Top 5 Myths And Facts About Russia – Communism, Drinking, Crime, Women and Food

Top 5 Myths And Facts About Russia – Communism, Drinking, Crime, Women and Food

Myth – Russia is a communist country All Russians are communists is just another
cold war era myth. In simple terms, Communism means an economic
system in which the major productive resources in a society—such as mines, factories, and
farms—are owned by the public or the state, and wealth is divided among citizens equally
or according to individual need. Now is communism good or is it bad, that’s
the debate for another day. However, the communist party failed to keep
the promise it made to the people to supply all their need so that they would live comfortably. Hence the population demanded change and voted
their Communist government out of existence in 1991. Anyways There are some Russian people that
still think Communism was a good idea but majority of the Russians are not communists
and would not like to endorse the communist regime. Myth – Myth: Russia is dangerous! Many people think that Russia is dangerous
but the truth is it’s like any place in the world. Moscow has its fair share of petty crime like
any other big city, but most of crime against foreigners occurs due to drunken misunderstandings
with the Police or taxi drivers. Speaking some Russian or having a Russian
friend generally prevents such issues. Russians will tell you to avoid the outskirts
of Moscow in the evenings but there’s little to see or do there anyway, and the centre
of Moscow or St. Petersburg is probably safer than your hometown at night. Myth – Russians are always drunk Granted, there may not be many abstainers
and Russians still refer to vodka as “water of life” but there’s more sobriety than
you may think. Russians drink a lot but because of this,
they have a very high alcohol tolerance! A lot of vodka gets drunk, although beer has
in fact overtaken the clear stuff as Russians’ choice of tipple and wine and cocktails are
increasing in popularity amongst the middle classes. Yes, alcohol is present at almost every occasion
in Russia, but this is a matter of custom and tradition and not alcoholism. Myth – Russian Women are easy While most Russian women are drop dead gorgeous,
feminine, and dress to impress, they are certainly not “easy”. They are confident and highly well educated. Moreover, Russian culture remains in some
way old-fashioned. When meeting men, most Russian women are looking
for a companionship – a constant boyfriend or a husband. Dating for them is a temporary phase that
should lead to a more serious relationship. So, forget about Russian girl putting out
at a first date – it almost never happens. Myth – Russian Food is boring
Russian cuisine’s specialty is exquisite, elaborated dishes. In most parts of Russia, except southern regions,
people traditionally didn’t have that rich variety of fruits, vegetables or seafood that
would make simple dishes delicious. So, Russian chefs invented aristocratic elaborations
such as Guryev’s kasha and kulebyaka. Guryev’s kasha might require large time
to prepare, thus you might need to order it in advance. Which is why it may be hard to find it in
most modern restaurants’ menus. Kulebyaka is a pie with many layers of different
fillings. Even in fast foods, Russian cuisine is rich
enough. There are variety of meat and fish dishes,
soups etc.

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