shop 1404 Main Street I have one right here absolutely at my shop anybody to come and take a look at the guys are looking for more input on design ideas and different ideas so let's support local absolutely you don't see people really comes in the upper well and actually there have been a lot of questions that have been coming in off the internet about this because we asked for your questions and dave says or asks how many plants can I grow and for that I brought up I believe it's going to be six Dave but I brought up some examples from around the world where in Alaska the laws are 21 and up it grow up to six plants at home as long as no more than three are flowering can't smoke in public shops can legally sell for recreational use until the state legislature creates regulations expected next year possession of less than 4 ounces in public is punishable by up to a year in prison or a ten-thousand-dollar fine possession of four or more ounces could land you in jail for up to five years and or a result in a fine of up to fifty thousand dollars and it's almost the same in Colorado where 21 and not one ounce no registration system can't be consumed in public six plants three in flower stage so I mean why can't we just finally be set free and allowed to do things as long as we're not hurting anybody like exactly we weren't hurting anybody I wasn't hurting anybody when I had my dispensary running like you know for instance you start talking about this there is a judge in pc a guy got growing on 401 planets one of the judge say was our-our lawzer auntie liquor I got any change yeah okay told this church for 401 plus and that's a judge like our our laws should be straight across Canada and how come a key for instance that's what I want to know you and I was misinformed or whatever but how can thank you for having 100 dispensaries that are running no problem Charles the dispensaries Montreal's got dispensary there's other places in Canada that have dispensaries that are running but as soon as the open one of menthol you get rid of clothes you open one up in Saskatoon you get ready to close effington got ready to close what are they attacking us across the prairies what why and it is something i should mention that apparently I don't like believe this but apparently Winnipeg has the lowest amount of people arrested for marijuana crimes that recently was in a free press I don't know how much that is actually true because Winnipeg has been seen by most people in the marijuana business to be really badly for you know of course yourself you know I found that out after I open my I was ignorant to politics and everything else and people that have met across Canada they've got me in the back and they said you're from one opinion you did that like a handful like I'd never mark every one of the people that are like oh man like Winnipeg endemic in March they couldn't believe it but like the people are showing the government the people should be controlling this they're still going to make tax look at Colorado people look at Colorado give it to the moment pops yeah they're going to collect tax we're going to have a whole new industry of people growing but people uh I guess on the internet Colorado soccer mom yeah here to one of the biggest growers go around which is a soccer mom yeah but one of the big things that we face is we have to free the weed completely because ought to be free there shouldn't be a difference between having you know one ounce and being okay and then having you know four ounces and suddenly go to prison for you know a couple years and just that it that's just so absurd and I think that people have to realize what are you going to create a giant black market in a legal environment I don't walk so look it's it's been black s was illegal criminal to staff part for my whole life thing yeah if they I'm get anything in 54 years to get rid of the black market the way we get rid of the black market is given to the mother puffs on a suit so we can sell us the street always a grant the people that need it yeah where is the black market going to survive that three dollars address the LP stop dude not they're up for instance tillery i'll talk about terrain okay haha that's where i first got to try to get signed up tipping over three months I got pissed off and don't send my documentation back I'll go somewhere else in them but Wyatt yeah but well I was waiting the three months they come on with a new product called green crack we yeah starting at eight dollars eight dollars a ground yeah it got popular ill hit overnight overnight for make dollars to $15 and that's government yeah so you tell me what Constitution that raise and eight dollars what were they do different to that flat after if or before look there's gonna be doing it the same way but they're couching the people judging of the eight dollars more ground it doesn't make any sense in a free market and actually like green crack you might actually bump into that quite a lot on the streets and it is it is you know still ten dollars a ground you know so I don't know I'm just thinking like when the black market it sucks you know because it's illegal but should we have a way of bringing the free market from the black market I went into the league I try I try I try I try I'm gonna take I tried my best i did everything that I knew how to do in the guidelines government proper occupancy permit proper Manitoba registration business proper less proper that I try I try bringing out of the black market and giving the proceeds back to people yeah and I will show that one thing if you want to be something like this you should have kept your mouth shut he kept it under ground and that's the way it is in which a manic city hmm it shouldn't be it should be right out in the open where we're not doing nothing