This general election is not about me, says Jeremy Corbyn

This general election is not about me, says Jeremy Corbyn

Mr Corbyn, in 2017 you defied your critics,
but two years on, you have the lowest personal polling ratings of any
opposition leader since 1977. How do you get the people out there
to feel about you, the way the people in this room do? And if you fall short and you don’t win
this election, will you stand aside? It’s not about me, it’s not about any individual
on this platform, it’s not a presidential election. [applause] It is about each and every one of us
who are standing as Labour candidates, Labour shadow cabinet, or any other
position with all the diversity that we’ve got and the different life experiences
we bring to this country and to our party and to our parliament. And so, I’m very happy to go out there
on this election campaign. I’ll be all over the country, meeting people,
listening to people and taking that message there. And I ask our media, as good journalists,
to just report what we say. [applause]

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100 thoughts on “This general election is not about me, says Jeremy Corbyn

  1. The election is about Brexit, a Brexit that Corbyn admits would be delayed for a new referendum and possible cancelled…

  2. I love how deluded he is….
    Hes like a little huggable terrorist loving racist that I just want to keep in a kennel

  3. It's about the conservative party, not content with being responsible for the biggest deliberate diplomatic and economic blunder in centuries, wanting to sell us all down the river.

  4. For those who enjoy learning new things…

    After watching this… Please YouTube… Study finds key difference in conservative brains

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    NO TAXATION ! – WITHOUT REPRESENTATION ! (voting age should go down to 16)

    NO AUTOMATION ! – WITHOUT COMPENSATION ! (UBI is required now!… People should not be sleeping on streets still in 2019, in such a wealthy country – bin "Universal Cruelty" now!)

    FREEDOM IS THE POWER TO SAY NO ! – It's absolutely pathetic that in 2019 here in the UK, we still do not have this power !

    GIVE THE POWER TO THE PEOPLE – WITH A UBI ! – We cannot continue in this "rigged" system!

    I was not born into this world to be used and abused by the wealthy !

    If you like "kicking" people while they're down – vote Tory ! …or… If you DO NOT like "kicking" people while they're down – vote Labour !

    I've done the homework so you don't have to!… Vote Labour !

  5. Keep Diane Abbott and Owen Jones off the publicity and Labour could do well if they concentrate on the right issues, the Tories are awful.

  6. At 70..The Old Fart is full of lies & promises he cannot keep. What we want is a new Young new labour leader with energy, commitment, ambition to steer labour into a new era so we can vote again?..Amen..😂🇬🇧🇬🇧👍

  7. What a useless circus the Labour Party has become under Corbyn. Labour was my party of choice – but no longer.

  8. How did a IRA supporter get in Parliament,???? they could not destroy it with bombs 💣 and balaclavas , so now they come in suit with lies….

  9. It's about time the 17.4million were listened to… many have changed their minds! Also listen to the other 50 milllion, millions of tax payers deprived a vote that need to have their interests taken into a/c.

  10. There isn't enough money in the coffers to bankroll all mr Corbyn's promises, so where do you think he will find the millions extra that he will need? Not the rich for sure, they will have skiddaled with their money long before he can get his hands on it. Now what does that leave?

  11. The only reason he's there is he wouldn't step down,despite his front bench resigning and that was his plans to bring in his own team of maniacs white van man haters and ex lovers who back him,this is why he cannot be allowed to get to no10 I watched his spin of lies sat and listened to the extreme left cheering and whistling him on. the same bunch that was no doubt bussed around the country heckling the prime minister(( who respects the will of the british people)) as much as possible.but we are not fooled by this creature we know his views and values,we know his front bench 's thought on the british values,and before you vote check out his net worth wages and pension pot on Google ,and he says he's for the poor in this country who will be affected by his extreme views,

  12. Looooook anything and anyone who isn't in same bus as those extremists brexiters far right then is better for the country.
    Better be safe then bloody sorry.

  13. 0:59
    "I'll be all over the country"

    I check Labour's website to see who is standing in my constituency.

    up pops this message…
    "Labour does not stand candidates here"


  14. Best of luck to everyone involved in the Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green Party etc campaigns, the people of the United Kingdom are behind you!

