Trump Calls Out Sanctuary Cities Hiding Illegal Immigrants, Travel Ban Sparks Controversy

Trump Calls Out Sanctuary Cities Hiding Illegal Immigrants, Travel Ban Sparks Controversy

one point in his speech the president
called on Congress to pass the recently introduced justice for victims of
sanctuary cities Act and he introduced a man from Farmersville to drive home the
need for that law Jody Jones lost his 51 year old brother rocky in December of
2018 rocky Jones was fatally shot by an undocumented immigrant who was on a
crime spree in Tulare County one of his grieving brothers is here with us
tonight Jody would you please stand Jody thank you an emotional moment for Jody
Jones standing is an invited guest before the president members of Congress
and the nation and remembering a tragic moment in life the night his brother’s
life was cut short rocky was at a gas station when this vile criminal fired
eight bullets at him from close range murdering him in cold blood
the crime happened two years ago in the South Valley the suspect 36 year old
Gustavo Garcia was reportedly well known to authorities at the time of the deadly
encounter he had been arrested and released six times before 48 hours after
he was released from custody from his arrest he ended up murdering my brother
John spoke with us prior to the President’s speech he says he’s hoping
his family’s tragic story will result in action he says illegal immigration the
criminal aspect of it needs to stop and the sanctuary city laws protected his
brother’s killer despite his previous criminal record all these new laws
coming out is protecting the criminals and when you start protecting the
criminals you start you stop protecting our communities and and and it just
seems like everything that’s that’s being written out by our lawmakers is to
protect the criminals and it’s breaking our communities down skin his speech
President Trump referenced the new legislation introduced by Republican
senator Tom of North Carolina the president said it
would allow families to sue sanctuary cities and states when a loved one is
killed by what the president called these deadly practices Jody our hearts
we fear loss and we will not rest until you have justice the President of the
United States he calls it the great American comeback President Trump
delivered his third State of the Union address in front of a deeply partisan
and polarized Congress a few weeks after being impeached by the house and a day
before the Senate was set to vote on a likely acquittal the years of economic
decay are over the president spent some of his time highlighting his economic
achievements and the record low levels of unemployment criticizing at the same
time Barack Obama’s policies if we hadn’t reversed the failed economic
policies of the previous administration the world would not now be witnessing
this great economic success the president criticized New York status as
a sanctuary city limiting cooperation between the NYPD and immigration
authorities he blamed the policy for the killing of a 92 year old woman last
month in Queens the suspect is an undocumented immigrant
the killer had been previously arrested for assault but under New York sanctuary
policies he was set free if the city had honored ices detainer request his victim
would still be alive today Trump also attacked Democrats efforts to create a
universal health care system in the country we will never let socialism
destroy American health care and rule out protests from Democratic Congress
women we when talking about his plan to lower
drug prices among the president’s guests one why don’t seen by many democracies
as a legitimate president of Venezuela still effectively ruled by Nicolas
Maduro applause for white dough was one of the very few bipartisan moments of
the night a tyrant who brutalizes his people in an unusual moment during the
speech the president with the assistance of the first lady presented rush
limbaugh with a Presidential Medal of Freedom the controversial conservative
radio host announced on Monday that has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer
at the end in a sign of defiance Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripped up her copy of the
President’s speech when Manuel Benitez New York one bill which would prevent
so-called sanctuary cities in Kentucky cleared another hurdle the full Senate
passed Senate bill 1 this afternoon sending it to the house
it would require state and local law enforcement officials to follow federal
immigration enforcement policies the bill’s sponsor says it’s about
preserving cooperation between local and federal agencies but immigration
advocates say the legislation is causing fear among many community Border Patrol
agents arrested nine illegal aliens Sunday at the Falfurrias checkpoint they
were in a tractor trailer as part of a smuggling operation and you know this is
actually the second time this year a tractor trailer has been caught
transporting undocumented immigrants senators reporter Chelsea Torres is live
from the Falfurrias checkpoint this morning and Chelsea our Border Patrol
agents they worked so hard and I’m sure trying to catch every undocumented
person that comes to the checkpoint is a massive undertaking it really is a
massive undertaking because here at the FAQ videos checkpoint it’s the newest
and largest checkpoint in the US and as you can imagine they see thousands of
vehicles come through every single day don’t they not only focus their time
here but they also cover 1,100 square miles just in this area we got a chance
to get with Florida Patrol and see how they are looking out for these illegal
aliens at the Falfurrias checkpoint eight to
ten thousand vehicles come through daily Border Patrol agent Pedro can’t do says
a hundred percent of traffic gets inspected never had this before nor the
checkpoint has this magnitude of inspections at any of the United States
Border Patrol checkpoint from primary inspection to secondary when looking for
smuggling whether tractor trailers or non commercial vehicles it’s all gonna
be an officer experience intelligence gathering or a canine alert on that
vehicle the recent illegal alien smuggling
operations through tractor trailers were alerted through canines but many times
smuggling will be done on foot and u.s. Border Patrol are expected to cover the
vast terrain in the Falfurrias area we know they’re coming here and traversing
through this law difficult land and we want to make sure that lives are saved
we have a lot of deaths in this area responsibility do the terrain the amount
of distance that they have to travel seven stations are strategically placed
with information in case someone needs help
when alerted Border Patrol comes to aid we provide water for them we put these