wrong we weren't hurting anybody I had people in my shop 20 30 people you know and they were all sitting peacefully every time we did a demonstration it was always a peaceful demonstration yeah even in front of police station when we went and smoked out that night yeah and I didn't believe in smoking pot outside that's why i opened a shop for people to come yes you'll catch me smoking outside at things like that but usually go yeah well something that I find very interesting and you told me a bit about it before you have an excellent idea for what you're going to be doing with your shop going into the new year and on from there can you tell our viewers a bit about that I want to start a games room and lounge and try and bring in some live music to start bringing in and best value for glass in Winnipeg I want to try you know where can you go buy a glass pipe for six dollars bomb 4 30 on what a great environment to to have kind of like a bar setting but not with the alcohol or falling over each other because you can like when your girlfriend says I don't want to go tonight you know I don't want to end up in some place or a bunch of guys are hitting on me and then there's someone throwing up over there and falling over over here with your idea you can come chill out watch some live music right you know and enjoy yourself and kind of much more reasonable environment yeah look like your big living room yeah except for you have some company that over whoever dropped its over and you know you can discuss different things different ways of medicating because not all people medicate the same I've got people coming and asking me they don't smoke what yeah what way to medicate and people that don't smoke birds saying well I here Vic rising the best way it's still smoking for me well you know what it's an excellent idea because we need to start thinking of these kinds of business plans for the future in this legal so-called legal marijuana kind of environment so what are you going to be a continuing to do in order to kind of lobby the you know the Liberal government ends well keep keep falling keep following them to see if they'll sit down with me and if they don't then I'm going to start speaking up that hey I back the Liberals they backed me I back them now I need them to come out and say what they're going to do here in Mount Hope yeah because I don't want them to monopolize I want like they're saying if they win they're going to make Elsie's so that i can go home they'll see ya but how easy is that it are they gonna let their friends line up first or they're gonna let me in the line first because if there's a dispatch you're open and when okay I hope I'm the first one in line because I'm the first one in one thing that came up yeah and or my my company I might not be able alma company but I still own the company I can give it to my daughter or my grandson yeah to to run in the future right now and all I want to do is they will go back to helping people yeah I wanna think of course and I want to also mention before we go to our next segment that you and I showed up in Saskatoon there three months ago for the Prairie medicinal harvest Cup where people like Marc Emery in oh they my are Dana Larsen red beard yeah you know your brother the most amazing environment I've seen where people are partying but like in such a peaceful manner because they have this really kind of relaxing oh yeah and it was such an incredible thing what do you think are the chances of anything like that ever coming to Winnipeg um if I could find his face I think we could pull it off I'm looking for a space anybody's got a space big enough to allow us to vaping and hold the three date party and I can guarantee it will be peaceful no nothing will be broken and people across Canada lots of tourism yeah we could I know we could pull it off as would find a space because yeah Jeff told me he'd come down to Jos other from skunk funk yeah and I wanted to make the pony because it's kind of hilarious was when I was there I was in the middle of this insane insane hot box that is just a great example of what marijuana really is is ounces were smoked in a garage and we were just kind of jammed in there with a smoke for hours and I thought I was like I couldn't think anymore but the funny thing is I went to sleep for a couple hours after that God up had to take a bus back to Winnipeg not a single hangover don't you know not feeling it anymore you know it's like this is the kind of example that I want to bring to people is this is a totally harmless thing yes we should be handing it to children but I'm serious when I say this it has some of those beneficial properties of any plant I've ever heard of in my life maybe even the most i believe it is the most because I've seen it helped so many people from fiber lounge of chronic pain all kinds of things and yeah I believe keep it on the hands of the kids like you couldn't you couldn't get medicine out of my shop less yet proper documentation yeah there's also a lot to say about parental discretion as well you know like people Harry's have to do what they do to be responsible and make sure that help keep deliver the kids oh yeah absolutely well Glenn I really appreciate you coming by the way I'm sure this is the first episode so I'm excited I he was actually in the first ever web world alternative media video so I'm glad you could join me for the first world alternative media show what you writing me down here yeah well I'm glad to have you and we will be continuing to talk about monopolization when we come back with John dal and in our next segment so stay tuned thanks all right now we are here with John dowel and he is voluntarist he's done a ton of work for world alternative video for over a year now I consider him a good friend and I we have