  15. Please no… if Corbyn ever makes
    Prime Minister while humans are on earth.. we should all leave the UK, occupy a new piece of land call it the UK but leave him behind.

  16. The popularity of Jeremy Corbyn has more to do with how media choose to frame him. I had a very screwed picture of him because of that. I am cured now, and thank heaven for that. When I found his talks, interviews, and other videos on the net, I found a man with all the qualities I want in a leader. He is the Leader of the future that not just the UK needs, but Europe, as well as the whole world.

  17. "This general election is not about me". Jezza once again ducking reponsibility. Of course it's about you, you're the leader and your polling numbers suggest most people don't think you're up to being PM. Perhaps he's banking on the electability of John "I'm a Marxist" McDonnell and Diane Abbott.

  18. What a great time to call an election

    All Remain students have gone home for Christmas.

    And all Remain adults have gone off on this year's Skiing Holiday to Europe or off building a school in Africa

    TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS to fact schools on their own doorstep are in a state of disrepair but they get NO KUDOS POINTS from their vain sado mates if they repair a UK school yet they get loads of kudos points off their vain sado mates if they build a school in Africa

  19. It's all about you Jeremy as you are in total denial that it was Labour Party Voters who voted for Brexit

    Corbyn turned labour party into a full on Remain Party regardless of the fact all his voters voted Brexit

  20. this election is not about me says Corbyn. If he seriously wanted to give Labour the best chance of winning the next election he would let someone else lead

  21. General election: 'Real change is coming,' says Corbyn at Labour's campaign launch – live news ►

  22. Meaning – please try and ignore my inaction on anti semitism, my support for terrorists and admiration for socialist dystopias like Venezuela and Cuba… and the fact my own mps don’t think I’m up to the job.

  23. Shows that I was right about him, not about me what a joke , if you get in you will be pm , nobody wants you as our pm do you get it now you racist

  24. The hedge funds, speculators and Wall Street bankers who own most of Britain's corporate media- Daily Mail and General Trust, Northern and Shell, Barclay Brothers- are truly terrified of Jeremy Corbyn!

  25. Actually Mr. Corbyn it is about YOU; as leader of the UK, YOU are responsible for the safety of 65 million people. It will be YOU making decisions, not a faceless committee, but YOU.

  26. Conservatives have this election in the bag. We'll come home with a nice Conservative majority, and can finally stop the freebies to single mothers, immigrants, the disabled and other scroungers who add no value to our economy. I'm fed up of having my income taxed to subsidise other people's kids and grandparents, it's time that I got to enjoy my wealth MYSELF.

  27. "It's not about me, it's about me, me, me…."
    Mrs May was our worst PM. Corbyn is the worst Opposition leader I've ever witnessed.
    Berkus Maximus

  28. CORBYN SAT A ON A FENCE voted leave then change to remain ,and became a lazy blocker just saying no.for 3,5 years ,and and did nothing now having been forced down off the fence pretends he meant well all along a liar and coward as a leader of nothing .,

  29. This is a guy that hates this country won't even stand up for the national anthem.. yet wants to govern… wtf.. seriously you got to be all kinds of stupid to vote Labour

  30. If the Labour Party agree it's not about him and they lose heavily in the general election then it must be about the party. I personally think it's about both Corbyn and the parties stance on Brexit.

  31. Fact Checked Simply By Using A Few Brain Cells:
    Fact 1 No one is selling / privatising the NHS although the Labour party did attempt some limited privatisation once which went horrible wrong.
    Fact 2 Our UK workers right already far exceeed those of the EU just check for yourself. Minimum wage / maternity / sick pay / minimum wage etc etc.
    So its hardly a race to the bottom when we are already way out on top!

  32. another lie, oh yes Steptoe,its all about you,your anti semetic terrorist loving self having destroyed freedom of expression in your own ranks,controlled by momentum, looking back there were so many of your mps who wouldn't serve in cabinet under you,spent your life standing for nothing, being against everything,and becoming a multi millionaire at the tax payers expense. Then talk of poverty, duplicitous fool making promises with our taxes you can never achieve, the previous labour gov took us into illegal wars, and left the treasury MT, when you own MP s state you are unfit for PM,and you are in denial, its up to the public to make sure, you spend more time on your allotment

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