Trudeau tries to scrap Wynn’s Law

Trudeau tries to scrap Wynn’s Law

Mr. Speaker, Constable David Wynn was shot and killed in the line of duty by a career criminal out on bail because his criminal record was never presented at the bail hearing. Wynn’s law, which is still before the House, would close this loophole and it would save lives. Liberal backbenchers in fact, were essential in making sure that this law passed but yesterday, shockingly, and this is unbelievable, the Prime Minister ordered that this bill be gutted against the will of the House. Why? The Right Honourable Prime Minister. Mr. Speaker, we recognize the pain caused to the officer’s family, especially his wife Shelly MacInnis-Wynn and their three sons, his RCMP colleagues, and the St. Albert community and beyond. Our government is committed to modernizing improving our justice system so that we can protect victims and so that we can protect rights. That is exactly what we are moving forward on doing. We look forward to hearing the committee’s recommendation on what to do with this piece of legislation. Order. The Honourable Leader of the Opposition. Mr. Speaker, this is unbelievable. The Prime Minister actually said to Constable Wynn’s widow that he was “very pleased” that she was in Ottawa to discuss the bail system. He also claimed at that time that it was important that we keep our communities and our families safe. But by ordering the bill to be scrapped at committee, we now know that none of this was true and he meant none of it. It’s a complete betrayal. So what does he have to say now to Constable Wynn’s widow? The Right Honourable Prime Minister. Mr. Speaker, we take very seriously the safety of Canadians, the safety of communities, the safety of the front-line officers that put their lives on their line to protect their fellow Canadians every single day. That’s why I’m pleased that the study- the committee took very seriously the study of this proposal to improve our justice system. On this- on this side of the House, Mr. Speaker, we believe in two things, we believe in evidence-based policy and we believe in allowing committees to do their jobs. Order. The Honourable Leader of the Opposition. This is unbelievable, Conservatives, NDP, Green , Bloc, and many Liberal backbenchers got up, voted, and did the right thing so the bill would pass and now we’re at committee where no one’s watching and the Prime Minister has ordered it to be gutted. This is disgusting. And the Prime Minister should be ashamed of himself. The Right Honourable Prime Minister. Mr. Speaker, I can understand the member’s confusion. On this government we do not interfere with the functioning of committees. We allow committees to make their own determinations, to examine laws, to examine and hear from witnesses, and to make decisions based on evidence. We are committed to improving our justice system. We’re improving it to be in Canadians’ sake. That’s exactly what we’re going to keep doing while we respect the hard work done by committees.

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67 thoughts on “Trudeau tries to scrap Wynn’s Law

  1. it's going to take a very long time to clean up liberals mess and with a good chance of victory 2019 it will launch canada into a place where we can't return from

  2. apparently Trudeau/Liberals don't care about the safety of Canadian's… his policies/action's show that

  3. look a wolf in sheep clothing…so basically a false leader..who the heck is that guy on pm left shoulder with that stupid grin…love to slap it off

  4. i need a umpire counter for when Trudeau speaks I loose track of the umms and ahhs the drops. I think in this 3 minute video there is roughly 50 in just the first time that scumbag spoke

  5. Again he just uses every question to toot the liberal party line…it is robotic and it seems that he has no actual thought process going on at all. This robotic party line answering of all questions is making him and the liberal party look like absolute morons.
    Canadians are appalled at his generalizations and arrogant dictator like attitude. God help us!

  6. Trudeau is just keep repeating himself! Did you realize that no matter what question was asked from him, he always gave the very same answer, he just kept repeating the same bull shit????
    Or does he believe that keeping repeating the same bull shit answer enough times, the people start accepting it as fact and truth? "convincing through persuasion" aka intimidation!

  7. the only way things will improve in canada is to get rid of the fuckin scumbag holding the PM office


  9. Trudeau is just a big piece of trash a traitor to Canadians he does not want to keep Canadians safe he wants criminals to get off with a slap on the hand Trudeau is the Scumbag of Canada his family must be so proud of the scumbag that he is

  10. This guy is delusional. What do you expect from a person who will not strip a convicted terrorist of their Canadian citizenship.
    Trudeau said For the safely of Canadians. Wynn's Killer Sean Rain had 60 convictions and was out on probation.

  11. I don't know how you do it . If I sat across from this total idiot I might just throw something at him like a shoe, a glass, a brick

  12. Trudeau is a pompous Asinine Idiot.He making it comfortable for his new friends he's bringing in.We all know the criminals are coming up and he doesn't give a shit. Justin Trudeau can go to Hell from whence he came.

  13. If you look at the head bobbers behind Turdeau, you'll notice they have a vacant soul less ass kissing look in their eyes. Keep angering Canadians with yr arrogance, Turd, your shallow narcissistic girly boy personality will take a beating October 2019. I hope yr arrested for being a TRAITOR!

  14. How does Justin sleep at night..I'll never know.From watching Fort Mac burn refusing help to saying the government will match donations…50 million dollar mosque being built in Fort Mac now 😒…Guess it helps when you get your foundations flowing with money.To show what you really care about.

  15. Justine Truedoll is deliberately trashing Canada. Make no mistake. Everything the bastard touches turns into a can of worms. He's lacks moral conviction to do anything right for his country. Either someone is pulling his strings or he is a genuine half-wit… or both. All right thinking Canadians must unite to take this buffon out of office and save Canada… for goodness sake!


  16. This is another reason Alberta needs out of Canada. Why do we need a Trudeau making laws for us 3000 km's away? Canada is the titanic chained to Alberta. It will bring us down with it.