him here to talk about some very interesting stuff that's going on with patent laws government monopolies the difference between corporatism in capitalism etc etc it's something that needs to be talked about because no one in the media talks about this it's it's something that's kind of left to the shadows to the more volunteers crowds or libertarian crowds up there that you know you just don't see it too much so John what do you think of the segment we just did with Glen and the monopolies that are involved in the marijuana market well it's a perfect example cuz as you guys are saying again it's been a black market for decades and you know despite all the problems with black markets and the fact that you know gangs that are into some bad stuff end up getting involved and things like that they're also essentially free markets yeah because you know I mean yes there is shady government involvement in the drug trade as we know for the CIA and trafficking yeah especially cocaine though yeah but in general it's it's basically just a free market and as you pointed out the same price has been preserved for 30 years for marijuana and so when government gets into that they just see a big industry that they can carve up and monopolize and that's what's really sad about that issue is everybody's so happy that it's finally legal but as you pointed out we have to think about the idea of legalization and where was the stage getting the right to tell people that they couldn't grow a plant in the first place and why do we accept that and you know if they're going to say that it's legal to grow if you're giving a bunch of tax money to the government and going on your their system but it's not legal to grow if you're just growing it in your own backyard or your own basement or whatever yeah then it's not really freeing the plant and it's really like it's another example of how hard it is to just completely get out of the coercive pneus of government where they have to put their hands on everything that we touch and it's something that actually leads me in with the monopoly of marijuana goes something else and that is a pharmaceutical industry now there are huge huge huge monopolies in this market and one I wanted to bring up was diaphragm now diaphragm as many of you might know was being sold at five thousand percent of the original price it was inflated by the company that bought him out now a lot of people were blaming capitalism for this and will explain soon how we don't actually see capitalism in society today because of government monopolization but diaphragm is a great example because that wasn't capitalism that was actually the ownership of an idea or intellectual property which goes with a patent laws and they were able to seize like one bit of chemistry and be able to sell it or jack up the price 5000 percent so what do you think of what's going on diapering well I mean as you point out I mean in a freer economy if they like what was at seven hundred dollars they jacked up the price of one diaphragm to or something insane like that from like five dollars or something like that it's been a while since I read the articles about it but you know in anything else that we can think of for the most part if somebody's trying to sell something for that ridiculous price than their competitors are just going to come along and say well here we'll keep giving it to you for a reasonable price and the problem is solved but as you point out yes because of the patenting arrangement they were the only ones able to produce diaphragm so the state basically gives them a monopoly on it and there's no there's no a competition to regulate things yeah and that's monopolize demand I mean you can't compete in a market where only one person can own that you know patent on that chemistry and we see things like that in Monsanto as well and I wanted to mention my sort of idea for patent laws is like from a volunteer is kind of more libertarian standpoint to get out of the government's hands and into the individuals hands there's still a lot of problems and this is something that we have to look at objectively as I'm sure you know because we've spoken about this so we have patents where you know people can own ideas now what if people were to be able to patent what they have invented spent millions of dollars say creating a product and they don't want someone to come in and take that product and sell it just steal their idea obviously I understand there's a huge issue with that so what I always kind of thought was perhaps maybe we should just patent it while they're making the product and then once they release it release it for the world so other companies could come in and have their own demand based on how good their product is and that is a basis of an economy but then there's things with intellectual property and the music industry where you know as you've mentioned before to me people are making money off of other people's music and you go into that of it yeah well it's a patent law and all this stuff is really complicated because I mean as voluntarily returns we can see a lot of the problems with it but we can also understand how it can legitimately protect people as well so the question of the moral questions that we really get into or can you own can you as somebody who creates a certain object using a certain method can you own that and really say that nobody else is able to produce the same young themselves and I believe that you can't have a little quote here that I wanted to read after that's from an article by Stephen Ken's Kinsella which appeared on Vaughn mysis or von Mises I'm sorry Lisa sorg Natan so named after Ludwig von Mises and he says individuals create wealth by using their intellect creativity and labor to transform already own scarce resources into more