Troy Marsh – The Marsh Law Firm – Statesboro, Georgia Lawyer

Troy Marsh – The Marsh Law Firm – Statesboro, Georgia Lawyer

From the earliest time I can remember
I’ve been driven towards helping people and practicing law even though no one in
my immediate family is a lawyer. I always knew that I was meant to be a
lawyer and be in the courtroom helping people. It doesn’t matter where a person comes
from or where they are in their life, you treat them the same because they’re all
human beings. I was about 19 weeks pregnant someone was driving their
vehicle not paying attention and ran into my vehicle. My biggest fear was that
I was going to lose my daughter. I contacted Troy Marsh and because of
the care that we received during the pregnancy and during hospitalizations
she was fine. Anyone who needs legal services they are a firm with
integrity and compassion. When the opportunity became available at Georgia Southern for me to teach as an adjunct professor I jumped on it because it gives me an opportunity to stay abreast of the latest developments in the law and get
back to speed on those issues. When you’re preparing to go to trial
against a large insurance company or the government you can’t leave any stone unturned because you’re battling a group that has
virtually unlimited resources that will leave no stone return. So, we have to
match them toe to toe, and you don’t want someone who does not know how to try a
case because they may not know which stones to look under, but we do.
It doesn’t matter who it is what they’re accused of, how bad the injuries are, how
tough the case is, we’re going to be with them from beginning to end.

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  1. Mr. Marsh, help me. I am a lawyer in Brazil and needs go to USA and would like to practice Law.

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