out here to better assist them in every way we can can do says many Border
Patrol agents in the area are EMT certified and around here sometimes
they’re the first ones to major accidents illegal immigrant immigrants
the local population and everybody that we can assist now there’s no particular day of the
week that Border Patrol agents say are busier they did mention that Tuesday’s
used to actually be called tractor Tuesday’s now the sector out here does
have multiple campaigns such as operation big rig to really help combat
smuggling as well as ultimately save lives Mike are gonna send it back to the
studio but US Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirms that it has
detained the mom accused by police of leaving her dead baby in a dumpster on
North Las Vegas police arrested Adrianna Hernandez akella last month now she is
charged with three counts of child abuse or neglect she told police that the baby
died while she and her husband were fighting in high on meth I says the mom
is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico her husband is also facing charges the
state says to asylum seekers from China arrived in Honolulu over the weekend
most likely before the travel ban went into effect they’re currently being held
at the Federal Detention Center going through the immigrations and Customs
Enforcement protocols the Department of Health was notified but could not go
into detail about the individuals state epidemiologist dr. Sarah Park says this
is a special case that triggers a different process than travelers who
came from China they arrived in the u.s. before the institution of the new rules
so by because of that the new rules regarding you know active monitoring
verse’ various other things doesn’t actually apply to them if there were any
concerns there they’re already effectively in quarantine because of the
ice procedures dr. Park says she does not expect to see more asylum seekers
because of the new rules in place the US has stopped issuing immigrant
visas to residents of these six countries because officials say that
failed to meet in minimum security standards that includes the nation of
Nigeria and there is a large population of Nigerians right here in Houston the
impact of the Trump administration’s new restrictions not clear so far but as you
can imagine it is creating fear among Houston’s Nigerian community David
Gonzalez explains you to have it tremendously impact on everyday people
Houston is home to one of the largest Nigerian populations in the u.s. dr.
Bradford who mez with the Nigerian Foundation says people try to move to
places like America to provide a better life for themselves and their families
there are many of us here doing all we can to improve United States and we’re
not just doing it we take it as our home our people say wherever you live take
care of it talk to mistakes the ban is unfair he says it suggests Nigerians are
uneducated and they don’t contribute to society the migration policy institute
found almost 30 percent of Nigerian immigrants over 25 hold a graduate
degree most of the people coming are really advancing the development of this
country including yours truly the guy in front of you dr. Ramez calls the move
unnecessary by restricting immigration visas to Nigerians he says families will
suffer the most are those on green card are those on permanent
some kind of common areas they believe that if they go home now they might not
allow them to come he suggests a lot of concern in Baytown I’m David Gonzalez
KHOU 11 news and concern growing inside Indiana’s Burmese population Myanmar
also known as Burma one of six countries added to the Trump administration’s
travel ban lists the new stringent travel restrictions were announced on
Friday news 8’s David Williams is here now to explain David well there Lee
20,000 Burmese people live in the Indianapolis area the number grows to
35,000 about Burmese people across central Indiana and northern Indiana
that’s according to the chin community of the state tonight uncertainty is
swirling around some in that minority community
you know Shion was born in Burma and came to the u.s. 11 years ago as a
refugee do you have like all the possibilities as long as you can you
know work to work there he’s a US citizen now with friends back
in Burma also known as Myanmar he’s waiting on his grandmother to immigrate
to the u.s. from there limiting the chance of the people back there of you
know even the hope that you know they can get here someday yes of course you
know legal immigrants cutting out that growth for them is really really sad it
friday the trump administration announced immigration restrictions will
be imposed on nigeria Eritrea Tanzania Sudan Kyrgyzstan and Burma the US will
suspend ASHRAE visas that can lead to permanent
residency for Nationals of Burma and three of those nations initial reactions
always nervousness anxiety concern to say the least the Trump administration
argues the travel ban issue during an election year is vital to national
security and insurers countries meet the u.s. security and information-sharing
standards the Burmese the Qin people are not being picked on this is something
that of what the US government requires and it’s being imposed upon us of course
it’s going to affect us but then you know we have hope that is true now see
how this grandmother will have to wait even longer to move to the US everybody
just have to like you know put a stop on their hopes and dreams a presidential
proclamation said temporary visas for tourists businesspeople and students and
workers from those nations will not be affected
I just checked the State Department’s website there is a level to travel
advisory for Burma that means increased caution in Burma because of civil unrest
and armed conflicts in some areas I’m David Williams wish-tv
Tennessee Governor Billy is facing opposition from his own party with many
Republicans upset over his decision to continue to allow refugee resettlement
in the state in less than now our governor Li will deliver his State of
the State address News fives John Dingell found out that many of your
lawmakers are asking Lee to reconsider his stance on allowing immigrant
refugees to establish homes in Tennessee what do you think Tennesseans why that’s
going to be a very divisive debate in Nashville
president Trump signed an executive order giving state and local governments
the ability to deny refugee resettlement many were surprised when Lee decided to
keep the program going I think at the very least he would form a commission to
oversight the activity of these groups that are bringing these people in but
we’ve got to be we’ve got to be more together on this because our job is to