valuable configurations in a free society a producer owns the resulting products because he owned the factories transformed in the production process the idea behind production adds nothing to the ownership claim that wasn't already present so what he's basically saying is yes you know from his point of view of interpreting volunteerism yes you can hope you have property rights and you can own physical property and when you turn raw materials into a finished product gets all yours but you can't stop somebody else from getting their own raw materials and creating something that's very similar to what you make and I agree with that but then when you get into things so I all agree with that with diet prim yet if another company can just put the same chemicals together and make the same drug and and it's beneficial to people they should be able to sure but then when you get into art and things I think it's a little different because there's so many inventions that have patents on them that get very silly yeah or even patents on like the silliest example ever was when amazoncom was trying to and I forget if they were successful in this or not allowed to like this one up they were trying to patent their 1-click ordering thing yeah like that was our idea ebay still uses it haven't been able to yeah there was a big lawsuit with Jeff Bezos the head of Amazon and just like yo we invented the single click so something so basically a tour you know you just made a wrench that had a certain configuration not to it or like a something like that that if somebody else could easily make it gets quite silly but then when you get into like a novel or a music album or something that's something that somebody else might have similar ideas or a similar plot or something but nobody else is ever going to make the exact same piece of art as you and I do think that just from sort of common law natural rights perspective you do have the right to that but with that I have to make it somewhat of an objective debate because wink you have to involve government to have any kind of intellectual property at all oh yeah they're there has to be some sort of overseeing body and I mean I think that a lot of us who like I tend towards a little sort of men are kissed perspective on certain things for example like I do think we need some sort of law courts we need you know some sort of police force fire department and things like that so I think that things like intellectual property I am NOT claiming to be an expert on this in any foreign tour I'm not saying I know exactly what the governing body would look like but I think there's room for something like that I mean I think of myself like what I do to make money I work in a warehouse or something like and I I get paid by the hour more like somebody who creates a novel or something like that that's their only they don't get paid for all the hours they put into al they're only money comes from when they resell that when they sell that idea and in its finished form so if somebody else can just come along and oh yeah there's a there's a lot of there's a lot of things to take into account there and using that as well as kind of a say the patent system in this world we have a lot of people that are saying that capitalism is a problem but I always say that what the real problem is is corporatism we do not actually have capital has been habitat capitalism for over 100 years in society we can't possibly have capitalism because you can't on capitalism with an over-over leave under the patent system you can't have a real capitalism with these monopolies created by government where you see things like wal-mart and McDonald's and other big companies get insanely oversized kind of pushing the little guy out of the market and a lot of that comes from their advantage in the market from their monopolies so I would just have to say how would you make a difference between capitals and corporatism because in my opinion they're complete opposites yeah I mean corporatism you have the biggest corporations the biggest multinationals in bed with the government and they get to keep their money offshore they get to exploit all these tax loopholes and you know also use sweatshop labor overseas and get away with it and all that stuff and then the smaller people the mom-and-pop stores or whatever the they're subjected to high taxes and less regulations and a lot of things that make it hard for them to compete with the bigger guys surely a lot like Glen's shop yeah where we might be seeing a huge monopoly in the marijuana market and that is totally anti-capitalist in and what I believe in basically as a solution to many of society's current problems is getting away from the core autism and back to the days when you know every small town how to Main Street so on the main you'd have your shoe store you have a butcher you'd have it and not that these source don't still exist yeah but there exists to a much smaller extent than they used to and weapon there used to be more small business and more local economy or even just people sharing thanks we can shove it like you know the farmer down the road comes and brings you something and you give them something and you barter it's just things like that bring back Main Street and getting away from walmart and things like that it's going to solve a lot of problems and I think a lot of people are hungry for that I say people other people are sick sick of the corporate crap culture and they want something more authentic and unfortunately a big part of that culture believes that what the problem is is capitalism when the capitalism is really the solution to these big corporations monopolies over people and capitalism is Allah the solution because corporatism is a form of corporate fascism which is a very dirty word but rightly