Trump admin voices support for anti-government protests in Iran

Trump admin voices support for anti-government protests in Iran

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100 thoughts on “Trump admin voices support for anti-government protests in Iran


  2. All these people saying they want the Iranian people to be free. You should be telling trump to stop sanctioning medicine so their grandparents and sick population stop dying.

  3. Back channel talks is legal prosecution and not legal escape.

    So, the FISA eyes imagining they are not among earthly beings? Those FISA millennaires are watching their television in their eyes and surround sound Dolby experience because under school, under graduate have become government leaders, youth leaders for CONCUBINE COUNTRIES on earth. And they aren't in different earth or other inter dimensional world. STUPIDS.

  4. Macron has been brutalizing the French for over a year not a peep…his outrage serves an agenda only. You're all fake.

  5. hypocrites, liars, drug dealers, war makers, robbers, racists…… this is America, and that's why you have a president like trump

  6. Lots of poor people in Iran, thanks to the US sanctions. CIA handing out Shekels to poor people so they can film 'the protests' . The truth is that Trump has united Iran and Iraq in their hatred of USA.

  7. Congress forbade the US president to operate in Iran.
    Iran got out of the nuclear deal, and set about creating the most powerful atomic bomb in the world, which in two years will fall on the city of New York city. Who won ? Russian Federation.
    And who will be responsible for this ? Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi.
    Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi shows incompetence and criminal negligence motivated by hatred of President Trump.

  8. america is just as responsible for the 168 deaths as much as iran is, america pulled out of the deal, america imposed sanctions, america assassinated the general.
    america is doing everything it can to provoke a war to get trump reelected. 168 innocents dead due to american actions

  9. The Hilary investigation came up flat….where is the news video saying so….faux news makes me laugh. Don't worry, I am sure you all will create another hilary witch hunt. Lock h8im up, lock him up….how many trump people indites and/or in jail now…so funny.

  10. The Hilary investigation came up flat….where is the news video saying so….faux news makes me laugh. Don't worry, I am sure you all will create another hilary witch hunt. Lock h8im up, lock him up….how many trump people indites and/or in jail now…so funny.

  11. The Hilary investigation came up flat….where is the news video saying so….faux news makes me laugh. Don't worry, I am sure you all will create another hilary witch hunt. Lock h8im up, lock him up….how many trump people indites and/or in jail now…so funny.

  12. Are you blind or ignorant? That is a video of at most few thousand students. Iranian people were on the streets en mass at General Ghassem Souleimanis's funeral. Why don't you show the videos, they are very recent, like last week!

  13. Hong Kong, Iran there's a pattern here. Trump stands up to an actively repressive regime and reveals a groundswell of desire for freedom amongst the oppressed population. This is what America is meant to be about. Why are so many, 'Liberals,' so terrified of the idea?

  14. 😉 Read the US constitution! There’s a path to statehood! 🇺🇸 It’s time to stop ALL nation-building and foreign aid.

  15. IRAN's entire governemnt needs to be put on trial, imprisoned and/or executed. Exterminate them immediately. By any means. Stop sugarcoating these monsters.

  16. how many americans has iranians killed on american soil? the only way to be killed by an iranian is to visit there country or be deployed by the military…iran is no threat just like north korea and russia…china is the threat to our economy…the REAL threat is immigration…its all fear tactics to divert from americas open borders and the flooding of third world throwbacks..the biggest threat to america and its citizens are the stalinist democrats and the fascist fake news medias.. how many americans has mexico/drug cartels killed? how many americans have been killed by sanctuary cities and stalinist democrats who protect illegal alien criminals over americans, and the fascist fake news who covers up the crimes of illegal alien criminals! how many kids of politicians and hollywoood weirdos have been killed by sanctuary cities, mexico drug cartels, and all the middle east wars? 0….these stalinist democrats and fascist fake news medias hate americans and this country so much they now defend terrorists over americans. think about that. do you want these stalinist lunatics running this country?

  17. Because every situation is representated as basically "black and white" in the US media, it seems much of America believes the Iranian protesters must be US supporters? The protesters are seeking a leadership change (as they did recently when fuel prices jumped) not a regime change.

  18. The Iranians are working hard to stabilize their region.
    After the warmongers and war profiteers in the US worked so hard to start wars

  19. Iranian people need to insist they, the Iranian We The People want a government “of, by and for” the Iranian people NOT dictated by ANY religion, religious dictators of dictator government despots.


  21. We are with true Iran people a true free, strong, rich and contribute to humanity , once was small rich and outgoing , and those beautiful Iranian woman could wear and show , do whatever they like as well as any true Iranian.


  23. Our comrade in thief pres. bone spurs warns iran not to shoot at protesters. While he tried to have U.S. troops shoot refuges from mexico. putin / trump 2020 fox and fools

  24. CNN is like noooooooo it wasn't suppose to happen like this,soilders were suppose to die,WWW3 was going to happen!!Dam you Trump..🇺🇸🇺🇸Mac daddy Trump is a winner..When will CNN,ABC and demorats come to the conclusion that lying is just helping Trump get reelected in 2020.🇺🇸🇺🇸

  25. If there were a freedom Iran in the future, Trump did helped a little, when future people look back in history of this time.