  17. Absolute dictatorship! First he wants to shorten questioning periods to modernize government, and second he scraps a bill that was passed with support from all members of the political spectrum, including members from his own party, that would protect Canadians from criminals! This man loves power and really that is the only thing transparent about him.

  18. Trudeau recognizes it but you don't care about it. Yet another question not answered. What do you expect from his lying mouth. The people sitting around him don't even believe him. The looks on their faces are hilarious.

  19. I am confident that the disgusting little prick will be gone in 2019. When he is defeated, his party will get rid of him and try to fix the horrible mistake they made but it will take a generation to do that.

  20. Trudeau is likely to be I prosecuted as a traitor to Canada …the most despicable and despised feminist in Canada…

  21. The killer Const. David Wynn should never have been out on bail. There was a good bet he offend again. Now, a policeman is dead. 😭

  22. It is part of Police's intelligence services to KNOW when someone is armed and dangerous in which case our "courageous protectors" call for back up before even thinking on engaging a situation. Like a felon spending money in a casino…. something unheard of I guess.

  23. Trudeau is a laurentian elite, who considers quebec first & HATES the rest of Canada.He was quoted shortly after becoming liberal leader in 2013 saying "If I dont win the next election, then its time to consider seperating Quebec from Canada.His father ALSO hates this country except Quebec as evidenced by his middle finger in salmon arm BC, & the wreckless deficits & debts that has destroyed our prosperity.Now Junior is here to finish the job with ludicrous deficit spending & ballooning debt, then when he is done, we will all be paying thru the nose while living off kraft dinner, while he strolls off into retirement with his millions none the worse for waer.Typical left wing asshole.

  24. How did our country become such a" shamefull gong show"? Trudeau, the lying scumbag, would sell our military down the river for two cents. Every time anyone argues with him, it is a waste of time because his agenda is to destroy us.

  25. It's so great to see the quality of questions coming in from opposition leader!The decorum of the House is maintained throughout!👏

  26. Canadians are in a very bad situation with Trudeau running the show. Canadians won't forget in the next election.

  27. The more this moron talks the sicker I feel. What's with the tan? What is going to happen if he gets re-elected? There are still some voters who like his hair.

  28. Personally I am disgusted with the whole bunch, apathy doesn't come close to how I feel about our government. There is no accountability, honesty or integrity in our Parliament. No one is ever punished for their actions, there is never enough evidence, the committee's findings were inconclusive, bla bla bla.
    Good job Rona but it is completely pointless; Trudeau has not answered a question yet!
    I know that there are some good people in office but they are either leashed or too scared to be falsely labelled.

  29. I hope all Canadians are watching this……and the disgusting behaviour that thier tax $$$$ are going to……….Im talking about all of it not just 1 side……ITS SICK!

  30. I can a law broker like Trudeau nose I todo justice it is beyond me to see this sheered going on with them liberal

  31. Interesting read on Pierre Trudeau and his Idiot Son:

    In 1940 a young Pierre, the son of a wealthy Quebec gas station owner began his political activism supporting the Quebec wing of the Marxist movement.

    He later changed his allegiance, joining the Quebec wing of the Communist Party. During this time, he led a group of like-minded Quebecers to a communist conference in Moscow. When questioned by Peter Worthington about his communist activities, he shrugged, suggested it was nothing, and claimed to have thrown a snowball at the statue of Stalin. Worthington pointed out that "That must have been very difficult as there wasn't any snow in Moscow all the time you were there".
    Trudeau was blacklisted and denied entry to the U.S. based on his Communist activity. He joined the CCF/NDP who actually believed he would be their candidate, and were taken aback when he joined the Liberal Party, reassuring his left-wing supporters "The Liberals are only a means to an end".

    In 1965 he won election as a Liberal in the Town of Mount Royale. He was appointed Justice Minister in Pearson's government.
    In 1968 he was elected PM and during the entire time he was PM, Canada was never privy to any highly classified intelligence.
    When he took office as PM in 1968 our national debt was 18 Billion, largely a hold-over from the war. Fifteen and a half years later, Canada’s debt was 200 billion with interest at 25 – 28%, and Canadians were losing their homes in record numbers, their businesses going bankrupt. Wage and price controls, and taxed through the roof.

    He appeared on CBC and declared his admiration for both China and Cuba and when asked about the millions who had died in their slave labor camps he stated, "Collateral damage is to be expected!!"

    He was a pacifist, kicked out of officer's training for behavior unbecoming an officer.
    This is the guy who raised this idiot and snowflake that we currently call a Prime Minister.

    "The Truth About Trudeau", is a great book by author Bob Plamondon. It's well worth the read.
    We desperately need amendments to our constitution. One is recall/impeachment… which would address the principle "tell them what they want to hear, and once you're elected you do what you want", which was Pierre's philosophy.
    Sorry for the lengthy narrative, I just wish people would inform themselves of who they are voting for. We survived the father but it was day to day, he set us back economically at least ten years. It amazes me that we have another Trudeau as Prime Minister.


  32. Good God, I want to strangle the motherfucker , I want to watch the life leave his body , I want to shoot him in the fucking face , I want to hang him, I really want to kill him !!

  33. What causes Justin to be so smug? Arrogance? Entitlement? I have never witnessed such distain and belligerent behaviour.
    Truly the worst Leader that I have ever seen in such a distinguished position of authority. He is an embarrassment to all responsible adults. What a disgrace to our Country.

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