so because we've seen what fascism is done to society over over the years and we are looking at fascism in Canada today and in the United States and throughout the world and this is a real thing it doesn't matter if liberals are in power conservatives NDP's dreams yeah a conservative that's another thing to do instead of conservatives if they were really conservative they would have freed the marijuana market a long time ago in letters I anarchists exactly and that actually brings me to another point when it comes to capitalism not existing today is taxation you cannot have a real capitalist market when small businesses are being taxed to death and we see that for example people who want to sell lemonade little kids it's a great thing to teach your kids how to learn how to make profit and run a business as a little kid you set them up with a lemonade stand it's been a staple for 200 years maybe and I find it so amazing that most places in North America it's completely illegal for two reasons to sell lemonade on the street you can Tennyson's yet you can't tax it and on top of that there's a health board that you know the big help or that we saw take try and take down I'll see Agee Bosch lomatic lady and Winnipeg a couple of years ago so how do we get out of this kind of system and with I know this can turn into a really long conversation which we will continue on a future episode of the lamb show but in short what can we do to get over this kind of system well I think people need to vote with their dollars as much as they can like just support the local businesses and the small businesses start your own a.m. and it's not for me it's not even all the capitalism the core of what I like about the ideals of capitalism is just the fact that we own ourselves and we are allowed to have private property and we are able to shape our own outcomes through our actions yeah we're look at socialist societies and communist societies and especially in the extremes of communist societies you're not even allowed to own yeah private property I only have an old friend who's an older man who grew up in Mao is dara china yeah and he's a landlord in winnipeg now and he told me just how much it meant to him when he could find the week on something yeah because when he what he grew up with you could not not you didn't you didn't have the right to own anything so the right to self ownership and to shaping the world with our own actions without the state just breathing down your neck all the time that's what it's really about to me I mean there there's things other than using money to interact with each other that can be really good too there's all kinds of different models there's voluntarist socialist models where we can share with each other because we want voluntary socialist is chair again we can share food we can or whatever we want I mean it when people I think the key is show people how good volunteerism can be yeah show people how much you can benefit them and how nice it is to keep the government out of something and then they get excited and they're like various groups that have been involved with over the years like food not bombs or things like that they get people excited because people see oh I just got a really great meal and a bunch of free food to take home no government funding involved no government regulation involved i just showed up and they get excited yeah absolutely and I think it's such an important conversation to have because when you go up to someone and say you want to exchange say I want to give you a pen for this piece of paper and you say no I don't I don't want that my other screen savers are of two phones no no you you want my phone and the pencil paper I'm like maybe that's a bit too much ok I put the phone aside I give you two pens you say yes should the government come in and arrest us for doing that no I mean it's the fair you know market of you accept what I want to give you and I accept what I get for it and it's just so simple Josh if the government can tax the transaction how will they pay for the football stadium I'm a human rights museum and three hundred dollar lunches at the restaurant that they expense to the back there well and we'll be talking about that on the next episode where we will be explaining a kind of how to have a fair tax system and how to do these things voluntarily where we can still have the infrastructure we have today but without major government involvement next week I'm going to have jon's niacin on the show who just wrote the end of freedom our monetary system enslaves us he just came back from the California summit for freedom force international with the legendary G Edward Griffin and he is coming back with a lot to tell us a very very intelligent guy and I urge everyone to go on Amazon and find the end of freedom how our monetary system enslaves us great book and the answer to you good people of the world do you want freedom or do you want slavery do you want the ability to do you please as long as you're not hurting anybody or do you want the government breathing down your throat and telling you what you can and can't do this is such an infuriating point in time to live in because we are actually facing off against this giant evil that people are begging for there are so many people around the world that want course of government that want people to be controlled using oh yeah my mind okay my whole thing is that we have every right to control ourselves no one has a right to control us and when people come in to my house and say I'm going to take your TV I'm going to take your chair I'm going to take your couch I say no and I call the police but when a government does it and they take sixty percent of your wealth through taxes whether the income tax whether it be sales taxes whether they say