protect the people we serve state lawmakers didn’t get a say in Lee’s
decision and some are trying to change that there’s legislation going through
the house now to hopefully at least put the responsibility that if that
decisions made to send refugees to a particular area that it would have to be
approved by the General Assembly the Tennessee office for Refugees says 692
refugees were resettled in Tennessee during fiscal year 2019 while most of
those were resettled in Memphis Nashville and Knoxville for refugees
were resettled in Johnson City we’re also seeing the cultural divide within
the Republican Party here in Tennessee with them some of them like governor Lee
saying well there’s a moral issue here there’s some other stuff and then
they’re saying hard line no no immigration no settlement here governor
Lee was fairly new to that issue of refugee resettlement the Tennessee
legislature had been dealing with us since 2016 we do have differing views on
that I think the governor has a great heart I think that sometimes with a
great heart that person can be easily taken advantage of John Engle news 5 wcy
be tough interviewed to get hunter but you scored it tell us all about
tonight’s well Anna you’re right Owens as you can imagine having millions of
fans lots of followers she is a very busy woman so appreciative to her for
giving us that interview but our message it really United the
local Republican Party has a former Democrat her now conservative
standpoints really resonated with many people that we spoke with she said her
message primarily is one of hope for sandy Aegon’s a packed crowd turned out
to hear political activist Candice Owens share her unique story I wasn’t a
hardcore Trump girl I wasn’t saying oh I’m a Republican
everyone needs to be Republican I just had this feeling that maybe not every
single person in America is a racist right but it was before she stepped into
the spotlight that she granted Kusi an exclusive interview you know I think
really my message is just one that’s about hope and I hope that that is what
people see in me and that’s why they feel inspired saying she empathizes with
the struggle of being a Republican and a majority liberal state because sometimes
a situation can seem pretty helpless depending on where you are it definitely
was for me as a black American to come out and say I don’t support the Democrat
Party and people thought that that was sort of an impossible mountain to scale
but I did it and I think for Californians right now they feel that
same sort of desperation and helplessness and it’s not over for
California not over for California and encouraging candidates like Scott
Sherman the lone Republican and the race for mayor the common sense approach to
government the the reform aspects of government you know the belief in the
power of the individual and not the pin and not the power of in government
Sherman thankful to Owens for drawing thousands from across the county
together for a unified message I think her following and and her appeal
is really part of the reason we’re looking at over 2,000 people here today
Owens has another idea for why so many came out it shows that my my position
about California is correct people have said we have to go up on California it’s
so far left but to me the pendulum swung so far left that the only way for it to
come is to the right and very forcefully asking for those who may not agree with
her to try and at least understand those in California she feels are forgotten
that there are different perspectives you know and I mean when I say different
perspectives outside of their TV screens it’s remarkable to me that Trump
delivered the is upset the in political history in
this country and people still don’t understand that there’s something else
going on but they’re so easy to paint a broad stroke and call your buddy racist
and sexist and misogynist they’re completely out of touch you know when
you’re in these pockets of California in New York so I hope they go even if they
say I don’t agree with her I hope they go maybe there’s something else going on
it and challenge themselves to think and explore to see what that might be so
Owens has a book coming out in April titled black out tonight’s meeting also
gave other Republican political candidates locally the chance to share
their message with constituents and of course that large crowd that turned out
to hear her speak it’s one of the more polarizing issues this election season
is healthcare tonight industry leaders are coming to the Med City to talk about
health care in justices in our local immigrant community our Thalia mill
Yvette’s joins us live from the forum with more tonight Thalia hi Rachel and
Laura several panelists are here at the University of Minnesota Rochester right
now talking about this those specific factors that play into those inequities
now earlier today I met with one of those panelists who talked about the
specific issues facing our local immigrant communities and how that plays
a role in the national debate on health care
Berkeley researcher dr. set home studies health care inequities in rural
communities their inequities based on things like racism and discrimination
and their inequities based on economic resources what kinds of jobs people are
likely to have in this area many immigrants have jobs in agriculture and
construction in many regions immigrant communities have lower access to health
care lower access to things like workers compensation despite the fact that they
have occupational injury rates from the work that they do roughly five times
higher than the national average and dr. Holmes says language barriers and
transportation issues only make it harder for them to get care policy and
research associate Maria Magana Lopez says one possible solution could be a
change in overall insurance policy I would love to see us moving to having
health care for all over everyone regardless of
mutation status can access healthcare insurance that’s something that’s super
important that we can all be protected and be able to access care when we need
rather than having to wait till we get really safe the forum is coincidentally
on the same night of the Iowa caucus where Democratic voters will decide
which candidate they’ll support in the 2020 elections and which healthcare plan
they’d like to see in the future I think it’s really important that we as broad
and diverse society think about immigrant communities as residents as
neighbors as part of our society as we’re looking towards the election and
as we’re thinking about what kind of society do we want to be hi Rachel and
Laura we’re well dr. Holmes is just one of tonight’s three panelists coming up
tonight at 10 we’ll talk to another so stay tuned for our continuing coverage
back to you