  26. Truly shocking. If these protests escalate then we might see a lot of Iranian refugees fleeing their country, but I'm sure if that happens then Trump and American conservatives will welcome them with open arms.

  27. Iranian POPULATOIN is GREAT and have BALLZ 😉

    BTW FOX NEWS is a GREAT news REPORTING COMPANY and very professional 😉
    Great JOB DUDEZ 😉

    Trump 2020+++

  28. Now our media is siding with the mullahs. If you watch C.B.S. N.B.C. or any main stream media they are saying the protesters are wrong and are violent. They are spreading I.R.G.C. propaganda.

  29. Trump won't be impeached, and he will win the next election.

    Because God is the one who removes the Beast from power.

  30. Hard to imagine this regime is capable of dropping its vile agenda and start behaving like a good boy. Obama cut them a slack, they strengthen the terror network. Its awfully hard for a zealous theocracy to change its goals.

  31. President Carter, not supporting the Shah…….. sentenced the Iranian people to a slavevitude under the mentality of Seventh Century religious leaders and Mullahs.

    Thanks for nothing Jimmy, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Second worst President of the USA 🇺🇸, and not as bad as Barrack Hussein Obama, and Michael.

  32. US sanctions have put pressure on Iran's ordinary people. US-Iran relations have always been due to the wealth of Arab countries, and the United States is making money from this fear of Iran.

  33. Iran

    1. They did not ground the planes when they did their attacks.
    2. They said it was a mechanical problem. How can you know in 24 H ? If you watch flight investigation you know that's not how they do it. It takes time to find the problem unless it so clear of what happend.
    3. Today even the poorest ones have phones and we have eye's all over the world. And one guy got it on camera. And when it hits internet. It's to late to take the video back so now they
    had to admit that they shot the plane down.

    Think about this , Obama gave them 150 billion dollars and 1,7 billion dollar in cash on a plane in the middle of the night, and he let them get bigger and bigger while getting the nobel prize.
    Trump send them a rocket that cost 115.000 dollars, twitteed to the Iran people and put sanctions on the regime. It took 1 week for them to make a mistake and they shoot the plane.
    And the whole world is with Iran for the first time in trying to change their own regime.

    Cost for Us to take them down: 1 week , twitter 115.000$…

  34. If the people of Iran want to seek a change of regime, they should do everything civilized… Go from protest to a strike with the opposition leaders behind you. A strike means all work stops, government workers will stop working the buses, mail services, trash services, train services, ferry services, shut down schools etc…. This is how you can peacefully go against your government, calling on the opposition to stand with you and call on international media to film all of it

  35. While the Iranians are striking out, 2 weeks or for however long, put forth documents of what needs to be changed within your government, hand it to the opposition, let them negotiate with the government administration. Don't stop the strike until your voices are heard. Things will turn around quickly, United you stand, divided you fall…. The majority have to do it to see a regime change in attitude or political party change!

  36. Why are so many fearful of helping the people of Iran topple their theocratic dictators? We received assistance in our own revolution. The Iranian people don't stand a chance against tanks and air power. We have an opportunity to shut down the regimes air power and grind their heavy weapons to dust. That will give the people a fighting chance at freeing themselves from their oppressors.

  37. Democrats and the media support the fanatical leadership. This is what happens when Leftism replaces Liberalism. Leftists in themselves are vicious radicals. The two ideologies shouldn’t be confused.

  38. THIS is a holy war based on religious beliefs, like 2 cults fighting each other for power. Been going on hundreds of year's. Trumps regime attempt failed. Iran does not want democracy, they want religious power.Caveman mentality.

  39. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🎗TRUMP 2020🎗🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    This could be President Trumps biggest win if he can fold Iran into a softer stance and maybe slow to a trickle the state Sponsor of terrorism

  40. Is it true that Iran has closed down the Internet so Iranian people can not see this? Or support from the world for their bravery standing up to their murdering leaders? Iran treat their people like mushrooms….. keep them in the dark and feed them s…!!!

  41. I still cant get over the fact that Iran shot down their own plane and people. My jaws are sore from laughing so much.

  42. Hopefully the Iranian people will push like hell for their freedom and an end to the regime
    They could not have a better president than Trump in the White House

  43. The Iranian students who are protesting against their government that shot down a plane last week have super BIG balls and an unbelievable amount of courage. Ironically, they "get it" while our far-left students, politicians, and media members continue to follow a false and destructive narrative. What a shame.

  44. President Trump…Genius move, instead of going to war with Khomeini, he encourages the Iranian people to protest and then say 'the world is watching'..pure genius. Magician, OG, The Man!

  45. Brilliant gambit by the potus….
    …..pushing the right buttons to have the regime imploded….
    …..great job carry on….

  46. its like the bush admin all over again. lying about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction just to send gen X to fight in a war of lies. I lost 2 classmates in 2003-2004. I don't want to lose my nephew to trump's fake war with Iran.

  47. They are protesting to get the goverment to expel the UK ambassador from the country….fake usa news media pushing propagada

  48. God bless President Trump! Sir, please keep up the pressure. The mad Islamic Iranian regime will collapse and you will go down in history has the greatest American president since George Washington! Your second term will be GUARANTEED! : )

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