that they're not going to raise attacks and they do it anyway I'm sick and tired of this good people it's time that we stand up against this and when we march against the banks we're not just talking about how we need the government to lend us more we need to talk about why we need to be able to control ourselves control our own environment control our own property and get government the hell out of our hair this is josh certain world alternative media i'll see you next week enjoy a few clips from independent media from around the world lemonade Tencent only ten cents guys lemonade ten cents you heir to the freedom argyria they lovely afternoon thank you oh there's no branding or capitol grounds free country ma'am guys are continuing eliminate ten cents for some lemonade guys to market perfect thank you so much for your business thank you thank you yes don't be intimidated don't be intimidated don't let them don't be intimidated by daybreak a clip money they want to give you some phrase I'll give it to be afraid you're free people easy standing without a chemical analysis but they don't have a donor so you guys want to be arrested for your cause of remedy oh man come liberate the lemon lemonade ten cents guys ten cents limited ten cents lemonade come get your ten cents lemonade was arrested home you're not used violence do not use violence and force against peaceful people very clean this is not anymore you are English people sorry you're under arrest me these people leave them alone I am getting a rest okay ten cents guys you've got a few cups of lemonade martin luther king of ahana cottony you back up this little before your tax dollars nothing but kidnappers selling yourself in this video senator gillibrand of the US Senate and Hillary Clinton campaigner pretty much admitted the fact that Hillary Clinton Barack Obama have funded radical Islamic extremists including Isis I know breaking news you gotta watch this video Hillary stood behind her decision with bombing Libya is Libya a more stable country or an unstable country because of that decision I think Libya is in complete disarray right now and I think it was equally troubled before the time Qaddafi as you know was a horrible leader who not only harmed Americans but also engaged in terrorist operations against his own people so it's you're talking a horrible situation 28 in the equally horrible situation but where I think Hillary Clinton did such a great job was explaining these highly complex foreign policy issues in a way that everyday Americans could not only understand where her priorities are but what she wanted to do to move the country forward and move these very very high-risk situations in the Middle East forward and I think she did a great job in doing that if you sent a lot of arms and weapons down there well voters in New York love Hillary so I'm Hillary Clinton armed and funded the rebels in Syria and Libya a lot of those weapons have been found in Al Qaeda's al-nusra's and Isis hands was this the right foreign policy decision well President Obama has decided that he is no longer going to fund that program so I think we agree it was a program that did not work as intended it's a program I don't support so I think its decision today is the right decision now we have been bombing Isis for 13 months and we have made no significant process at all and Isis has been growing Russia has been bombing them within a few days and many experts say that they have them on the ropes what is happening here I think it is a highly volatile situation and I think Secretary Clinton said it best that we need a collaborative plan we need to engage the Arab world we need to engage our allies and we need to have a long-term solution about how we will defeat ISIL and Isis and terrorist organizations worldwide this is not an easy fix it's not going to be something that's short she funded and armed um I think her approach is to create a collaborative effort by NATO by our allies and by the Arab world to work together she wants to engage Russia and I think she was very clear about her goals about how she would move forward and I think that's the only way we can move forward can we move forward when we finance them we obviously should never finance ISIL or Isis or any terrorist organization didn't hit and Hillary did I wouldn't say that that was the purpose of the program the purpose of the program was to arm the moderates the moderates turned out to be not great fighters and so we have what we have so I think President Obama has said this is not approach that we need to take going forward I agree with that I didn't agree with the strategy in the beginning Hillary Clinton called you out on stage she really did that was so nice of her Hillary's best minds then how do you think that her personal Asian to me senator gillibrand did try to effectively dodge and weave me and the only thing that really saved her is this poor excuse for reporters that were there who were asking her questions like what's her best personality oh wait how do you think she did oh she shouted you up what and I was sitting there like know why did the US create Isis this terrorist organization that's murdering butcher and killing innocent human beings in the Middle East it's a creation of year foreign policy at least she admitted the fact that that was the case and she couldn't dodge that for God's sake do you know how difficult it is being those presidential debates support real independent media good we are changed at agra fort so our store check out the new t-shirts we have so i could actually bear to do more of this somehow just for you and actually ask real questions thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe you know you're gonna see me blonde a lot more you

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