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72 thoughts on “Trump Calls Out Sanctuary Cities Hiding Illegal Immigrants, Travel Ban Sparks Controversy

  1. President was correct in calling for lawsuits against sanctuary cities and the illegal laws that have lead to the deaths of innocent US citizens!

  2. I'm glad a law is being pushed to enable victims to sue sanctuary cities/states. Included should be politicians' immunity removal, so they could be personally sued. Time to put down the rabid Demon California government.

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  7. I'm a dual US Mexican citizen. I was born and raised in southern California. I got my BA in political science and Latin American Studies from UC Riverside. I have been a liberal all my life until now. I still believe that as human beings we deserve mutual respect but I also believe in laws and respect for the law. I have never been treated with disrespect by a police officer here in the USA or even in Mexico where I lived and worked for 10 years. The reason why the USA and western democracies are attractive to so many people around the world is because the rule of law (estado de derecho) in Spanish, is what provides and guarantees the freedom to achieve and succeed. Yet now we see that many good hearted liberals are breaking down the rule of law by allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses, access to free medical care, shelter from law enforcement and access to counsel for the legal system which they themselves spat upon when they entered the USA illegally! The USA is on a downward path to anarchy and as much as I hate to admit it because he doesn't have the eloquence that his message deserves, Trump is right.

  8. These people who talk about healthcare for everyone seem like brainwashed cult members. They are in denial. Reality is “alien” to them.

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  15. This just happened to my 52 year old nephew in a beach town on Florida's East Coast. It's a own between Vero Beach and Palm Beach. My nephew is getting married and was visiting his fiancee who lives there. We live on the Gulf side below Tampa. 3 Hispanic males began chasing him down in their car. When my nephew got out to walk into a store, they pointed a gun at him and fired. My nephew dodged quickly went inside, called
    Police. They were arrested. Two bailed out on bond. I too have been attacked and a victim of illegals, years back.We are conservative, moralistic, hard-working Christians. We don't attend public places where ppl of I'll refute go. We are very proud of President Trump for trying to clean up our country. We love Trump and his family.

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  18. It is against the law to aid and abed a criminal isn't it? So how can it be legal to have sanctuary cities? It don't make any sence? If I help a criminal and give him a place to stay I would go to prison for helping him evade the law. Sanctuary Cities should be ILLEGAL!

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